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"My Beautiful Yamani Blossom..."

Nealan of Queenscove was, again, trying his hand at poetry. To the poor ears of Lady Knight Keladry of Mindelan and Tobeis Boon it was pure torture. She had faced killing devices, the Chamber of Ordeal, page training, four years with the King's Own and had led a dangerous rescue in the middle of enemy territory and she thought that it was all less painful than the brooding of her best friend. Since they had left early that morning Neal was pining for his "Yamani Blossom" otherwise known has Lady Yukimi noh Daiomoru, his betrothed.

Rolling her eyes at him she said, "Stop it already, my ears can't bear it!"

"You just do not appreciate feeling in love and the need to express yourself," he replied with as much dignity has he could muster. The effect was totally ruined by the fact that Fort Steadfast came into view and he started galloping towards it. Rolling her eyes again she followed at a more seemly pace. Arriving there the gates were already open and Neal was already running away towards his chamber while a baffled stable hand held the reins to his mount.

Smiling at his antics she dismounted while Tobe took Hoshi's rein in his hands and led Peachblossom and Hoshi away to the stable.

"Lady Knight?" said a voice from behind.

Turning around she found herself looking at a young man. "Yes?"

"Welcome to Fort Steadfast, I am to show you to your room."

"Lead on." He led her through a few halls finally showing her to a nondescript door. Thanking the fellow she walked in and started unpacking. When the bell sounded she found her way to the mess hall for supper. There she was greeted by the men of the King's Own. Smiling, she made her way over and squeezed in between Corporal Wolset and Sergeant Domitan. Dom promptly gave her a hug. "How is everything my dear?" He asked with a gleam in his beautiful blue eyes.

Her stomach did a flip as she smiled at him. "Why everything is just fantastic. However, I will never be able to listen or read poetry for the rest of my life."

He grinned at her. "Meathead really needs to hone is poetry skills doesn't he?" Meathead being the nickname Neal had gained from Dom when they were children.

"That's Sir Meathead to you, as I have told you before," replied the afore mentioned Neal, while giving his cousin a hug.

"Hello Yuki," said Kel.

"Hi Kel! It's good to see you," she called back with a smile. While everyone was chatting at the table Kel just leaned back and enjoyed the company of her friends. A while later she rose from the table announcing she was going to bed. She trotted to her bed, where she lay awake trying to not think, and failing entirely, about his blue eyes, or the way his shoulder had fit his blue tunic perfectly or his smile. She knew that she shouldn't be thinking about him that way, there was no way that he would feel the same way about her. True he had followed her into her treacherous rescue mission, but he had been ordered to. Knowing that she was doomed to a loveless life, for who would want the second Lady Knight? She knew what kind of women men tended to prefer. They were small, had a small waist, a full figure, white smooth skin, waist length hair that were styled properly and they wore dresses that emphasize their woman stature.

Kel was the complete opposite of that description. She had rather large shoulder, she stood very tall, close to 6 feet, her hair was cropped short to her earlobes, and she had scarred skin from knight training. Even if she had feelings for Dom, why would he feel that way about her? She had overheard many time that he was considered the court's most eligible bachelor. Even if he wasn't allowed to marry and stay in the King's Own. She had been to a few balls when he was present. She had seen several ladies eyeing him. Her own sisters had gossiped about him and had daydreamed of him. He could have every woman he wanted, and he was known to often spend the night with one of those beauties. So why would he want Kel?

Thinking about this she fell asleep.

Unknowing to Kel, a few rooms down Sergeant Domitan of Masbolle was also lying awake in his bed. Thinking about a certain Lady Knight. She had looked gorgeous that night. A few years ago, if someone would have asked him what his preference was in a woman he would have replied, "Small, with a womanly figure, long hair and soft skin." If someone asked him now he would answer, "Tall and strong." He knew perfectly well why his preference had changed.

It was because he was in love. For the first time in his life, the Own's biggest flirt and most eligible bachelor was head over heels in love with a woman. He did not want his usual one night fling with those beautiful court ladies who could not dependant on themselves.

He had admitted to himself a while back that he was truly in love with Keladry. She was an amazing woman, she was nice to talk to, she could laugh and talk with the men while still remaining womanly. Dom thought he could drown in her dreamy hazel eyes. She could fight and command men. But afraid to lose the friendship that meant the world to him, he refused to tell her how he felt. He loved her and he would just spend as much time with her as possible and memorize all the happy moments.

She rose before dawn the next morning and did a practice dance with her glaive. After bathing and dressing she went out to the mess hall has the people started to wake up. As she left the mess, Buriram the Commander of the Queen's Riders and Lord Raoul's betrothed intercepted her. "I know this is last minute, but would you be my maid of honour? Alanna and Daine are my other bridesmaids and well, you were Raoul's squire and it would mean a lot to me and Raoul if you could be the maid of honour."

"I would be honoured to be the maid of honour Buri!" She replied happily.

"Then come on, we need to get your dress fixed." In Buri room stood, her majesty, Alanna, Daine and... Lalasa.

Kel rushed to hug the older girl. "Oh Lalasaa, how are you? How is your shop doing?"

"Come my lady, stand on the stool and I'll tell you everything while I fix your dress." As Kel was being pinned with needles she learned that Lalasa had been asked to do the dresses for the wedding and, knowing that her old mistress was to be there she had gracefully accepted. Her shop was now one of the greatest establishment in Corus. She set the fashions. When the fitting was done and Lalasa had left for last minutes touch up on the brides dress, Kel left for the practice court. Dom and his squad was there practicing.

"Would you like to spar with me, beautiful Lady knight?" Asked Dom with a grin. Dom always flirted with her and her stomach always did a flip.

"Only if you are ready to be beaten," she replied.

"I call the sword my dear," he said, knowing fully well that he could only match her skill, if barely, with the sword.

She grinned and raised her sword in the guard position. He lifted his with a lift of his eyebrow.

She started to attack him. He blocked her swing and tried to hit her side. But she neatly twisted and came at him from the side. They exchanged blows for sometime and a crowd had gathered. Bet's were yelled, most in her favour.

She saw a slip in his defense and brought her sword up, twisted, and his sword went flying. Grinning at her he said, "Well done my beautiful!" She grinned back. The crowd erupted in cheers has they hugged.

"My beautiful? Since when do you call my best friend beautiful?" asked Neal.

"What Meathead are you calling Kel ugly?" replied Dom. Neal turned red and said, "That is not what I meant and please stop calling me Meathead!"

Dom slung his arm around Kel's waist. She feels so right there, she fits perfectly in my arms. "Come, my dear, let's get away from Meathead." As they walked swiftly away from a laughing crowd he asked "Would you like to go riding later today?"

She smiled up at him "Sure, meet me in the stables after lunch."

Why is he so nice? And handsome? She thought.