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"I owed you," she answered simply.

"And… I believe what you said at the Ball. About how James and his friends did every thing that you were framed for.

I was shocked. She really did believe me.

Bella believed me.

I felt a wave of emotion towards Bella. The same emotion that I felt for her at the Ball.

Only stronger.

And without realizing it, I leaned down and kissed her on the lips.


Edward Cullen kissed me. On the lips. I didn't even expect it.

The kiss was filled with..... love? My heart rate picked up. I didn't know for sure, but it was wonderful. I didn't notice anything but Edward. I never wanted this kiss to end.

But he pulled away.

"Bella, I, I've never felt this way about anyone before," he admitted. "I can't stand it when I'm not near you. It hurts."

"Edward, I-" I was about to tell him that I feel the same way, but my dad interrupted me.

"Bella!" he called from Town Square. "Where are you? Bella!"

"I have to go," I sadly said to Edward. He just nodded. I was about to turn to leave, but I then I realized that I didn't want to.

"Are you alright, Bella?" Edward asked me, worried.

"Yeah I'm fine. i just don't want to go," I told him. He chuckled and kissed me again. It was longer then a peck, but shorter then the first kiss. He knew how my dad could get.

I smiled up at him and he smiled back.

"I'll see you later, right?" I asked.

"Of course. Why wouldn't you?" he answered.

"Bella! Bel-LA! Where are you!" My dad called again. I sighed, and kissed Edward one more time before I left.

When I got to Town Square, I saw that my dad's back was turned. I had to be carful not to scare him.

"Hey, Dad," I said. He jumped at the sound of my voice. So much for not scarring him.

"Oh, hey, Bells. I have great news!" He said smiling.

"What, Dad?" I asked. I was getting annoyed. I wanted to see Edward.

"Well, I just got a message from the Prince. He wants you to meet his father," Charlie squealed like Alice.

"Oh, yay, fun," I unenthusiastically said. If it was awkward with the Prince, it would be ten times worse with the King. "When, exactly, did he want me to meet him?" I asked, hoping that it was at least a year from now.

"In two months time! Oh, Bella isn't this great?" Charlie asked, his eyes sparkling with pride.

"Yeah, it's wonderful, Charlie." Of course it had to be soon. Of course.


"Bella!" A voice called out to me. I turned and saw that it was Edward. He was sitting on a brick wall.

"What is it?" I asked.

"He's coming for you," he replied.

"What do you mean?" I asked. Before he could answer, the Black Family Crest hit him in the chest, causing him to fall off the wall. I screamed. Two warms arms wrapped around me, preventing me from getting to Edward.

"It's alright, Bella. You don't need to worry about him. You have to meet my father," the voice of the Prince said.

I faintly heard Alice say, "And all the king's horses and all the king's men, couldn't put Edward Cullen back together again."

"She's right," Jacob said.

"You didn't even try! Edward! Edward!" I screamed to him.

"Edward!" I said, sitting up in my bed.

My bed, I thought, I thought I was.... It was only a dream. A horrible dream. A nightmare.

"Bella, are you alright?" I heard Edward call from my rocking chair in my bedroom.

"Edward, is that you?" I asked him. I couldn't see anything. It was too dark.

"Yes, love, it's me. I hope you don't mind that I snuck in through your window," I heard him say. I still couldn't tell if it was him. I needed more prof that he was alright.

"Can you come here?" I asked shyly.

"Of course, love," he replied. I heard my rocking chair creak as someone stood up from it, and when I knew the person was at the side of my bed, I felt them kneel. I quickly went to my nightstand and fumbled for the matches. I needed light. I quickly found them, they were right beside my lamp, and I struck one. I lit the candle in the lamp, and looked at the person on the side of my bed.

It really was Edward.


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