hi all. not my usual kind of story so hang in there with me.

DISCLAIMER: i do not own the characters of this story. it's simply for my amusement. and hopefully yours too.


Not a mother hen

I dislike saying this but it irritates me to no end when they jokingly call me "mother hen".

Yes I know they mean well, and that it is just a jest, but…but…oh I hate it so.

If I weren't the one to make sure they eat properly, or have clean clothes, or any of the other things I do day to day they would simply drown in their own filth or starve or some other such malady. Why even some of the injuries they receive would go untreated and something dire could happen.

Oh dear so many things to do. Today I have at least five loads of laundry; Goku requested a special dinner so I must go shopping for supplies. Sanzo asked for some more of those awful cigarettes of his so I suppose that means I should also pick up some for Gojyo since he smokes more than our leader.

While I'm out I must remember to get more thread to mend those tears in Goku's pants. Oh how that boy has grown in the few years I've known him. Also get some new medicinal powder for Sanzo's headaches, and oh yes Gojyo asked for one of those porno magazines he reads so habitually. Those are so beastly; no justice is done to those young ladies. How undignified, but yet I must admit there have been a few pretty girls that I've noticed. Oops I mean accidently seen.

Then there is the room we've been sharing the past few days. Oh the horror of it. I think the overwhelming smell maybe bothering Hakuryu a bit. I hope he'll be alright, poor little guy. I wonder if Sanzo lost the scriptures in that mess once more. And Gojyo is still using cans as ashtrays. Why don't they listen to me? Am I too kind? Who knows.

So many things to do.