A/N: This does what it says on the tin. The Meadow Scene (and the rest of the day), from Alice's point of view. Of course she was watching all day, just in case, so this is what actually happened. It seems to me that Bella missed quite a lot, hence the reason this fic is so long. It does extend to 11 chapters (which vary in length, to be fair), plus this prologue, and took me forever to write. I'm not complaining though. It's the most fun I've had in years.

Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight. I just created a back story that covers seventy years. Hee hee, that's a later chapter.

"Have fun!" I chirped to Edward as he descended the porch steps.

He turned to look at me with a hopeful look in his eye. "You'd know better than me whether I will."

In response, I merely grinned, and began mentally reciting Juliet's famous monologue from the Act Two, Scene Two of Romeo and Juliet. In Latin.

He sighed, and set off running. I continued with my translated recital only until I was absolutely certain he couldn't hear me any more, then I dropped my grin and dashed into the house.

"Don't interrupt me today, I'm busy!" I yelled, though I knew my family would have heard me if I'd whispered. Shouting was an annoying habit I'd picked up from Emmett, and continued with to irritate Edward and Rosalie. True to form, Rosalie muttered something rather rude about a deafening little pixie, and Esme sighed. She'd long since given up telling me off about my excessive use of decibels. I ignored both of them and curled up on the white loveseat in the centre of the living room. However much I'd teased Edward yesterday afternoon, I had very little idea over how his first proper 'date' would go. Too few decisions had been made, and even what I had seen could change at a moment's notice.

Thankfully, not many of my family were around today. Emmett and Rosalie had plans… well, I wouldn't be seeing much of them, if I could help it. Once Jasper had heard of my - and their – intentions, he had taken the opportunity to go hunting.

Carlisle was working the Saturday shift; he had worked out a meticulous plan for working on those rare sunny days. He arranged his work in the north side of the hospital, shut the blinds the night before, had a private parking space in the shade… anything so he didn't have to miss as many days as would otherwise have been necessary. On the days where he couldn't avoid exposure – and that was most of them, to be honest – I would warn him and he would take the day off like the rest of us. Of course, us 'kids' barely needed an excuse to escape the hell that was high school.

Only Esme would ask me for details today, and I was happy to share them with her. She was as nervous and as excited as me.

I took a deep, unnecessary breath, and flung myself into the future.