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"A ball!" King Billy Black exclaimed. "But Jacob, what about Leah? Do you not love her?"

"No Father, I don't. I never have." Jacob said. Fighting with his father, the king of The Kingdom of Forks, made him very tired.

"But, why? You two are perfect for each other!"

"She used to be my cousin until the divorce! That's disgusting. And she, frankly, gets on my very last nerve!" And she does it on purpose, Jacob thought warily.

"But I do recall you telling her you loved her that one night you took her to the lake."

"How do you know that?"

"Never you mind." Truth be told, King Billy was spying on his son that day. "If you aren't going to do what's best for yourself, then what about Forks? Leah would be a perfect queen while your king!"

"No she wouldn't. She would start wars and higher taxes! Abuse the servents, and disregard every one of her morals, just to have power!" She can't even make herself tea! She would be a disgrace! Jacob thought.

"But a ball, Jacob! Young ladies never act themselves at those things. They would use you to do all the things you say Leah would do! At least have suiters come here." King Billy was truly outraged at this idea. How could his son be so stupid?

"It's not just a ball for a wife, Father, I would also be selecting my knights for when I turn king."

"But Jacob - "

"Father, I have made up my mind. End of discussion." And with that, King Billy stormed out of the room muttering something that sounded like 'children never listen.'