I own none of these characters. All are owned by the wonderful Mrs. Meyers. I would also like to add there is a copy of my story floating around on Fanfiction taking a ton of my stuff. This is my original idea, the other is simply an edited copy.

Lie awake in bed at night
And think about your life
Do you want to be different?
Try to let go of the truth
The battles of your youth
'Cause this is just a game

It's a beautiful lie
It's the perfect denial
Such a beautiful lie to believe in

Lyrics by 30 Seconds to Mars

It isn't everyone who is lucky enough to have a best friend forever. Best friends are usually the same sex, and age especially when you are young. If not then the awkward teenage years usually end up tearing you apart. It's just the nature of the beast men, and women are different. Who knows why but it is true.

Bella had a best friend, someone who had been her friend since she was five. He had been with her through everything. Even during those awkward teenage years when he was popular and she was pretty but shy. He stayed beside her and remained her best friend.

They shared everything, the first time she held hands it was with him. Her first hug, her first kiss, he was ever present in her life. When they decided maybe they were old enough to take relationships further at the tender age of seventeen, again they were each other's first. He left three weeks later to follow his dream. It was not how he had visualized leaving or when, but he got an offer and he had to follow through.

She had been supportive, told him to go. What are best friends for? She had never lied to him, never kept him from anything in her life until then. It was for him, she wanted him to have the life he always wanted, and it didn't include her and a newborn. Her parents were irate, but she lied and said the father was some random guy she met at a party, and she had no idea who he was. She took a lot of abuse at school, the story she told was the same, and she was deemed a slut. It was far from the truth but she had to protect him, it's what best friends do.

There were only two people who knew the truth, and that was her best friend Rosalie and her boyfriend Emmett. They knew all along but agreed to keep it secret. Rosalie knew she was the only support she had. It hurt her when she heard people say bad things about Bella none of them were true. If they only knew.

Bella grew up, made a life for herself. She opened a flower shop with Rosalie. It was something she loved to do, see people smiling when they were handed a simple rose. It was such an intimate gesture that meant so much. Her life now revolved around her five year old, she continued to hide the truth from Edward especially now that he was a household name.

She refused to come see him in LA when Edward asked. She knew if he ever visited it would be impossible to hide Timmy in person when he looked so much like Edward. Luckily he had been too busy to come home, and their weekly phone conversations were the only real interaction they had. She liked it that way, simple. Time could never erase her heartache, but she remained strong. He was happy. It was all she cared about.

Timmy came running in with a huge smile, "Look mommy, I am all handsome now."

"That you are." She kissed his little head. He was always mature for his age just like his father. He even looked like him, same dark hair with the same emerald eyes. He was her pride and joy and he kept her sane in this messed up world. She stood taking his hand, "Let's go sweetheart, aunt Rosalie will be upset if we are late."

"I know mommy, the tickle monster will get me." Bella giggled, "That's right, he will."

They arrived at the school and walked in the gymnasium that was now set up for Emmett's Peter Pan play. He was a first grade school teacher. Bella always thought it was funny that this big scary looking man was the biggest softy she knew. The kids loved him and he loved them.

"Hey! You made it." Hearing the voice she turned, "Hey Rose. The kids look so cute, wow."

She laughed, "My handsome boyfriend has been having a really good time with this."

"Uncle Emmett." Timmy cried reaching up as Emmett came to greet them. He lifted him onto his hip, "Hey squirt, you want to try on an outfit? Rosalie told me she had one especially for you. You will be a scary pirate do you think you can be scary?"

"Grrr." He managed and glanced to see if Emmett approved. He gasped and touched his chest, "You almost stopped my heart. You are too scary already, I don't know if you need an outfit."

"Please?" he asked excited. Emmett kissed his head, "Well ok if you promise not to scare me."

"I do, I promise."

Bella felt her phone vibrate and slipped it out of her pocket and onto her ear, "Hello, oh hi Edward." Rosalie turned and winked heading off to follow Emmett. She slipped outside, "Sorry I was doing something how are you?"

"Good beautiful how are you?" His voice was so smooth. He had the seduction tone mastered. She wasn't surprised, after all he was a huge star and everyone wanted to be him. Seduce him, or be seduced by him. She missed the old Edward the one who pushed her on the swings, the one who shared her ice cream cones, and eventually the one who changed her life forever.

"I'm fine. How was the shoot?"

He sighed. She imagined he was running his hand through his beautiful messy hair. He had a habit of doing that. "I don't know love. I'm tired. Don't get me wrong the last six years have been great, I just feel like I can't have a life. I feel like I am missing something you know?"

"I know. I wish I could help." She exhaled softly.

"I was hoping you would say that. Come visit me."

"Edward, I can't. You know I don't like Los Angeles. I don't care for the glitz and glamour and I don't want my face on all of the papers." She hated to tell him no, her heart wanted nothing more than to see him again, but she knew she no longer fit into his life. She had an empty space in her heart for so long she had grown used to the feeling. She closed the door on love a long time ago. How could she look into his face and smile when inside she was being torn apart?

"Bella, what happened to us?" His voice was sad and haunted. She felt the warm tears, but tried to hold them back. She refused to let him hear her crying.

"Bella?" He hesitated.

"Yes? I'm here."

"I miss you. I know we talk, but I miss you so much. It's hard not trusting anyone except you, and you are the one person I can't seem to be with." He said regretfully.

"You have girlfriends Edward. Don't you have a steady yet?" It hurt her to say it, but she wasn't stupid, they had no ties other then being best friends. She would never expect him to stay single after all women were throwing themselves at him. She always saw pictures of him with a new girl.

"I have dated, you know that. I don't know how to explain it Bella. I don't want to sound like a fool. I don't want to be known for my flings, they mean nothing to me. It's not like I can talk to them about what I truly feel. That position was filled a long time ago."

She wondered why he was suddenly so open with his feelings. He must really be down in the dumps. They always talked about everything, but this part of himself they usually avoided. They never mentioned what happened before he left. It was as if it had never happened. She figured because if they spoke about it they would have to think about it and it hurt too much.

"When I hear your name Bella…how can I explain what you mean to me? You're my best friend, and I haven't seen you in six years. We're not children anymore. I miss you, I need my Bella back." She slid down the side of the brick wall. She had not expected that. It was like he could read her mind. He had no idea about Timmy, it would ruin his career and she would never cause him that pain. He wanted this life and she would make sure he kept it.

"Surely you are joking. The Bella you knew was awkward and shy." She said evenly. Her response surprised him, "Bella come on, you know me like nobody else does. I want to see the new and improved adult Bella, I hear she is breathtaking."

"Edward, I am the same. Not much has changed."

"Well, I know you are breathtaking then." He countered.

"Whatever, I still trip over my own shadow." She insisted.

He laughed, "Ah, I miss you Bell. Please come see me. Please…I need you. I promise I will keep you from tripping." This wasn't the first time he'd asked her to visit, but it was the first time he sounded this bad. He was laughing and making light of it, but anyone who really knew him could see.

"Bella listen," He replied, "Surely you can let Rosalie run the shop for a while. I mean it can't be that hard to leave a flower shop for a week or so."

"It's not that." She closed her eyes tightly, she wanted so bad to be in his arms. She remembered when he kissed her, when he touched her. The look in his eyes when he told her he would love her forever.

"Love, what's wrong?" He could hear her distress, and it worried him. He closed his eyes thinking of her in the sun, her long hair blowing gently as the light breeze caressed her skin. She was smiling, her hands in his as he spun her. He still remembered when she fell he followed her. He caressed her cheek, and kissed her. He made love to her, and it slammed into his conscious like it was yesterday.

"Memories I guess."

He swallowed hard, so she was thinking of him too that was what was wrong. "I know Bell. I'll always love you. You're my best friend, and I need you here. Just for a week, please. I'm off and we can spend the time getting to know each other again. I think we both need this reconnection with each other."

"I saw you just last night on the TV." She said knowingly.

"Bella come on be serious. I've asked you several times, and you always say no. I'll keep you protected love. No one will know you are with me. We'll just veg out and talk."

"Can't you talk with Jasper?" She asked. He sighed mentally kicking himself for the way this conversation was going. "Yes, it's not the same. I talk to him and Alice, but there are still things my sister and brother in law don't need to know."

She didn't respond and he began again, "Ok well I guess I'll just have to come there, and bring you back. I see no other alternative."

"No you can't." She said feverishly.

"Why?" He countered. He could practically hear she was rolling her eyes. "Because you just can't."

"Ok so you know what to do to stop that from happening. I will make a scene too. Limo's and body guards, they whole kit and caboodle."

"You wouldn't!"

He smiled inwardly, "Oh yes my sweet. I would."

"Let me see what I can do." She said finally giving in. He laughed, "No, no. You don't see you do it. I am sending the ticket tomorrow, and I expect you to be there. If you aren't then well…you know what I'll do, and I promise you it will be on the front page of every magazine when I am carrying your cute little butt to my car."

She hoped Rosalie wouldn't mind keeping Timmy. She usually didn't and Emmett was all for him staying the night all of the time. He loved him like his own.

"No need to be rash. I'll work it out."

"Good, I'll call and make sure you are on the plane. I am looking forward to seeing you love. I can't wait for the big hug you owe me."

"Just don't pick me up at the airport and cause a scene."

"Would I dare? Bella what do you take me for?" He scoffed.

"A movie star." She shot back. He sighed, "True enough, but I promised you no photos and I meant it. Just promise me you'll come and not back out on me. I really do need you here, and maybe once I get you here I can convince you to stay."

"You know that won't happen."

"Why not? Nothing holding you to Forks, Rose can take over the florist. I'll buy you one here. Problem solved."

"Always have a plan don't you?" She asked with a smile. He could hear it in her voice.

"You know it angel, you know it. I have to. You are a slippery little thing, always getting me into trouble when I was little. You are a devil in disguise."


"I can't wait to see you. Hurry to me." He sounded reverent and lost in thought.

"Bye Edward."

"Bye darling. I'll talk to you soon. Take care of yourself I'd like to get you in one beautiful piece." He joked.

She hung up just as Rose walked out. "Hurry the play is about to start and I have our seats." She followed her sitting beside her in the front row. "Bella you'll love this is the cutest thing."

"Where is Timmy?"

She pointed to Emmett who stood beside the stage with Timmy in his arms. They were so cute together. She giggled, "Daddy Emmett. You seriously need to marry him and start a family."

"I will, so what did Edward have to say?" She asked nonchalantly. Bella bit her lip.

"Uh oh, what is it?" Rose asked turning more towards her.

"He wants me to fly down for a week. He's forcing me actually, threatening to come here. I can't let him know about Timmy."

"Relax Bell. Emmett and I can handle Timmy. You haven't had a vacation since you were pregnant. Go, it's not like you ever treat yourself. I have a phone, he can all you."

"I don't know how Timmy will take this." She said in a whisper. Rose pointed to where he was happily hanging onto Emmett. "He'll take it just fine. Make arrangements, we can take care of him."

"Are you sure?"

Rosalie rolled her eyes, "I am sure, do it. You need to update your wardrobe anyway, get him to take you shopping he is loaded after all."

"That is not why I am going." She defended herself. Rose frowned, "I know you are going because you can't get over your one true love or tell him you have a son, and he is asking you because he can't get over his true love and he misses you. He's been asking for years Bella. If he didn't love you he would have given up a long time ago."

"We're best friends."

"Yeah, best friends who can't be happy with anyone else. Best friends don't make babies Bella. You weren't thinking of him, as your best friend when you crossed the line and neither was he. You simply got out of it because he left town, but guess what? Now you have to deal with it face to face. You should tell him."

"No." She sat back sighing, "I can't, not now. He would hate me."

"Bella." She said caringly. "He would understand."

She shook her head, "Oh look the play is starting." She was glad. This conversation was something she wanted finished. She didn't want to even think about seeing him again or what his reaction would be. She would deal with it when the time came, and unfortunately that time was coming very soon.

I have not written a human story of Edward and Bella. This idea came to me from an old story I wrote years ago and I couldn't resist. I hope you like it.