Important All The Same

"Here, come on Seto, let me teach you how." Mokuba wheedled his obstinate older brother.

"Why? It isn't like it's a life skill or anything. And am I not a genius? I should have learned it on my own. Honestly I should have taught YOU."

"Yeah, but you didn't, and you may not have had time to learn it when you were younger, but now you do. Imagine what other people would say if they found out! It's something everybody should learn how to do sometime."


"No buts! It's fast and painless. It's mechanical. You love mechanisms."

"But, I can do it! I'm sure. I'm sixteen years old for gods sakes."

"Surprise me."

"Well." Seto went into his 'smart' mode. It was pretty much the same as his 'arrogant bastard' mode, only he looked down on you even more and scrutinized your every intellectual move.

"...First you..." His 'smart' mode was immediately replaced with his 'damn it' mode. Seto had a lot of modes.

"Fine! Enlighten me, Mokuba, of this oh so important life skill."

"Finally." Mokuba rolledhis eyes at his brother from where they were both crouched on the floor.

"OK, so, first you just tie. Then you make these two loops. Then cross them. See that opening down there? Put one of the loops in there and pull. Now you try."

Seto did it, albeit clumsily-and was that a blush coloring his cheeks?-and very unnaturally and precisely.

"Great. So, that, Seto, is how you tie your shoes."

It was no life skill or anything, but it was important all the same.