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The S-android

Chapter 1: The Fugitive

He cursed once more when he realized they were still after him. Damn it. He traveled through almost half of the galaxy, but couldn't manage to get the troops off his tail. Stubborn bastards! He maneuvered his ship through a group of meteors hoping that they weren't fool enough to follow after him. He smirked when he noticed that more than half of his followers disappeared from his sight, probably crashed with the meteors. Keh! Novices! As if they could beat me… He was not one to be taken lightly when it came to flying ships. Oh, no… He was maybe more experienced than anyone in this galaxy. After all, he spent half of his time being chased by some force of authority. Being a universal outlaw, one got used to such things.

This time, however, his pursuers were more insistent than ever. He wasn't blaming them, mind you… He knew how much trouble this job could cause him, but he did it anyway. What he stole was really valuable, and even he had heard of its importance. He only hoped he would live to get the loaded payment he had been promised.

That Naraku bastard… He did not trust him in the least. But as long as he had the jewel, he could always bribe the bastard into paying him, right? That is, if he can survive this chase in the end. Shit! Even after the meteors, there were at least a dozen ships on his tail. Now what? He had to do something to get rid of them. Maybe he should not have accepted this job in the first place. That bastard already got what he wanted. The jewel was out of his way… But he couldn't have resisted such a big prize, now could he? One could buy a little planet with so much money. No, he had no regrets. Well, maybe one… If only he did not get blinded by that bitch's charms, things would have been easier. Luckily, he had seen her for what she was before it was too late. Keh! The bitch got what she deserved in the end.

The panel on his left was signaling that the fuel was low. Damn this old junk of a ship! In his hurry to run away, he stole the first thing he came upon to get out of that hell. He didn't have much of a choice… In fact, he was lucky that he found at least something to make his escape with. It was a miracle that the old junk made it this far. Well, well, well… What do we have here…? Aren't I the luckiest bastard ever… It seemed that he still had a chance to save his ass. The planet which his old friend and partner in crime, Miroku, currently resided in was right on his route. If I can only make it there, I can get lost in the crowd.

He put the ship on full force to make it to his new destination with all the power the ship had left. It felt as if an eternity passed until he was in the atmosphere. The old ship started to shake wildly while it fell through the city he meant to land in the first place. Even though he used every tool to stop his fall, nothing worked. After all that he'd been through, now he was out of luck? Fuck! At least he was able to slow down his fall to some extent. He was going to crash, that was unstoppable, but maybe he could survive this after all…

A loud crashing sound was heard in the outer skirts of the big city. The few who witnessed the fall of the space ship onto the small park in their neighborhood got closer to its remains, regardless of the danger of it exploding. It looked completely ruined, but there could still be some part of it to sell. A young boy who was walking on the smoking remains in search of something salvageable jumped in fear at the sound of cranking metals. He looked where the sound came from and saw the part which had been the door of the ship before it crashed moving. The next instant, the door flew to his right with incredible speed, and in its place stood a disheveled looking man. When the man walked closer on his shaking legs, the boy's mouth fell open at his appearance. He might not have been out of the planet in his life, but this was a big city with lots of trading places and a large port with millions of visitors from almost everywhere in the galaxy. He could confidently say that he had seen almost every kind of creature that lived in this galaxy. But this man… He had seen nothing like him. Despite his tattered clothes, the man looked… regal. With his striking silver hair and bright golden eyes he was a fine specimen. He looked almost human… except those strange ears that looked like a dog's. When the stranger came closer, the boy saw that he also had a strong looking body, which could be dangerous as well. Without giving the man a chance to do anything, he turned his back and started running away.

The man smirked at the boy's fear. Stupid human… Never seen a hanyou before? Shaking his head, he looked at his surroundings. He was lucky not to have collided into a building, for he was not sure if he could survive such an ordeal. Thanks to his demonic heritage, he was able to get out of the remains of the ship in one peace. However, if he wanted to live, he had to get out of there as soon as possible. He did not have permit to land on this planet, and the security was most likely about to pay him a visit. Not to mention that his pursuers must have already warned them about him. Not wanting to waste anymore time, he sprinted in the direction he thought his old friend's place was, leaving his audience in shock at his sudden disappearance. Keh! Humans… They have always been so slow.

"This line is not traceable, is it?"

"Do you think I'm stupid? Of course it's not! My father is not a senator for nothing. I can get a secure line whenever I want."

"Don't get angry with me now. I just want to be sure, you know. I've had a few close calls these days."

"Hmm… I can only guess. So you have some good stuff, you say?"

"I do. Most of them just came in. I'm sure you'll find something to your tastes."

"You're sure? I don't want to risk coming over for nothing."

"Absolutely sure."

"Okay then. I'll be there in an hour."

"I'll be waiting, my lady."

Ending the conversation, the young man with shoulder length dark hair tied at the nape of his neck, and impossibly dark blue eyes made his way to the cooler to get something for lunch before his customer came over. It was a risky job what he was doing. But, has he ever done anything that wasn't risky in his life? At least selling illegal products was better than running around stealing stuff. He had his own place, and quite a few customers, most of them from high ranks in the society. None of them would risk giving themselves away just to get him caught. Besides, he was the only one in this damned planet that provided them with the latest technology available. Hey, it was not easy to import illegal androids without anyone noticing. If you asked him, he would say that they should not be illegal at all. After all, they did nothing but sex, which did not harm anyone to this day. The senate did not agree with that though. These androids, generally called "the S-androids" –the S indicating their purpose, - were built too much like real humans for the sole purpose of increasing the reality of their services. But that was not the reason they were against their trade. A few years ago, the old folks argued that the birth rate was declining significantly in the planet due to the fact that people preferred the S-androids to human partners because of their good looks and limitless abilities to pleasure their owners. Not to mention that S-androids did not break your heart… Idiots. He was not sorry that they passed the law forbidding the trade and ownership of S-androids, though. Oh, no… It worked well for him, for he had some spare money enough to start a business at the time, and this was the perfect opportunity to make a fortune.

He took a look at his new babies from the door of the storage in the back of his little apartment-shop. He just received a new shipment two days ago, and he already had a few customers waiting in line to see the new S-androids. He smiled at the thought of the customer he would see in an hour. She was the daughter of one of the most powerful men in the city… a senator. He was surprised when she came to his place the first time three years ago. She was a real lady, a beautiful one at that. One would never guess that she would be a fan of his S-androids. But she was… and he was grateful for that. It was a pleasure to see her once in a while. One day, he might even ask to see her outside of this scrappy place. That would be the day…

He sighed and made his way toward the receiving room, which he also used as his living room. He stopped when he heard someone at his door. After checking the security monitor, he opened the door to receive his long time friend and old partner. His clothes were all ruined and he looked as if he had run through half of the planet to reach there. Hmm… Maybe he did though…

"Inuyasha? What the hell are you doing here?"

After regaining his breath, the silver-haired man took the lunch plate from his friend's hands and made himself comfortable on the sofa. "I need to hide lecher."

Sighing, the unwilling host took a seat beside his rude guest. "Again? What did you do this time? And what happened to your clothes, for god's sake?"

Munching on the food he just popped into his mouth, he answered not worrying about his friend's disgusted face. "I was being chased… crashed somewhere in the city… and ran here..." After swallowing, he continued. "It's the job I told you about the last time."

"You did it? Really? You stole it?"

He smirked at his friend's disbelieving expression, and held something hidden under his shirt. "Yeah, it's here."

"You bastard! I can't believe you managed to pull it off!"

"Hey, it's me… What did you think you moron? That I couldn't do it?" He rolled his eyes at his ex-partner. If anyone knew what he was capable of, it was Miroku, and it irritated him that the one man that should have had some faith in him would think that he would fail or get scared.

Seeing his friend's agitation, Miroku hurried to explain himself. "No, man… It's just… If anyone could do it, it would be you… but I didn't think you were going to do it."

"Why not? The payment was too high to ignore, you know…" When Miroku did not ask anything else, he decided to come to the point so that he could be out of that place and hopefully in a safer one. "Hey, lecher… I need something to change into, and I need you to find me someplace to hide until they are off my back. I'm sure they'll be searching around for me soon."

"Dude, if I get caught because of you, you'll have one more reason to run away for the rest of your life."

"Keh! Cut the shit lecher. I know you're prepared for anything. How else you're going to keep doing this shit if you didn't have a way to hide those stupid toys of yours?"

"Well, it's true that I have my ways to hide my toys, but I can't hide you here, my friend."

"I know that, asshole. Just give me something and tell me where to go."

Sighing, Miroku got up and made his way into the storage room. When he came out, he was holding a black cloth in his hands. He indicated his friend to get in the storage room with his head, and put the cloth in his hands when the fugitive passed by him. "Wear this. It's all I got available now."

"What's this?"

"What does it look like? It's the universal uniform for the androids, you baka."

The silver-haired man did not look happy with that revelation, but got inside the room to change anyway. "Fuck this!"

Once his friend was inside, Miroku went back to his living room and took himself a drink from the cooler to clear his head. He had to get the hanyou to a safe place, and he had to be quick about it. Before he could swallow his first sip, a shrill sound was heard, indicating that he had visitors. Upon checking the security monitor, he saw that his precious customer he had been waiting to see for a long time finally arrived. He forgot about her when his notorious friend arrived. He cursed his luck. Now what? He didn't want to throw away the chance to see her. God knew when she would chose to come over again. So, after shouting the hanyou to hide somewhere, he pushed the button on the main control panel to open the front door… and there she stood in all her glory.

"Lady Sango."


The beautiful woman extended her hand which he took eagerly. After kissing her hand, he looked at her face with a charming smile plastered on his own. "Always a pleasure."

"Likewise." The beautiful vixen got inside his humble place after throwing him a seductive smile.

It was only then he noticed the more simply dressed, but equally beautiful young girl accompanying his favorite customer. "Kagome! It's nice to see you again."

The girl smiled back at him supporting a deep blush. He knew she was uncomfortable for being in his place, most likely because of the purpose of their visit. She was so shy… too shy perhaps. But, then again… she was quite young to be involved in such matters. He followed after the girl to meet her mistress in the storage room. The older woman was already checking out the S-androids.

"See anything you like?"

"Well… not yet. Are these all new?"

"Most of them. The ones to your right are the new models."

"Really? What's different about them? All of them look real enough to me."

"The difference, my lady, is that the new models have organic tissues. They do not just look real, but they also feel real."

"Organic tissues? How do you keep them alive?"

"Simple. You need to give them food."

"Food? Like a real human?"

"Yes. They have an artificial digestive system that provides the tissues with the sustenance they need to stay alive."

She made her way towards him, her eyes fixed on his. He gasped when he felt her grope his ass, and heard her whispering voice in his ear. "Do they feel this real?"

"Y-yes. I would suppose so." Gods, this woman was going to kill him. AS if nothing happened, she smirked at him and continued to examine the new S-androids.

While her mistress was flirting with Miroku as usual, the young girl was walking among the S-androids. She never had one of those for herself for she had been too young for such stuff. Although she was turning eighteen next week, she was still an alien to such matters. Besides, couldn't afford one even if she wanted to. Being an orphan maid with no money, one couldn't even dream of having such luxuries. So she continued to pass the time she had to be in that place by disinterestedly looking at the S-androids. That is, until her eyes fell on a different one…

Inuyasha cursed when he heard Miroku shout for him to hide. It had to be the security. He thought he was a goner this time until he heard a woman's voice from the next room. Guessing that she was either one of Miroku's girls or a customer, he did the only thing he could to hide himself. He stood behind Miroku's stupid toys hoping nobody would come in his direction.

It was hard to keep himself from laughing aloud when the lecher tested his own medicine by being groped by the seductive woman. However, his amusement died quickly when he noticed the other girl was getting too close for his comfort and safety. He opted to stay motionless like the S-androids, praying that she would just have a look and pass by like she had been doing for the last ten minutes. He wasn't that lucky this time though. To his irritation, the girl got closer and stopped in front of him. He couldn't look back at her for his eyes were glued to a spot over her head, just like the S-androids, but he could feel her insistent gaze on him. Shit! Just move on stupid girl! She didn't. She stayed where she was until the vixen came to stand next to her.

"What's this? This one looks much different than the others."

Seeing his friend become the focus of attention, Miroku tried to direct them to another part of the room. "Oh, I think you're more likely to find something that suits your tastes on the other side. This one's one of the new arrivals. It's made for those with different tastes… hence the ears, the hair, and all…"

"Hmm…" The older woman did not seem impressed and made to move on, but the girl did not move a muscle.

"You liked that, Kagome?"

At the mischievous smile on her mistress' face, the girl blushed profusely. "Umm…"

"Hey, girl. It's not a bad thing. If you liked it, just say so."

"I-I think it's b-beautiful."

"Is that so? I'll get it for you then."

"But Lady Sango!"

"What? I can't get a present for my dear little friend?"

"It's not that… I mean it is, but not just… I … I…" Getting sick of her own disability to talk, the girl decided to say it once and for all. "I'm not sure it would be right for me to have a S-android to use for… for… well, you know what it is for!"

The older woman laughed at the naivety of her little friend. "Oh, Kagome! Stop that! Be a little adventurous baby! There is nothing wrong with using a machine for whatever you want to use it as long as you don't hurt anybody. Besides, do you think you will be able to deal with a real man? Come on… Real men break your heart. They are not worth the pain, believe me." The girl looked thoughtful after hearing Sango's words, while Miroku looked crestfallen. He was up for a real challenge if she really thought like that.

When the silence prolonged, Lady Sango decided to try a new tactic. "Look, think of it as your birthday present."

"But it must be quite expensive…"

"Well, don't expect any presents from me for the next few years then."

The girl looked hopeful now, but it was obvious she still couldn't believe her mistress' intentions. "You're serious?"

Seeing that she had won the argument, Lady Sango gave her little friend a big smile. "Of course I am! Miroku!"


"We're getting this one."

"Y-you are?"

"Yes. Is there a problem, Miroku?"

Miroku seemed to think for a second, and then he looked at his friend's horrified eyes. "No… no problem at all. I'm sure you'll be pleased with your choice and take good care of this unique S-android."

"Good. Ready it. We'll be waiting by the door."

Once the women were out the door, the enraged hanyou-turned-pseudo-S-android caught his friend by the collar of his shirt. "What the hell do you think you're doing, asshole!"

Despite being cut out of oxygen, Miroku managed to give an answer. "I2m saving your ass, you idiot. That woman is a senator's daughter. Her house will be one of the safest places for you to hide." When the hanyou let him go after hearing his reason for selling him like a stupid toy, Miroku continued. "You just need to play the S-android for a while, that's all."

"Shit! How am I supposed to pull that off?!"

"I'm sure you'll manage. Come on, you played more difficult roles than this one…" He lightly smacked his hanyou friend on the shoulder, and gave him a big grin. "Besides, think of the other benefits, my friend. You're going to be the S-A-N-D-R-O-I-D of a lovely maiden…"

The hanyou snorted at his friend's grinning face. Always the lecher… He didn't like this idea. It was too risky. However, he would admit that it was the best option he had for now… not to mention that he did not have any other options in that moment. "Fuck this… Alright, I'll do it. As if I have another choice…"

"Okay. Just remember to keep your emotions from showing on your face and be obedient all the time." When the hanyou rolled his eyes, Miroku felt the need to repeat himself. "I said obedient, Inuyasha… all the time."

"Okay, okay! I get it already!"

"Well then, let's not make your lovely mistress wait anymore." With a smirk, he made his way to the living room, his hanyou friend in tow. He stopped in front of Kagome and motioned the pseudo-S-android to stop too. "My dear Kagome, this is Yash. I hope you'll be pleased with his services." Satisfied for making the poor girl squirm under his amused gaze, he turned to his friend who had been adamantly refusing to look at the young girl. "Yash. Meet your new mistress, Kagome."

Having no choice but to obey, he grudgingly lowered his eyes to look at the girl's blushing face… and froze. What the…? The girl was beautiful… very beautiful. But what was striking was the resemblance she had with the bitch he robbed a few days ago… the reason of him being here in the first place.

Luckily, he managed to compose himself before he did or say something stupid, and took the girl's hand. He bent down never loosing eye contact with the girl and kissed her knuckles. "My lady." When he was standing again, he saw the blush on her cheeks now covered her whole face. Gods… How shy can this girl get? Stupid, stupid…

Before the girl could say anything, they heard a loud bang at the door. When they realized it was the security Lady Sango began to panic. It was obvious she did not want to be caught in this place. He could only guess how much trouble she would get her father in if it was found out that she was a fan of illegal S-androids.

Always the one ready for such emergencies, Miroku led them to a secret door at the back of his storage room, and went back to hide his precious S-androids in whatever way he usually did, before he led the security in. In seconds, they were out of the building and in Sango's ship, which she called to meet her in the alley at the back of the building. They hurriedly took off, hoping that they would not be noticed in the everyday commotion of the city.

End of Chapter 1