Hey Fanfiction-ers, Phantom-of-Fantasy here, bringing you a new story. I got this idea after watching the aweomse movie John Tucker Must Die for like the hundreth time in my life. Just wanted to put this out there to get some opinions: if I should continue it while working on my other two fanfictions, or give it up. Let me know what you think!

It was a typical day at Konoha high School. Ino Yamanaka, head cheerleader, was leading the squad through a routine onstage in the "cafetorium". Her long blonde hair streamed through the air as she was thrown towards the ceiling. Her light blue-green eyes scanned the cafeteria/auditorium for one particular spectator, whose dark eyes followed her flexible movements: Shikamaru Nara.

Sakura Haruno, the student government president and well-known over-achiever, rolled her bright green eyes at the ceiling and turned back towards her ticket booth. It was the first day that tickets were being sold for the Talent Show, and sales were a little slow. She pushed a piece of short pink hair from her eyes and her breath caught in her throat as she caught sight of someone passing by her with a sexy smirk, directed at her: Shikamaru Nara.

Sitting down at a table, trying not to gag at the cheerleaders' perky routine, was Temari Sabakuno. An exchange student from Suna High, she had already secured her place in the school's hierarchy as a feisty vegan/teen activist. Her deep turquoise eyes and dark blonde hair set her apart from other girls, giving her an air of exotic charm, which she used to her full advantage. At the moment, her gaze was locked on one guy in particular as he glanced back at her, checking her out: Shikamaru Nara.

To most students, he needed no explanation. But for this story to make sense, this teenage heartthrob needs an introduction. Shikamaru Nara was once overlooked because of his laziness and lack of participation in anything. However, his sudden bond with the popular basketball stars Sasuke Uchiha and Neji Hyuga, made it all but impossible for him to be ignored. Neji, though gorgeous and conceited enough to be the "IT boy" of the school, was already spoken for in the form of girlfriend Tenten. It fell to Sasuke to assume the role of local hottie and heartbreaker, which he performed effortlessly.

However, once the Uchiha boy was offered a full scholarship to a private school, Oto Academy, in the beginning of sophomore year, Shikamaru was pushed into the spotlight. With dark brown hair and chocolate-colored eyes, Nara's lazy streak continued, but was endearing to the girls that now flocked to him. His grades were always exceptional, since he was tested as a certified genius in his freshman year. Somehow, he came alive on the court: for practices and games, Shikamaru's laziness was on hold. His intelligence was key in making up plays for the basketball team; therefore he was made team captain. His popularity also resulted in his being elected class president.

Shikamaru's sudden shot to the top of the social ladder definitely did wonders to his ego, but he still kept friendships with those on the lower rungs. His best friend, Choji Akimichi, preferred cooking and eating to playing sports, but cheered for his friend at every game. Trouble-makers Kiba Inuzuka and Naruto Uzumaki, as well as team mascot lee Rock, all idolized him and his gift for attracting women. "Loner" basketball player Shino Aburame surprisingly kept him well-informed of which girls he should focus on.

Nara was never without a date since every girl in school wanted him. His main problem was that he was just too lazy and full of himself to break up with any of them; he often handed that job off to Shino. Currently, his attention was being split equally between three girls: Ino, Sakura, and Temari. Ino, for her appearance and because of the "head cheerleader/team captain" dynamic; Sakura for her brains and because of the "presidential" dynamics; and Temari for her uniqueness and the fact that she was older and more experienced. It was easy enough for him to juggle the three girls because they were from different social circles and would never associate with each other; otherwise, he would have decreed all three of them "too troublesome" to keep straight.

There were very few girls aware of Shikamaru Nara's secret pimp ways. But the invisible tend to know everything, hence shy Hinata Hyuga, cousin of basketball star and second-in-command Neji, knew what a lazy jerk Nara could really be. Now if only the three girls being "played" could see it…

Well...What do you think? Should I continue? Or is it a lost cause? post you opinion!