Met Isabella at the grocery store

The rain was fallin' down the eaves

I stole behind her in the frozen foods

And I touched her on the sleeve

She didn't recognize my face at first

Then her golden eyes flew open wide

She tried to hug me and she bruised my arm

And we laughed until we cried

We took the groceries to the check-out stand

The meat was totaled up and bagged

She used her AMEX in embarrassment

While the conversation dragged

We went to have ourselves a drink or two

But all that she could drink was blood

She grabbed a deer from the nearest woods

And I turned into a mutt

She licked the blood of friendship

She licked the blood of love

I wish that we'd get past the emptiness

The emptiness that's of?

She said she saw my pack out hunting once

And had to practice self-control

I told her it was fine, we'd beat her up

And she laughed while her eyes rolled

I said I thought werewolves were friends of hers

She said that she had grown away

I saw her giggling but I knew the truth

That a leech could never stray

I chewed the meat of happiness

I chewed the meat of love

I tried to push beyond the emptiness

The emptiness of?

She said she married a vampire

He made her cold and strong and blood-sucking

She'd like to tell me she loved him more than me

But she knew I was her king.

We ate the deer of friendship

We ate the deer of love

We tried to push beyond the emptiness

The emptiness of…

The deer was lifeless and our bellies full

And we had nothing more to say

Gave a cold kiss to me as I transformed

And I watched her run away

Just for a moment I was seventeen

And watchin' her on the moped

Then as I turned to make my way back home

The rain pounded harder on my head…