(EDITED 12-16-15)

The Exorcist and The Alchemist Meet Again

It started off like another usual day at the Black Order, but it was about ready to take a turn Allen wasn't expecting. "There you are Allen," said Lenalee as she came running up to him., "i've been looking for you. I was sent to tell you that you have some visitors waiting for you in Komui's office."

Allen was puzzled by this, "Visitors? I'm not expecting anybody."

"They seem to know you." Lenalee said, "And it looked like they traveled a long way to see you as well."

Allen was curious to see who these visitors where, and Lenalee came with him. When they had reached the door to Komui's office, Allen could hear the voices of those who came to visit him. He listened for a moment, then a chill went down his spine. "No it can't be them...can't it?!" Allen thought in horror.

Allen and Lenalee had stepped into the room, and Komui had spotted them. "Ah there he is!" he said when he saw Allen.

Then one of the people that sat in front of Komui's desk had stood up. "About damn time you got here..." he said.

Allen's hair stood on end, it was him, one of the people he had hoped never to see again: Edward Elric.

"It's you! But how did you find me?!" Allen said in shock.

Edward grinned, "It was pretty easy actually, you did tell me your name and that you where part of the Black Order. With me being in the military I have access to all kinds of information, so I used it to my advantage. Now that i'm here..." Edward's grin then turned into an evil looking one and he pointed at Allen, "I can finally kick your ass!"

Alphonse who was with Edward let out a long sigh, "I can't believe you actually wasted our research money from the government just for the sake of your revenge."

"Oh shut up Al, i'll make this trip worth every penny. Besides, after seeing Allen in that fight the other day i've been curious to see this place and what they do here."

Komui then spoke up, "Well how does this sound boys? Seeing how you have traveled such a long ways, why don't I give you a personal tour of the Black Order while you're here?"

"You really mean that?" Alphonse asked him excitedly.

"Why of course!" Komui said as he smiled, with a twinkle in his eye.

Lenalee narrowed her eyes and she looked at her brother, "You're just looking for an excuse just to get out of doing your work, aren't you?"

Komui looked at Lenalee in shock as tears filled his eyes, creating what looked like a cascading waterfall. "Oh Lenalee, now can you think of such a thing about your dearest brother?!"

There was a knock on the door as Reever appeared with a small stack of documents. "Hey Komui, you better not be slacking off again." He said then he placed the small stack on his desk to add to the ever-growing mess of papers of work that Komui needs to do. "I need all of these signed by the end of today."

Komui quickly stood up, ignoring the request, then asked the brothers, "Would you to like to have the tour now?"

"We would love to, but can I get something to eat first? We have been on the road all day and I'm starving. After that then we would like to see the place, and then…." Edward abruptly turned and pointed at Allen and gave an evil grin, "I will kick your ass!" Allen jumped. He was hoping that their excitement of getting to see the place would have made Edward forgotten about his mission for revenge, but he was wrong.

"Why of course! You both can grab something in the cafeteria." Komui told them, "And when your done, let me know and I'll give you that tour."

Reever, who been standing next to Komui the whole time, was waiting to see Komui actually do something before he left the room. When he heard what he had said, he told him, "Before you do anything, sign the papers will ya?"

Komui ignored the request once more, "How bout I show you where the cafeteria is?"

"That's okay nii-san," Lenalee said to her bother, "Allen and I can show them. I know you have work to do."

Reever pointed to the stack of unsigned papers, "Yes Komui, you have work to do…"

A short while later, Lenalee, Allen and the Elric brothers had left Komui's office and they where on there way to the cafeteria. "So the guy in charge here doesn't like doing his paper work huh? Reminds me of this one guy I know, he does the same thing." Edward laughed.

"That's right, the colonel always put off doing his paperwork didn't he?" Alphonse said as he laughed too.

While they where walking along the hallway, Allen and Lenalee ran into a familiar face, it was Kanda. Kanda noticed Allen, then surprisingly spoke to him for a brief moment. "I see it's you bean sprout."

Allen glared at Kanda, but before Allen spoke to him, Edward did.


Both Allen and Kanda where surprised by this, apparently Edward thought that comment was directed towards him. Even though Kanda was surprised, he didn't show much of a reaction, "I wasn't talking to you, you midget."

"Well, even though you weren't before, you are now…." Edward noticed Kanda's hair and Mugen at his side before he added, "you samurai girl."

Kanda glared at Edward, "What did you just call me?!"

Edward gave an sly grin, "Yeah…you heard me, 'samurai girl'. You sure as hell look like one with your hair done up like that and having that sword at your side."

Kanda was getting really mad now, he had his hand on the hilt of Mugen, ready to draw it. Alphonse tried to stop Edward from aggravating Kanda even more, "Nii-san! Will you stop trying to pick fights with people?!"

Edward turned to Alphonse and pointed to Kanda like some little kid, "He started it."

"I started it?!" Kanda said, "You're the one who started it 'bean'."

"Stop calling me small you damn samurai girl!"

"Ya know, you look like a girl yourself shorty! With that girlish looking blonde hair of yours..."

Before a fight broke out, Alphonse stopped his brother and Lenalee stopped Kanda. Both Alphonse and Leenalee had to practically drag away the boys from each other to prevent further conflict. "Nii-san! Will you stop trying to make enemies everywhere you go?!" Alphonse said to Edward, while restraining him from attacking Kanda like a wild animal.

By the time they had finally reached the cafeteria, Allen turned to the others and said, "There's something I need to do, I'll catch you guys later." Lenalee then said to him, "Okay, we'll see you later Allen!"

Right when Allen was leaving, Edward shouted out to him, "Don't forget Allen, before I leave here, I'm still gonna kick your ass!"

Allen had feared this, he now knew that Edward wasn't going to forget his plans of revenge on him that easily, even if Edward had made a new enemy, that enemy being Kanda.

Lenalee and Alphonse went to go save a seat while Edward went to give Jerry his order. After when they sat down, Lenalee asked Alphonse, "Are you sure you don't want something to eat too? You must be hungry too after such a long trip here."

"I'm fine, really. I'm not hungry at all right now." Alphonse told her.

Before the two continued their conversation, another familiar face joined in.

"Well ain't this a surprise." Lavi said as he saw Alphonse, "I never expected to see you here."

"You two met before?" Lenalee asked.

"Sure have. Remember how Allen and I told you about our trip to Amestris a few months ago? The folks we met there where this guy and his brother." Lavi looked around a bit, "Speaking of which, where is your bro Al?"

Edward had suddenly appeared from nowhere as he said, "He's right here."

"Woah! I didn't see you there because your so…" before Lavi could finish the joke, Edward angrily snapped at him before he sat down.

"Shut it will ya?" Edward placed the tray on the table and started to eat his meal while it was still hot.

Lavi sat down in the empty seat next to Edward, "Still tempered as ever I see. So what brings you both here to the Black Order?"

"Nii-san is determined to get his revenge on Allen." Alphonse sighed.

Lavi was surprised, "Man, he wasn't kidding when he said he was going to beat Allen next time he saw him again wasn't he?"

Edward grinned, "Got that right! And I ain't leaving here until I do just that!"

Lenalee had been wondering for a while now and finally decided to ask. "So what exactly happened when you all where in Amestris?" she asked them.

Lavi laughed, "Funny story actually."

Edward glared at Lavi, "To you it was, you guys where the ones who cheated me out of my money!"

"What else where we supposed to do? We ended up spending just about all of our funds from the Order on an expensive restaurant bill and we didn't have enough funds to make it back here. So I had Allen bet on some card games so we could win some."

Edward glared again at Lavi, "…by cheating on those games?"

Lenalee was hearing about these details about Lavi and Allen's trip from a few months ago for the first time. She was now wondering if she should have even asked in the first place.

Suddenly, her thoughts and Lavi and Edward's conversation where interrupted by a loud crash that came from behind where Lenalee and Alphonse sat. They all turned to look and saw Miranda on the floor with plates shattered on the floor. Lenalee quickly got up to help her, "Miranda are you alright?"

"Oh Lenalee-chan its you! Yes, I'm quite fine, I just tripped again, that's all." Miranda said as Lenalee helped her up off of the floor. Miranda looked at the mess she has made, "I can't believe I keep breaking dishes like this! I feel so awful that they have to keep ordering new ones all the time because of me."

Alphonse got up from where he sat as he had an idea, "You don't have to order more new ones, I can fix those." Alphonse turned to his brother, "Nii-san, could you hand me…"

Before Alphonse could finish, Edward had beat him to it. Edward had already reached into his coat pocket and tossed Alphonse a piece of chalk, "Way ahead of you Al." Alphonse caught it, bent down and began to draw a transmutation circle around the broken dishes.

Lenalee and Miranda watched in fascination at what Alphonse was doing. Lavi watched too, he had never seen Alphonse do alchemy before, only Edward. Plus, also being the successor of Bookman, he knew he had to record this as well. When Alphonse was done he placed his hands on the circle, there was a flash of light with an electric shock, and the dishes had returned to normal. The exorcists thought that was incredible.

"Amazing!" Lenalee said as she and Miranda picked up the plates and examined them, "They look like new again! How did you do that?"

"I fixed them by using alchemy. It was a simple task really. I could explain it but I just might end up confusing you."

Johnny, who was sitting near by, got up and approached Alphonse, "That was so cool! I saw the whole thing! What did you say you use again? Alchemy? Could you tell me how it works? You must be really good at it too!"

"Actually, my brother is better at it than I am, he can do it without a circle and just by clapping his hands." Edward picked his teeth with a toothpick after he ate and grinned, "Sure am."

"Can you tell me all about it!" Johnny said excitedly.

Edward was still grinning, "Well, your boss is going to give my brother and I a proper tour of the place, and we are both planning on staying here for a while. Perhaps we can give you guys a even better demonstration later." Johnny was excited to hear this and he quickly ran off to tell everyone else in the science department about this, he knew they would all be interested about this method of "alchemy" as well.

Alphonse looked over at his brother, "Your such a showoff nii-san."

"What? I haven't done anything."

"But you will though…"

Later on Komui did eventually give Edward and Alphonse that tour. Although, because they where not members of the Order, there where certain areas they where not allowed in. By the time when they had reached the Science department, Johnny had told everyone there about the Elric brothers and how they can use Alchemy. As a result, now everyone was anxiously awaiting for them to give a demonstration on Alchemy and the process of how it worked. As Alphonse predicted, Edward was a show off as usual, acting all cool as he clapped his hands, transmutating things, and even boasting about how he was a State Alchemist in the military. They where even all fascinated by it as they watched in awe. While the brothers where busy, Komui stood in one spot with his back against the wall, sipping away at his coffee from his usual rabbit-faced mug. All while Komui was standing there, Reever walked up to him.

"Hey Komui," Reever said, "did you finish signing those papers like I asked?"

"When I get back to my office I'll get right to it." Komui lied.

A few hours had passed, yet even after all that, Edward still hadn't forgotten his original intentions for coming there.

"Where the hell is he? I'm ready to pound that guy now!" Edward said with an evil grin, as he searched the halls.

Alphonse sighed, "I can't believe after all of what has happened today you still haven't forgotten your revenge on Allen..."

Edward finally spotted him, "There's the bastard now!" then ran over to him.

Allen sensed a menacing glare looking right at him, and looked in the direction here he sensed it. He stood in horror as he saw Edward coming towards him.

"It's payback time Allen!" Edward said to him as he threw off his red coat.

Allen quickly pulled out something from his pocket, the one thing that he had prepared in hopes that it would save him from the beating. Edward grabbed Allen's shirt collar, prepared his fist to strike at Allen in the face. Before Edward struck out at him, Allen had stopped Edward by holding something between the fist and his own face.

"H-Here! Its for you!" Allen said as he held an envelope. Edward took the envelope with his free hand and let go of Allen with the other, he tore it open and looked inside it. It was a check from the Black Order and it was made out to him, it contained the exact amount of money that Allen had took from him the other day.

"I asked Lavi how much money we took from you the other day and he told me. Then I told Komui about how I took the money from you and asked him to write a check to pay you back. You said it was payback time, so I'm paying you back, so…." Allen explained to Edward about the check, he was pretty nervous, as he was worried that Edward was still going to beat him up.

Edward was still looking at the check when Alphonse spoke, "This is great nii-san! Looks like you don't need to fight Allen afteral."

Edward slipped the check back into the envelope, "Man, and here I was looking forward to it too. Ah well…I probably would have lost the fight if he activated that clown suit again like last time."

Allen was still nervous as he asked Edward, "So you accept the check?"

"Yep, not quite the payback I wanted, but this will work."

Allen let out a long sigh of relief.

"Besides…" Edward said, "there's someone else I would much rather have my revenge on now anyways." Edward looked around the place and said, "Where are you Kanda! I'm gonna kick your ass now! You damn samurai girl!"

Alphonse shook his head, and placed a hand on it "Not again…" he mumbled.

About two days later, the Elric brothers left the Order and returned home to Amestris. Will these two groups ever meet again? Perhaps. But we shall save that for another story….