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Clouds of fog filled the small bathroom as Halle shut off the water in her shower. She retrieved her towel hanging over the top of the door and wrapped it around herself. She shook out her blonde hair and flipped it up in a towel of its own. She stepped out carefully so as not to slip on the tile floor. Golden eyes widened as she saw a dark shadow in the corner of the room and she gasped.

Her heart rate returned to normal however as she saw the sapphire blue eyes and the accompanying blonde tresses step out of the shadows.

"Jesus Mello, you scared me. I thought you were someone I had to be worried about," she said clutching a hand over her still hammering heart. An indignant look crossed the chocolate lover's face.

"Umm, hello? Gun?" he said waving the .09mm in her face.

"Come on, you know you don't have to hold me at gunpoint to see me naked," Halle laughed letting her towel fall to the floor. The gunman blanched at her unexpected action.

"I- I- you- umm, umm- towel- yes- no- umm…" he stuttered. The sight of the clearly flustered Mello made the former CIA agent laugh.

"Now put that away and let's get out the real guns," she purred suggestively as she pushed the gun down to point at the floor. A slight blush crept onto the blonde man's cheeks.

"God Halle! You're a woman! What're you doing talking like that?!"

"Some would agree that you are as well. But I know better." Mello's blush deepened to an adorable crimson. "Now take off those gorgeous pants of yours. I've only got thirty minutes before Near expects me back," she grinned tangling her fingers in the laces of the man's sexy leather pants.

Unnerved by Halle's none too subtle advances the blonde boy sputtered some more as he tried to come up with a decent comeback.

"Are you saying no?" the taller woman asked, arching a slim eyebrow.

"No, but-"

"Good, then just shut up," she sighed as she wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her lips onto his. Mello's thoughts went from slightly scrambled to completely unintelligible. Halle tipped her head back and the gunman parted her lips as he let his hands wander down her wet body. Slick hands propelled him toward the bedroom and Mello finally got a coherent thought out.

"Yes," he gasped. She grinned in agreement.



Long fingers stroked the wet blonde hair splayed out across his bare chest and slender arms wrapped around his waist. Shining amber eyes looked up and met his cool cerulean.

"So what were you here for again?" she said curiously. Mello thought about it for a second.

"Oh, right, kidnapping and blackmail," he chuckled

"Can it wait fifteen more minutes?" Halle asked suggestively. Mello smirked.


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