Chapter 6:

The meeting seemed to take forever. The sun was already starting to set and nobody had exited from the cave that served as a council room. Everyone was getting restless waiting for the verdict. Kito kept his distance from everyone and paced around nervously. He attempted to listen in on the meeting but each time was turned away by two large leopard body guards. Kito was then forced to continue pacing endlessly until Abashi and the others filed out. Everyone eminently fell silent, Kito just felt nauseous and anxious. Abashi took his place surrounded by about ten other aged and withered leopards. They appeared weak and unintimidating, but now there resonated a power that everyone could feel.

"On the verdict of Kito…" Abashi took a pause in case anyone would object. Why they would was a mystery to Kito. "Banishment."

A mix of cheers and protest emanated from the crowed. Some who knew the boy were thrilled that he wasn't going to be killed, but hated the thought of him getting kicked out. Those who felt animosity protested that he wasn't killed, but thought it joyful that Kito would be out of their hairs. Kito didn't care what their position on the matter was. The knot that was tightly strangling his stomach loosened just a bit. Banishment would be better than death…right.


Abashi's cry startled Kito back to the world and quitted the crowed. The old leopard knew how to work the crowd. Abashi turned to Kito. "You are to leave immediatly, understood?"

Kito tried to respond 'yes' but he hadn't quite gotten his voice back so he just nodded.

"Very well, that would be all for tonight."

And with that everyone filled out and headed to bed where life would ressume. Kito did not have that luxury anymore. Absentmindedly he wandered out of the cliffs and into the forested are he had just came from. Kito wasn't sure what to do now. He may have lived hi entire life in the jungle, but the jungle was vast and it was immposible to know everything about it. Kito hung his head as he walked, this was a fine mess he had gotten himself into. 'No it wasn't your fault.' A tinny voice in his mind argeed as he trugged along and jumped a large root. 'If Sabor didn't loose to that....human.' The word sounded alien to him, like it belonged to some strange and ugly beast. He knew deep down that the voice was right. It was their faults, if it wasn't for them he wouldn't have to be wandering the jungle. Unknowingly he wandered onto the cliff that overlooked the city that Moyo had showed him what seemed a lifetime ago. It was unchanged to the slightlist detail, everything the same. Kito wished he could say the same about himself. He turned his back to the city and found himslef facing a strange sight. Leopards, two of them, crouched as if to pounce. Kito was taken by suprise by the sudden apearence by the two new adversaries. He hadn't seen, heard, or smelt, anything to warn him. Before he could but two and two together the first leopard lunged at him with shocking speed. Kito dodged just enough to recive a gash on his shoulder. The leopard landed expertly only inches from the cliff side. The second one lunged and missed completly reching out hopefully with both paws as it flew overhead. Kito didn't want to stick around, he ran as fast as he could away from the leopards. He headed for the thickest part of the jungle that he knew about, praying the leopards wouldn't be able to pass as easily through it than he could. It worked. The leopards where defenitly were slowing down. Having to claw at thick branches and vines. Kito was able to use this to his advantage. He gripped them one at a time, soone he was flying through the jungle like a gibbon. A smile crossed his lips as he looked back at the tangled leopards miles behind. He was getting away! He was going to survie! Then WHOMP! He tumbled head over heels over something. He tumbled with is for a few fit until they came to a slow hault. Picking himself up he saw that it was another human. This one different than him and the other human that killed Sabor. It was slightly taller than Kito with darker skin and white hair. More importantly this one was built differently. It was curvier than any human he had seen beofre. It was covered in a multitued of cuts and bruises, the origion of which where unknown. Kito didn't know why but he started to fell alittle uneasy near the human. Quickly he snapped out of it and remembered the two leopards in pursuit. He looked back and found that they were still struggling a while back. Slashing and hacking at everything in their way. Kito decided to make a quick escape, he grabbed a branch and was about to climb to saftey when something grabbed his foot. It tugged and tugged, not letting him go up more than a few inches. He looked down and there was the strange human. Eyes wide and pleading clutching his foot.

"" It whinned. It's voice was soft and pleading. Kito was attraced to it for some strange reason.

Not saying anything he helped the human get to it's feet and together they escaped the clutches of the pursuing leopards.

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