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Author's Note – So after recently publishing my latest fanfic (highly recommended if your a My Little Pony and Gravity falls fan), I decided to go back and edit some of my older stuff. This one especially since its my most popular one. Nothing new has been added, I only cleaned up the text, like fixing some errors, and reformatted it so it was easier to read.

At the end of sequel (the 2nd chapter) I originally I had a note talking about a sequel/sequel, I do apologize if anyone was looking forward to reading it. I decided to cancel it due to lack of interest and unable to connect ideas together. Kind of a bummer, as I had a rather interesting plot line in mind where the Millennium Earl and the Homunculi teamed up. Ah well, maybe I'll resurrect the idea down the line.

Well, I hope you at least enjoy this not-new-but-totally-improved version of The Exorcist and The Alchemist, part 1 and 2!

The Exorcist and The Alchemist

They weren't exactly sure how they had gotten there, but they where pretty positive that they had taken the wrong train at some point. So now Allen Walker and Lavi Bookman where now lost in an unknown country neither of them had visited before. Why are they here in such a place you ask? Well, in a small village in Spain there was a series of strange occurrences. The Black Order thought these strange events might have had something to do with Innocence, and Komui sent Allen and Lavi to investigate this. So what where these strange events you ask? Why bother telling you anyways, it has nothing to do with the plot of the story and it was just an excuse for the author of this story to have Allen and Lavi wondering about in the first place. Besides, come to find out there was nothing at that village to be found anyways.

So as stated, Allen and Lavi where somewhere within a strange country in a strange city somewhere.

"Ah geez, just how did we wind up here?" Lavi said while looking at the sign at the train station, showing the name of the city, it read East City. Allen was looking around when he spotted a map of the area posted on the wall, he pointed the map out to Lavi and they both looked at it.

"So we're in Amestris huh?" Allen said as he saw the name of the country they where in, "Just how are we going to get out of here and back to the Black Order?"

Then there was a loud thunderous growl that was the sound of Allen's stomach. Lavi had clearly heard it as he said, "How bout we grab some lunch first before we try an figure that out, besides i'm a bit hungry myself." Allen was excited by the sound of this as he immediately lead the way to the nearest cafe.

An hour had passed and Allen and Lavi where still sitting in the cafe. Lavi had already finished his meal, right now he was studying a map of the country and surrounding nations, a copy of the local paper sat beside him. Allen, of course, was still eating away as the stack of empty dishes began to grow taller. When Lavi was done looking at the map, he placed it on the table to show Allen.

"It looks like we can just take the next train that leaves east of here, get off in this town here, head south on the next train and we'll be back to the order in about 2 days."

"Two days?!" Allen said in-between bites of his food, "We really got off track at some point didn't we?"

Lavi folded up the map and began to look at the newspaper now, "Yeah, but luckily it looks like its an easy fix. So don't worry, we'll be headed back on track after we leave here."

The waitress had walked over to the table and placed the bill on the table and smiled, both Lavi and Allen smiled back and thanked her for her great service. Lavi had picked up the check first, he was curious to see how much the bill was. His eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw the total. He knew it was going to be alot, knowing how much food Allen usually eats, but he wasn't expecting it to be THAT much.

"What the hell?!" he said aloud.

Allen, who was now finally full looked up from his plate, "What's wrong Lavi?"

With a look of shock and disbelief he handed the bill over to Allen to show him. When Allen saw it, he too had the same expression on his face as well.

"Is this real?!" he asked Lavi.

"The cost of everything here is much higher than we expected."

"What are we going to do?! We only have enough funds left with us from the order to pay off this bill."

"And we haven't even gotten the train tickets yet! Perhaps we can try calling Komui again and have some more money transferred to us."

"But we couldn't get though to anyone remember? It was a bad connection."

Then they both let out a long sigh, sat in silence, then they knew there was only one solution left to their financial problems. "Well, looks like we only have one option left..." Allen then pulled out the deck of cards from his coat pocket and sighed. "Well, I guess its a good thing you learned how to make money from card games. It certainly comes in handy for times like these." Lavi said, being optimistic.

"Um, yeah...I guess..." Allen said as memories of the days he spent with General Cross, memories that he tried to forget, came flooding back into his mind. Lavi immediately noticed that Allen was reliving the nightmares of his past in his mind. "Woah! Hey Allen! Snap out of it! Focus on the present day here!"

After they had paid the bill, Allen and Lavi left the cafe to wander about the city. They kept searching for the right area or the right people so Allen can make money (by cheating of course). They spotted what looked like a government building, and there where people in blue uniforms coming and going from it.

"Should we try one of these guys?" Lavi asked Allen, "Folks in the military do make alot of money afteral."

"I dunno, " Allen said as he was looking at them, "seams pretty risky, and who knows what would happen if we get caught, lets try someplace..."

Before Allen could finish, something caught his eye. It was a strange sight to see among the sea of blue uniforms that came from within the building. He saw a kid who looked to be about the same age as him, but with blonde hair and was wearing a long red coat. What was even more strange was that there was someone dressed in a suit of armor walking along side him, making the kid look much smaller in size than he actually was. If they haven't just walked out of a government building, where only members of the military where allowed, he would have thought they where part of some circus act.

"What's a kid whose about the same age as us doing in the military?" Allen asked Lavi.

"Maybe hes not and hes someone's kid, and he just came to visit his parents or some who works here. And that suit of armor is like his body guard or something."

Lavi grinned as he looked over at Allen, "Whoever this kid is, hes still must be associated with the military right? So he must still have a good amount of cash on him...right?"

"Why are you thinking about money so much right now anyways?"

"Oh come on! I don't want to be stuck here, and I know you do too. Besides we have yet to find any body else to play with."

Allen sighed, "Alright, i'll play the kid, seeing how we don't have much of a choice at the moment."

So the two had followed the kid and the suit of armor down to the train station. They watched them pay for their tickets, and heard the blonde haired kid angrily spoke to the suit of armor. "I don't believe this! We're stuck here for the next 3 hours to wait for the next train just because that damn Mustang had wanted to talk to us about something." The kid angrily sat down on a bench, crossed his legs, placed his head on his hand with his elbow on his leg. The expression on his face was most certainly not a pleasant one.

The person with the suit of armor tried to cheer up the kid, "But it was great to see the colonel again wasn't it?"

The kid looked up at the armor and scowled at it, "It's never 'great' to see that guy..." the kid now changed position. His arms where now hanging behind the back of the bench and he was staring at the blue sky above, "Well, what do you think we should do now Al?"

Before the armor said anything, Allen leapt at this chance to talk to the kid. He walked over to him with Lavi trailing behind. "Hello," Allen said to them, "you waiting for the train too?"

The kid and the armored fellow looked up from where they sat and saw Allen. Allen smiled then said, "We are waiting for the train too, and I was wondering if you would like to play a game of cards with us to help pass the time."

The kid was now grinning, "A game of cards huh? Well that does sound like a great way to pass the time." The kid stood up and when he did, the armored fellow followed, "Alright then, lets do it!"

"Great!" Allen said, "I even saw a great spot over here we can play."

"So whats your guys names anyways?" the kid asked them.

"I'm Allen Walker, and this is my friend Lavi." Allen told them.

Lavi then said, "How do ya do?" when he was introduced, then he asked them, "So how bout you guys?"

The kid smiled and said, "I'm Edward Elric, and this is my younger bother Alphonse."

"Edward and Alphonse huh? Well its nice to meet you!" Allen said as he shook Edward's right hand. He then noticed there was something quite strange about his hand. It felt almost as if it where cold and made of metal. That thought was quickly overshadowed as a different thought occurred to him and both he and Lavi stared at the person in armor.

"Uh...younger brother?" Lavi asked before Allen could, he stared at Alphonse.

Alphonse then made a quick excuse, "Uh...Its a hobby of mine, I like to dress up in this suit of armor."

Allen was still staring at Alphonse as well, "Thats' a strange hobby, and even though your the younger brother, how come your so tall and your brother is so short?"

Alphonse quickly looked over at Edward, who he saw clenching his fists in rage, ready to strike because of the comment. Alphonse knew he had to quickly change the conversation right away before something terrible happened. "Hey! How bout we play a game now?" he said, as he changed the subject.

A short while later, the group was found sitting at a table underneath a tree nearby the train station. Allen shuffled the cards and began to deal them.

Lavi backed out as he lied to everyone, "You guys can go on ahead and play, i'm no good at card games anyways."

"Come on Lavi, why don't you join us?" Alphonse asked, "Its all in good fun anyways."

"That's alright, I get more fun out of watching people than actually playing." Lavi had told them. It was part of the plan as Lavi had backed out on purpose to let Allen work his magic with the cards.

At first they just played for fun, but Allen fixed the games so Edward would win three rounds, and he had won one round.

"Wow! You're doing real good today Nii-san!" Alphonse told his brother.

Edward grinned, "I guess luck is on my side today."

When Allen was reshuffling the cards, he then knew now was the time to propose the idea. "Say, how bout we bet money on this next game?" Allen offered.

Edward's grin grew even wider after Allen had asked that. "You're on!" Edward said as he placed some cash on the table, "With my luck today i'm sure i'll win this!"

When Allen was passing out the cards, Alphonse decided to back out of this round, he didn't want to bet like how his brother wanted to. Then he decided to ask something that had been bugging him for a while now. "I've never seen uniforms like those before around here, are you both part of some sort of organization?" Alphonse asked.

"We are actually," Lavi said, "we're Exorcists from the Black Order, and we where sent out here on a mission."

Edward picked his cards up from the table that Allen dealt him, "Mission huh? Its a top secret one too I bet, right?"

"What about you?" Lavi asked Edward, "We saw you walking out of the government building over there when we passed by. You have folks in the military and you where just visiting, or...?"

"Nope, I am in the military."

There was a look of shock and disbelief on both Allen and Lavi's faces once more, much like the face when they saw the bill at the cafe. "You're kidding..." Lavi said.

Edward reached into his pocket, "You wouldn't be the first ones to doubt me." He pulled out his shiny silver pocket watch with the military's crest on it and showed it to them.

Allen looked at the watch, "So this is...?"

Edward figured they must not have been from around there and from some other place, so he decided to explain to them. "This is the silver watch they give out to the State Alchemists who are part of the military, they even work directly under the president himself."

Lavi and Allen where impressed by the sound of all this, Edward saw the look on their faces and continued to brag some more for the heck of it. "Right now you're looking at the great Fullmetal Alchemist..."

"Nii-san, you don't need to brag about it anymore." Alphonse interrupted him.

"But why the military, and how did someone like you, whose about the same age as us, get in anyways?" Allen asked.

"It's a long story, but to sum it up, theres a goal I want to fulfill." Edward told them.

All while they where talking they where playing the game. Edward showed his hand at last, then Allen showed his. "I got a royal flush!" Allen said, "Looks like I win this round."

"Damn you..." Edward said angrily, "Let me try that again, I know i'll beat you this time!" Edward said as he placed more money on the table, which was even a little bit more than last time. Allen shuffled the cards again, and dealt the cards once more.

Allen decided to continue a conversation, to distract Edward some more. "Is it alright if I mind asking about your right hand? When I shook it earlier it felt quite strange, like as if it where made of metal."

Edward then held up his right hand and took off the glove to show them, "That's because it is made of metal, my whole right arm is actually." Edward decided to take the other glove off from his other hand for comparison, "I bet you guys think my arm is pretty strange, seeing how you both seam to be from outside of this country and have probably never seen automail before."

Allen reached for the glove on his own left hand, "I have never seen automail before of course, but you would think my arm is pretty strange itself." He showed Edward his strange left hand.

"You guys never fail to surprise me." Edward said as he looked at it.

"My thoughts are the same about you guys." Allen said as he decided to take the other glove off from his other hand, also for a comparison. Edward showed his hand of cards he had, and Allen showed his, he smiled. "Looks like I win again."

With frustration Edward reached into his pocket yet again, and pulled out more cash. He put the money on the table, "I refuse to loose to you!" Allen shuffled the cards, passed more out, and a short while later, Edward lost again.

"Dammit! Again!" Edward reached into his pocket and this time slammed the cash onto the table so hard the whole thing shook. Allen passed out the cards again, and Edward lost again. Edward put even more cash down, Allen passed out the cards again, and Edward lost again. Edward put even more cash down, Allen passed out the cards again, and Edward lost again.

Lavi was secretly keeping track of all of the money Allen was winning. At this time he knew they had enough money to get the train tickets and would have some extra to spare. Apparently it was a good idea for Allen to play against Edward afteral, seeing how Edward just doesn't know when to quit.

Lavi stood up then lied, "I don't believe it, I just realized we forgot to buy the train tickets!" Lavi then started to grab part of the money Allen had just won, "Is it okay if I use this money to buy the tickets?"

"Sure go ahead." Allen told him, and Lavi walked off.

Edward, who was miserably sitting there, with his face down on the table, began to raise his head as he realized something. "You..." as he narrowed his eyes and glared at Allen, "You fixed the game so you could win money off of me because you guys where broke. Am I right?"

Allen stared at Edward, shocked that he figured it out. Allen even continued to grow more horrified with each passing minute as Edward's rage continued to grow at the same time. "You got some nerve pal!" Edward told him angrily.

Lavi came back and he was holding the tickets, "Hey Allen, I got the..." he then noticed the tension in the air as he saw that Edward was about ready to strike. He knew he must have figured out what was really going on, "Uh oh..."

Edward leaned in closer to Allen, "You can fight, can you?"

Allen stuttered a, "Y-yes...I can...but"

Edward leapt up from where he sat, "Come on, lets go then! I challenge you!"

Alphonse tried to stop him, "Nii-san! It's not worth it to fight!"

Edward snapped at him, "Shut up Al! This bastard deserves a good beating after how he cheated me like that!"

Allen stood up from where he sat, "Can we just talk this over please? I really don't want to fight..."

Edward had made his move before Allen could finish. With is metal hand he aimed to punch Allen right in the face, but Allen dodged it just in time. Edward threw a few more punches and Allen just barely missed them all. Allen quickly took a step back, out of the way from Edward's grasp. "Come on you coward! Come and fight me already!" Edward told him. Edward clapped his hands, then placed them on the ground. Small lighting bolts snaked along the ground and then formed into sharp rocks that shot up from beneath Allen's feet.

Allen was trying everything he can to avoid them. "What the?! How did you do that?!" Allen said as he was surprised by the attack.

"You must have never seen alchemy before haven't you? It was a simple task for an alchemist like myself. All I did was transmutative the ground into something else."

Allen and Lavi realized that it was perhaps a really bad idea to have cheated money off this guy in a card game.

Lavi tried this time to calm Edward, "Impressive! I didn't know alchemists could do such a thing, but come on now. Like your bro said theres no need to fight. I mean, don't sweat the small stuff man!"

Edward snapped when he heard that, "DON'T CALL ME SMALL!"

Lavi jumped in surprise, "I didn't say you where small, well, actually you are, it was just..."

Edward clapped his hands again and transformed part of his metal arm into a blade, and charged after Lavi, "That does it!"

"Innocence activate!" Allen had said, activating his Crown Clown. Just right before Edward struck Lavi with his blade, Allen had blocked it with his left hand. Lavi let out a sigh of relief, "Ah man, thanks Allen! It looks like we won't be able to get though this guy by talking alone."

"Seems that way, looks like I'll have to fight him afteral." Allen said as he was disappointed, he really didn't want to fight but had no choice.

"Want me to help you out with this one?" Lavi asked Allen.

"No, I will handle this myself."

"Suit yourself then."

Edward could have attacked while Allen was having a brief conversation with Lavi, but instead he leapt backwards in surprise, staring at Allen's sudden change in appearance.

"What the?! What did you say you where again? An Exorcist?" Edward then grinned, "This is more interesting than I expected, but i'm still gonna kick your ass! You can be any worse than those damn homunculi i've fought before."

Alphonse put his hand to his face and sighed, knowing that his brother had gotten into fight once again.

Edward lunged at Allen and attacked him with the blade on his arm. Allen blocked it with his left arm. When Allen had the chance, he changed his arm into its blade form.

"Interesting trick you can do there, but I have several more up my own sleeve." Edward told Allen. They lashed out in a sword-type fight for bit, and when Edward saw his chance he made his next move. He clapped his hands, and transmutated part of the ground into what looked like a machine gun. "Got you now!" Edward said with a crazy grin, and the gun opened fire on Allen. Allen quickly covered himself with his cape, to stop the bullets from harming him.

"You really are full of surprises Edward." Allen lowered his cape when the bullets stopped, showing he was alright. This was a surprise Edward wasn't expecting, then told Allen "You're full of surprises yourself, and how come you haven't seriously attacked me yet anyways?"

"That's because my attacks can't harm people, only Akuma, I am an exorcist afteral."

Edward grinned once more, "Sounds like I have the edge then because my attacks aren't limited like that, so i'm still going to win this fight!"

"As I said, I really didn't want to fight in the first place..."

Before Edward clapped his hands again, Allen had an idea. "Clown Belt!" he shouted, then a white belt shot out grabbing Edward's hand and held it out reach from his other hand so he couldn't transmuate.

"What the?!" Edward said as he was surprised. Then Edward took his right arm with the blade, which was free, and use the blade to try and cut the belt. Edward managed to succeed as he got his arm free, "Alright, now for..." Before he could finish, Allen with his Clown Belt attack, he tied up both of Edward's arms and kept them far apart. "Damn you!" He said as he tried to struggle free.

"Uh, Edward, Alphonse," Lavi said as he interrupted, "it looks like that train you where waiting for is about ready to leave the station."

The brothers stopped and looked at the train, then they heard it whistle. "Crap! Al grab my coat and the suitcase will you?!" Alphonse ran and grabbed his brother's things. Allen released Edward so he could go catch the train. "This isn't over yet!" Edward told Allen, "Next time I see you Allen, I will beat the hell out of you! You better be ready!"

Allen had a very uneasy feeling as he knew he had made an enemy he must now look out for and should avoid at any cost.

After the brothers had left, Lavi spoke, "It's kinda nice that he forgot about his money and was too involved with his fight with you. Now we still have enough to get back."

Allen looked at Lavi, "Lavi, please don't talk to me about money for the rest of the trip..."