"I hear we may have roomies in LA."

She looked at him and smiled.

"Yeah I didn't ask you, I hope it's ok."

"It's fine. I have plenty of room." He responded squeezing her hand. She looked out the window and relaxed. If Emmett and Rose come to LA things would be perfect, everyone would be close by and their kids could grow up together just like they did. It was what she had always wanted now maybe it could happen. Only time would tell.


"Does it look even?" Emmett asked from the stool he stood on. Rose arched an eyebrow and turned to Bella.

"What do you think?"

"I think so." Bella answered as she nodded in agreement. It seemed like just yesterday Emmett and Rose had moved to LA. Emmett had gotten the job at the school and as luck would have it not far from their house there was a very nice little upscale boutique type shopping center for the rich that was perfect for their little flower shop.

They carried a few other things too this was after all LA. The business was booming and Emmett and Rose got married soon after. Jasper and Alice had their little baby boy. Bella didn't tease Alice on if her intuition had been right or not she simply went with it. They made wonderful parents and now, Emmett and Rose were expecting.

Timmy was getting so big and handsome. All of the girls in school loved him, not that she was surprised, she remembered how it was going to school with Edward and it was always the same way. The teachers always favored him and the girls followed him around. Tim found it annoying and didn't understand. She and Edward just laughed.

Lily was the perfect little angel, she looked like her mom but she had enough of Edward in her to know she was his. She had his temper which drove Bella mad to no end. Currently it was driving Edward mad as he tried to occupy her outside with Tim as Emmett finished the curtains in the baby's room for Rose.

Emmett stepped off of the stool and brushed his hands off.

"I think it looks nice if I do say so myself...and I do." He laughed kissing Rose's head. She smiled resting her head on his shoulder. He stroked her face.

"You look tired do you need to lie down?"

She smiled shaking her head no. Bella smiled watching them it was so cute they way Emmett babied her, she always knew he would. He was going to be a big teddy bear when this baby got here. Hearing Lily's shrill shrieks Bella turned.

"I better check on that."

Emmett chuckled.

"Sounds like daddy day care isn't going so well."

Bella walked to the door stopping when she saw Tim running from Lily who was chasing him with a flyswatter. She placed her hand over her mouth stifling a giggle when Edward tried to grab it.

"Lily that is not very lady like, we don't hit even if he instigated it." Edward scolded her flashing Tim an angry look. She had to admit, he probably did ask for it. Tim liked to tease her and one thing about Lily she would stick up for herself. She definitely got that from Bella.

She walked out the door just was Edward grabbed her little arm.

"Lily give me the flyswatter."

"Timmy was mean to me." She said upset, her cute little lip in a pout. Edward stroked her cheek.

"I know he was little one and daddy will take care of it. I promise but you can't hit Lily. It's not very nice to hit and it's not very lady like and you are a lady remember?"

"I'm a big girl." She repeated.

He took the flyswatter and smiled.

"You certainly are my love, a very big girl." As she reached out he pulled her into his arms and sat her on his knee brushing her long hair back. He felt Bella sit in the chair beside him and looked up from where he knelt. He winked at her and returned his attention to Lily.

"I am proud of you." He said as he kissed her head. She smiled brightly.

"I was good. Timmy was mean." Edward chuckled.

"Yes darling, he was. Do you know how beautiful you are?" He asked grinning.

She opened her arms.

"The most beautiful in the whole world."

He nodded, "And do you know how much I love you?"

"Stars and moon." She said giggling as he pulled her into a hug.

"That's right as far as the stars and moon." Setting her down he patted her rear.

"You go play with your brother and no hitting."

Bella laughed as she ran off. Edward smiled and sat in front of her on the lounge chair.

"She's a lot like you love." He commented as he took her hand in his. She smiled and met his eyes.

"Well what can I say? I had to defend myself from little demons like you Mr. Cullen. You were relentless in picking on me if I do recall."

"Do you? I seem to call you liking it." He added scooting closer and releasing her hand to rest his hands on her thighs. She smiled at him biting her lip.

"I might have."

He looked back at the kids and then at her.

"You know the shop is doing great and my last movie did well. I'm free for a while, since I'm limiting my schedule." He let his eyes roam over her face to rest on her beautiful pink lips. She felt his hot gaze and shivered.

"What is it you are hinting at? You want to go on a vacation or something? Timmy is in school you know."

"Not exactly what I had in mind." His thumbs began to run light circles on her thighs. She looked down then back to his eyes.

"What did you have in mind?"

He leaned in closer, "Bella....I"

Emmett opened the door.

"Hey you two lovebirds lunch is ready." He called out to Timmy and smiled as Lily ran into his arms. He shut the door behind him as they walked in and Bella waited on Edward as he looked down. She lifted his chin.

"Edward what is it?"

He sighed, "Nothing."

He stood extending his hand. She took it but didn't move when he started to walk he turned looking at her oddly.

"Aren't you hungry?"

"Yes, but you wanted to talk."

He smiled.

"We can talk later. It's probably best anyway I didn't mean to get into such a deep conversation here."

Bella didn't know what he meant by that but she knew he wasn't going to budge so she accepted his answer and allowed him to lead her in side. They enjoyed their lunch and visited the rest of the afternoon. Tim and Emmett played football out back. Rose just shook her head as she and Bella cleaned up.

Edward was sitting on the porch with Lily in his lap watching them. She noticed Bella was quiet and elbowed her.

"What's up you?"

"Huh?" Bella looked at her confused then realized she had been lost in thought.

"Sorry I was just thinking."

Rose smiled.

"So I saw, about what?"

Bella rinsed another glass and sat it in the dishwasher.

"Edward, he wanted to talk earlier, it seemed serious but we were interrupted. I guess I'm kind of worried what it's about." She put a plate in. Rose looked at her curious.

"Bella it won't be anything bad, he loves you."

She shrugged.

"I know, I just worry anytime he get's that certain look on his face and he had it today. You know the one the look like he's thinking something and he's not certain how I will take it. It makes me think maybe he's worried I'll get upset or something."

Rose wiped her hands and hugged her.

"Hey, it will all work out. I'm sure he just isn't sure of how you'll react. Maybe he wants a new car."

Bella chuckled.

Rose shrugged, "You do get testy with spending money dear."

"I do not."

"This coming from the same woman who chastised him for spending two hundred dollars on Lily a dress."

Bella frowned.

"Hey, that was just stupid she's a baby and will grow out of it. I don't care how absolutely adorable it was."

Rose raised an eyebrow.

"It was Burberry, it was perfect and you loved it. Tell me different."

Bella huffed, "I can't hear you."

Rose giggled.

"Oh you can, you just choose not to. It's called selective hearing."

Finishing up they moved to the baby's room once more. Rose smiled running her hand over the bed frame and turned to Bella.

"I can't believe I'm going to be a mommy."

Bella smiled patting her round tummy.

"You are. I'm so excited for you."

Bella sat in the oversized chair and Rose sat beside her. Bella smiled putting her hand on her stomach.

"Do you remember when you used to do this to me when I was pregnant with Tim?"

Rose laughed.

"I do, he was a kicker." She rested her hand on top of Bella's.

"I'm so glad we came to LA. I couldn't do this without you Bella. I wouldn't even know where to begin. You being here means the world to me."

Bella smiled resting her head against hers.

"I'm glad Edward got his shit straight. I was worried he never would. I knew he loved you, I just didn't know if he would ever be able to come clean and be a man about it. It's good to see the man he is today and what you two have together. You are perfect for each other."

Bella smiled.

"Thanks sis."

"I love you Izzy." She hadn't called her than in years. Bella felt her heart warm.

"Love you too Rosie." She said back.

Hearing a soft knock they both turned. Edward smiled sweetly holding a sleeping Lily.

"Sorry to interrupt, but I thought we should get going love."

She nodded releasing Rose and standing.

"I'll call you tomorrow."

"Ok." Rose said as she followed them out. Tim was already in the car waiting.

Arriving home Edward put Lily to bed and Timmy went to his room. Bella watched as he poured himself some scotch and relaxed in front of the piano playing softly. It was something she had noticed him doing more often as of late.

He had left the lights off and the room was lit only by the moonlight streaming in the French doors and huge windows. He looked beautiful almost immortal in the way his alabaster skin radiated hauntingly in the night.

She turned off the rest of the lights in the house and sat beside him listening to him play. His eyes were closed as his long fingers slipped over the ivory keys. He always did have a way of making her feel relaxed when he played. She took a drink from her wine glass and smiled. He was absolutely the most amazing man.

Looking back at their life who would have though their life would end up here? Childhood friend's who teased each other in school, had a crush and ended up falling in love. Two people who made a beautiful son on accident and actually were brought back together even in a world of chaos and impossibility to make this relationship work.

In an imperfect world they made it work and had married and made another beautiful child. She smiled to herself as he played. She had never thought in a million years this would be her life. Mrs. Edward Cullen living in Los. Angeles and the wife of a movie star. He was one of the most down to ear people she knew.

She made him that way and she didn't even know it. She was his center, without her in his life he probably would have spiraled out of control a long time ago. He stopped playing and let his eyes settle on her soft features. She was lost in thought and he brushed her long hair over her shoulder.

"Penny for your thoughts." He said kissing her exposed neck.

She smiled meeting his eyes, it was odd the color they had at this moment. She was slightly mesmerized until he stroked her cheek breaking her from her trance.

"I was just remembering and I guess thinking."

He reached for her forcing her to change positions and straddle him sitting on his lap. He closed the lid on the piano and took a drink of his scotch setting it back down.

"What about?"

His warm hands rested on her hips. She inhaled sharply and couldn't help but noticed his well sculpted chest in the button down he wore. He had unbuttoned the top five buttons at least before he came into to play. Her eyes met his again and he smiled.

"Bella you aren't listening to me are you?"

"I am."

"No you aren't you're ogling me." He teased. She smiled and shrugged.

"Ok so I did check you out for a minute but don't you sit there and try and tell me that you didn't enjoy it."

He leaned closer pinning her back against the piano.

"Yes, I did. I love when you look at me like that. The look in your eyes is extremely sexy and usually you become very aggressive and I tend to like aggressive Bella."

She giggled and pushed him back.

"You're getting off the subject lover boy."

He slid his hands around her waist pulling her tight against him.

"I was?" He acted innocent. "I didn't realize there was a subject...yet."

She smirked tapping his nose.

"This afternoon Cullen, you wanted to talk to me. It was serious...what gives." She asked watching his reaction. His demeanor changed and he loosened his grip.

"Bella, are you sure you want to discuss this now? Maybe we could you know discuss it tomorrow."

She crossed her arms defiantly and he sighed knowing he was not going to win this one. He cupped her chin and bit his lip.

"It's not that I...I mean I just don't know what you'll say. We've discussed it before and then it was dropped but now..." He sighed nervously running his hand through his hair. She gripped his hand.

"Edward just tell me."

"Bella I want..." He stopped looking into her eyes and cupping her face in his hands.

"I love you so much."

She smiled, "I know baby I love you too."

He watched her a moment then looked down unbuttoning her blouse. She didn't say anything just watched him curious. He opened it and pushed his hands inside running his hands along the smooth skin of her stomach. Pushing her up he started kissing her abdomen softly. She gasped closing her eyes and gripping his hair.

He gripped her waist looking up after a few minutes.


"Y..Yes?" She answered in a shaky voice.

"I want to put my baby inside you here." He kissed her stomach again lightly. Her eyes never left his and he wasn't sure what her reaction would be. She was trembling as she sat back down on his lap.

"You want another baby?"

"Yes. I do. I knew one day I would want another one and I do Bella. Lily is two and I want another one. I'd like them close in age. What do you think?"

She had considered the possibility but she hadn't mentioned it to him, mainly because he hadn't mentioned it to her.

"It's a lot more diapers." She started.

He shrugged.

"Lily is potty training I think we can handle it."

She bit her lip and leaned back on the piano.

"No more sleeping at night." She added.

"Who needs sleep?" He retorted with a grin.

She chuckled. He bent down to her ear and kissed it whispering softly.

"Bella, I love you so much. Come to bed with me and help me make a baby." She groaned as he finished it off with a soft nip of her neck.

"Say yes." He added.

"Yes." She answered breathlessly as he lifted her from the bench and carried her to their room, where they made love until the dawn.

And so ends the tale of our two young lovers, who fought through a lot of obstacles (A ton don't ya think?) to be a happy and loving little family. I may continue this story at a later point in their lives but right now it feels complete as is. Until I feel inspiration for that I shall leave it as such. I've been working on another story called The Illusion Of Sanity and basically dividing my time between the two as this one came to a close.

I kind of like where it is going so I'll be focusing on it mainly for now. We'll see what happens.

Thank you so much for your replies and reading. I enjoyed writing this story so much!!!! Thank you!