Mindless fluff. That's really all it is. Another crapfic from Kira, but maybe there are people out there who are like me and would go 'Awww' at this. Who knows. Oh ,and lame title, I know. Like all of my fics, un-beta'd. Sorry 'bout that.

Title; Once Upon A Smile

Rating: G

Pairing: FakirxAhiru

Warnings: None

Summary: Ahiru learns the power of a simple smile from Fakir. Pointless fluff.

Disclaimer: Not mine.




The floorboards stared back at Ahiru, unrelenting in their hardness. It was her first day en pointe, and already she was trying to glare the polished wood floor into being just a bit softer for her. With no luck. Finally giving up, she returned her attention to not falling on her butt from the excruciating relevé. Neko-sensei stalked past, glowing with a menacing aura. Apparently, not finding anyone to threaten with marriage bothered him.

Ahiru chuckled at the thought, then immediately regretted it as Neko-sensei whirled around, a frightening glint in his eyes.


"Qua- Yes?!"

"When would like the ceremony to be?" he snapped out. The other girls fought back giggles as Ahiru turned bright red and then ashy gray at the mere idea. Pique and Lilie were too far away to come to her rescue, and so Ahiru had to bear the embarrassment alone.

She wilted under Neko-sensei's glare and devoted her attention to her feet again. But he still stood there. Staring. When she could finally take it no more, she dashed from the room, slamming the door behind her. As it shut, the class heard a rather odd muffled sound.

It sounded very much like a duck.




"Ahh..." Ahiru moaned as she leaned against the cold brick wall. She grimaced as she was forced to add en pointe to her list of Ahiru no-can-do's.

At that moment, the clack of shoes and Fakir's voice came from around the corner.

"What happened this time?"

With a jump and a resounding quack, Ahiru shifted back to being a duck. Chuckling a little, Fakir leaned over and picked her up gently.

"Geez... what am I going to do with you? Moron."

"Quack! Quack quack quack!"

Fakir shook his head and set her back down next to the water, then motored around the corner until he was sure she was decent.

"Now, what was that all about? Did Uzura sneak up on you again?"

Ahiru groaned as she replyed, "No! Neko-sensei threatened to marry me again! And I can't do en pointe and I had a bad dream, and, and -" she broke off in amazement.

Fakir was laughing.

Strong, stoic Fakir was laughing. Ahiru pouted in indignation, which set him off even further. When he finally stopped, he had a silly grin on his face.

"Really, what am I going to do with you?" And his smile turned kinder, more gentle.

That smile lit up Ahiru's soul. As he walked past her, he patted her head, murmuring, "So cute..."

Ahiru flushed bright red again, but smiled softly. He was her hope, and that smile was her light. His smile.


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