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I suggest reading Lady Knight Commander before reading this story, for there is some reference to that story!

Apparently my family is very unconventional. Personally I find nothing wrong with it. I say we are all perfectly normal. But apparently, we are not.

I mean we're all totally sane. Well, maybe not my uncle but, that my uncle for you.

Well to be fair to the people who say we are insane... my family is not necessarily traditional, to say the least.

Usually in noble family the lady sits at home and waits for her husband. Not so with my mother.

My brother also managed to raise a lot of complaint. Because he was adopted.

Most people think my mother is insane. But I guess it does take a little bit of insanity to be the first known female to try for knighthood. They say my father is insane for loving my mother.

My brother is a scaran by-blow. He was an indenture servant before my mother adopted him. I have three grandpa and three grandma. There is Lady Ilane of Mindelan, my mother's mom and Lord Piers of Mindelan. They are very easy going and not so conventional. Then there is Lady Dominique of Masbolle, my dad's mom and her husband Lord Daniel of Masbolle. They are the conventional ones. Then there is Lady Buri of Goldenlake and Malorie Peak and her husband Lord Raoul. They are just two of the people who gave my mom a chance and gave my dad some very good opportunity to shine. And they all spoil me!

Then there is Tobe. He is my brother and I love him. He was one of my mom's strays. And he adores her for taking him in. He is now the heir to New Hope. He has super talent with horses. He is the one who thought me how to ride. But he is somewhat protective.

I'm not going to lie. I'm pretty. Ok, that is an understatement. I'm beautiful! I have beautiful golden curls, blue dreamy eyes, I'm farily tall, but not with my mother's muscular stature. Boys like me. A lot. And Tobe thinks he's the one who should protect me from boys. I know how to take care of myself!

Then there is my actual uncles. There is to many of them on my mom side to talk about them all, but they are all awesome. Then there is Uncle Neal and daddy's side. Yeah, his nickname is Meathead, if that tells you about his mental state. He is insane. But his daughter Kely is great. She is currently my mom's squire. The fit uncle meathead threw when she said she wanted to be a knight. Then there is Baird. He is 3 months younger than me. We call him fruithead! Kely and I always bully him!

Then there is my other family. And that would be the King's Own. That would be why people think I am insane. But they are family. They say it's a waste that such a pretty girl as me would rather ride and laugh with soldier than go to court. But they are my family and I love them.