My Love Shall Ever Live Young

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This was a bad idea. She knew as soon as she picked up the phone instead of getting on the plane that it was a bad idea. Who calls their parents—parents they are very, very, very close to—to say "Hi Dad! Mom! I'm moving to a different continent! Kthanksbye!" and makes such a phone call instead of getting on a planned-and-paid-for plane ride home? Charlie was going to burst a vein. Renee—well, there was no telling with Renee. She could join Charlie in his vein-popping or she could offer to move with Bella to simply have an adventure. And she gave Emmett two weeks to wrangle his way to her little nook of the Emerald Isle., don't think about Alice. She'd be the worst of the bunch. She'd give Bella such a guilt trip she'd never see the end of it. Alice credited her ability to guilt people to her mother's best friend—a fantastically entertaining Jewish lady who took to teaching the damn little imp all her tricks, calling it "JMIT, Jewish Mother in Training." Bella squeezed her eyes shut. This was going to be miserable.

She looked over at Edward with fear in her eyes when Charlie picked up the phone. She took a deep breath and plunged in. "Hi Dad! Is Mom there?"

He watched her scrunch up her face when her father answered her call. He couldn't get over how breathtakingly beautiful she was, how incredible it was to be with her, here, now, finally.


Finally he could wrap her up in his body and warm her when she got cold. Finally he could trace his finger along her jawline and kiss her nose. Finally he could feel the hair on her arms raise in response to his touch. Finally he could catch her as she fell.

He'd thought, at the beginning, that two or three decades to the life of an immortal would be nothing; that before he knew it, they'd be reunited. He'd thought that keeping time in her mind and comforting her as much as he could in that fashion would be enough. It wasn't. Nothing less than what they had now was enough, and the three decades of limited contact had been pure and utter torture for him. He needed her touch to comfort him. He needed to see himself reflected in her eyes to be complete. He'd been a whisper of himself while he'd been relegated to connecting with her only in her mind. Even now, when she was mere feet from him, he felt the lack.

His musings brought him to walk across the small kitchen to her while she was on the phone and drop little kisses on top of her precious head. Her eyes flickered up to him briefly and she graced him with a smile before going back to her conversation.

"Dad. I'm keeping my place in Seattle. The condo there is small, and I can more than afford both a home here and there near you guys. I'm working with an estate agent here who is helping me with the property-buying process. I've already found a great little house here. There are spare bedrooms for when any or all of you come visit. I have a lawyer to help me with questions about insurance and stuff and all those different things here." His loved paused, and he stepped back to admire her.

The play of muscles across her throat and jaw while she talked was mesmerizing. The way she shifted her weight from leg to leg, causing her hips to sway enticingly, was bewitching. She was poetry in motion. His lips curled up in response to her rolling eyes. He couldn't hear what was being said on the other end of the call, but he could make some educated guesses based on his love's responses.

"Dad," She started after her pause, "I'm not abandoning you. Or Mom. Or Emmett. I'm just moving someplace new. I am thirty. And kids do sometimes move away from home. You're just lucky that Em and I have been fairly homebody-ish until now."

He sympathized with her father. He knew too well how hard being separated from her was; it made sense to him that her father would react unhappily to the news that he would see her much less frequently now. He ground his teeth in frustration. If he could relocate permanently to her rainy hometown, he would. It would make life easier on his precious swan. But the corporeal form he assumed here could only be managed for a limited time once he left the sidh mounds that his people called home. He could go with her to visit her family and friends in the States, but never for an extended stay. Even if he'd been born and played human with her, moving away from Eire would have been disastrous to his health. He'd tried that in one of their incarnations, during the famine that drove so many of the Irish away from the Isle and to the States. That body had gone from stout, strong, and dependable to frail and riddled with disease in a matter of months. Lesson learned.

He left his thoughts and came back into the present when he heard Bella make a strangled kind of choking noise. "Mom's what?" She looked like she wanted to laugh, but couldn't decide if it was the correct thing to do. Her eyebrows furrowed as she listened to the noises coming through the receiver.

The urge to laugh won. She barked out a short, disbelieving laugh and clamped her hand over her mouth. "She's dancing? Huh? Put Mom on." She paused again until she heard her mother pick up the phone. "Dancing, Mom? Really?" She rolled her eyes and glanced over at him. "Mom! A jig? It's not-" Her face turned bright red. "Why would you say that, Mom? Well," now she was biting her lip. What was that woman saying to his love? "yes, actually. I did meet someone. We've been on a date or two."

Even from where he was standing he could hear the high-pitched squeal come through from the other end of the phone.

Bella grinned, reminding him of a cat who'd found the cream. "He's very handsome. The best looking man in Ireland." He preened. She was blushing yet again. "Renee! Come on! I'm not a teen anymore! I know all about condoms and birth control. Seriously. Have you read the books I've written? Do my heroines accidentally get pregnant even though they have lots of sex?"

Whatever her mother said to her after that didn't affect her so, and he was back to simply watching her. The faint halo of light formed by the low sun shining through the windows and reflecting off of her hair softened her features and gave her an ethereal look.

Mine, he thought triumphantly. All mine.

She hung up the phone, drained. The conversation with her parents had been at once every bit as tough as she'd imagined and much easier. Charlie had, predictably, not reacted well. Renee, however, had been excited. Her baby girl was being adventurous! Moving to another country! Dating!

As if "dating" were an accurate description. But what was she going to tell her parents? That the imaginary friend she'd never given up as a kid was suddenly real? Ha! So she just told her mom that she'd gone on a date with a handsome man she'd met while living here. It was more or less the truth. There was no way to explain how close they were, so she just down played it and decided to gradually introduce the idea of Edward to her family. As though they were progressing together at a somewhat normal pace.

So her mom was thrilled. Her dad was stressed. She could practically hear him squeezing his eyes shut and resting his forehead against the kitchen wall as she dropped the bomb that she was moving here to stay, that she'd fallen in love with the area and couldn't bare to permanently leave. That her love of all time was here and, therefore, she would be here, too. That last bit remained unsaid, however.

Her next phone call would be to Alice, then Emmett. Her screeches before his growling.

Shit. Emmett. She was fairly certain he'd be here before the month was out to give her a piece of his mind and figure out why his baby sister had flipped her lid and decided to relocate across the world.

She'd have to introduce Edward.

She'd never brought a man home to the family. How, within the span of the month, was she going to convince her obnoxiously overprotective, but creepily perceptive , brother that it was a-ok for Edward to be sharing a house with her?

Shit. Right. At least the chances of Emmett remembering that she'd had a redheaded childhood friend named Edward were slim.

Delightfully strong arms wrapped around her from behind. He kissed the top of her head. "How are your parents taking the news that their little girl is leaving them for a love god?"

She rolled her eyes as she brought her hands up to gently squeeze his forearms. "Ok, Cupid."

He growled.

She giggled.

She'd learned soon after they'd reunited that making jokes about his position in Celtic mythology, especially comparing him in any way to the Roman god of love, was a sure way to push his buttons. This meant of course that she brought up Cupid almost every time he referenced the fact that he was, indeed, the god of love and youth. She secretly thought he got a kick out of her tweaking—he certainly called himself a love god often enough.

Of course, he's been earning that title since they reunited, but that was besides the point.

She felt his breath on her ear and neck as he gently kissed her, and she sighed and leaned back, resting her weight against his chest. Then again, maybe it was just the point. They were making up for lost time. He was an expert at turning her knees to mush and making those damn birds of his fly around her head in post-coital bliss.

As if to make her thoughts reality, he dipped his head so he could nuzzle and nip at the part of her neck just behind and below her ear. The hair on her arms rose as a shiver ran through her body at the contact. Having Edward's lips on her was divine. She reveled in the feel of his chest and body pressed against her, firm evidence of his arousal hard against her lower back. A low moan escaped her throat as she pushed her hips back into him, gyrating slowly. She felt his hands drop down to her hips, where he squeezed her tightly, his fingers digging into her skin.

His lips brushed against her ear. "Bella."

The lazy ball of warm pressure was building in her abdomen, and they hadn't done anything yet! Once again, she was amazed that she'd managed to live for so long without him wholly in her life. She reached her right arm up behind her and hooked her hand firmly on the back of his neck, tugging him down to her shoulder, which he nibbled and bit, just as she wanted. With her other arm, she reached behind her to run her hand the length of his erection. Awkward positioning, but not uncomfortable.

Having her arms twisted behind her like this left her front totally exposed, and he took advantage, moving his hands up from her hips, under her shirt, feeling every patch of skin along her sides until he reached her breasts. He massaged them through the thin material and delighted in the feeling her hard nipples against his palms. She moaned and pushed her chest into his hands, which in turn pushed her ass back even further against him. There was nothing quite like feeling that luscious bottom flush against him. It was so easy for her to make him fall apart.

He walked them forward until she was pressed against the island counter, sandwiched between him and the cold ceramic tile. He untangled himself from her arms and pulled her shirt above her head. She put her hands on the counter top to help with balance. Still behind her, he kept her hips pressed against the island and he knelt down behind her and began kissing and licking her lower back, slowing working his way up, worshiping her body as he went. He stopped at her bra and unhooked the flimsy garment, tugging the straps down her arms until it hung from her elbows. She moved her arms so that it slid off of her and onto the counter. He continued his way up her back, taking the time to suck and nibble on the finely sculpted muscles of her upper back and shoulders—he should really take the time to thank Emmett for convincing her to start a regular exercise regime in college—and ended the nape of her neck, where he alternately licked, then blew gently across the wet spot.

As he'd worked his way up her back, his hands had been caressing her sides and stomach, massaging the muscles and leaving a trail of goose bumps as they moved over her skin. When he stopped at her neck, his hands stopped on her breasts, kneading them, tweaking the nipples, teasing her with feather-light touches.

By now her breathing was ragged. They'd ended up in a similar position to how they'd started, with Edward pinning her against the counter, his rock-hard erection pressed into her back. She took one of his warm hands, still kneading her breast, and brought it up to her mouth. She took his index finger in, licking it first, then caressing it with her lips as she sucked on it gently. A low rumbled vibrated out from his chest. She smiled as she released that finger and then gave his middle finger similar treatment. She sucked and licked each finger in turn, and by the time she reached his pinky, they were rhythmically grinding into one another. When she released the smallest finger, he pulled her slightly back from the counter and quickly pulled her jeans down.

He thought he was going to die of happiness. She was completely bare under her jeans, no panties. He couldn't suppress the groan of desire that welled up. "My heart, you've been walking around all day with nothing under your jeans?"

She craned her neck to look behind her and catch his eye. "It's called going to commando, Edward. And yes. All day, around you, when we were at the market, meeting with the solicitor, I've been like this. Do you like?" With that question she shook her ass at him.

His jaw dropped and his eyes tracked the movement of her flesh. She had, by far, the best ass in existence. Edward dropped to his knees behind her, grabbed one cheek with both hands, and bit. Not hard enough to break the skin or really hurt her, but hard enough to leave a faint impression of his teeth. Mine.

Bella squeaked and jumped a little, and enjoyed the mild possessive act. Already wet, her body's moisture started to coat the inside of her thighs. "Marking your territory?" She hoped her voice sounded sultry.

"Mmmm." His moan vibrated against her skin, making her drip even more. How could he continually do this to her? What had been a lazy ball of heat and pressure in her abdomen was now stoked into a raging fire. Without conscious thought, she moved her hips back and was rewarded by feeling both his hands spayed across her ass.

"Bella," he hissed. He spread her cheeks apart a bit and got a peek at her glistening heat. He put his mouth to the back of her knee and kissed his way up the back of her thigh, curving to the interior of her leg as he neared the top. She was dripping just above his nose, now. He pushed up on her a bit, spreading both her legs and her ass in the process.

"Bend over, love."

Another pulse of moisture spilled out of her. Hadn't she just had fantasies this morning about him bending her over the bathroom sink? This was almost as good. She complied with his direction, raising up on her toes a bit to lay her torso flat out on the counter top and hissing as her nipples met the cold tile.

Edward was in awe. Seeing her bare before him was always a treat, something he cherished and enjoyed like nothing else. Seeing her bent over and stretched over the counter, natural lubricant coating her most intimate area, completely ready for him, took his breath away. He remained kneeling behind her and slowly ran his index finger up and down her slit. It was like touching silk. Tasty, arousing, silk. He began massaging her clit with his finger and brought his face in close so that he could taste her. Nothing, nothing was better.

Bella was grateful for the support of the island counter. If most of her weight were on her feet, she would have collapsed already. She realized abruptly that she was moaning. For how long had that been going on? It didn't matter.

All that mattered was the feel of his tongue.

His lips.

His fingers.

His palms.

His tongue. Oh, God, his tongue.

"Edwaaaaaaard." She was panting. The magma from her belly was moving through her body, igniting all her cells as it raged through. Her hands clutched at the counter ineffectively. A keening noise came from her mouth and her body spasmed as her orgasm rocked her. He hummed against her in approval, and the vibrations triggered another wave to flow through her.

Her forehead thudded down on the counter and she sagged into it. She was completely spent. She felt his hands squeeze her rear affectionately and run his hands gently up her back to her shoulders. He pulled her up into her feet and cradled her in his arms.

She let him support her. "That was...absolutely delicious. Bending me over the counter. I can think of a few other things you can bend me over." She smiled lazily when his arms tightened around her.

"I'll bend you over everything in the house if you want me to, my heart."

His voice was husky and she thrilled at the shiver that ran down her arms. She brought her hand down to stroke his erection and purred against his chest. "I think that before you bend me over any more objects, we need to take care of you."

And so they began round two.

Three days later she was laughing with Edward over the year she'd taken Thanksgiving dinner over from her mother, who always ruined one, if not all, of the dishes for the holiday meal. At fifteen, Bella had gotten tired of never having leftovers, and only having sides—brought by extended family—that were edible at the table. By this time, Bella had been cooking most of the family meals anyway, so she just waltzed into the kitchen Wednesday night and told her mother that she had an experiment—Renee was always a sucker for experiments and new ideas—and wanted to try it out on the Thanksgiving turkey. Renee was happy to acquiesce, the turkey was divine (and traditionally roasted) and from there on out the bird and stuffing were Bella's domain.

Wait. Thanksgiving. Today was...she looked over at the calendar. November 15th. Thanksgiving was less than two weeks away!

Her face paled. She'd never, ever missed Thanksgiving dinner with her family. It was the one holiday where they all got together, even extended family. Christmas, for some reason, wasn't as big a deal, but Thanksgiving? She had to be there. She turned to Edward. "I need to go home."

His eyebrows bunched together in confusion. "You are home a ghrá. What do you mean?" Now that he was funneling his energies into a corporeal form, he couldn't settle into her mind and figure out what she was thinking as he had in the past. He found it surprisingly frustrating; he hadn't realized how much he'd relied on that ability. Though, this way he could kiss and hold her and love her, so in the end it wasn't that much of a sacrifice. He'd gladly give up his ability to know what she was thinking so that he could spend the whole day in bed with her, as he had yesterday.

She whimpered slightly. This would have been so much easier if she'd given her family some time to get used to the idea of her seeing someone. As it was, she'd told Renee and Alice that she was dating someone, and confided in Alice that said someone was capital "S" Special, but she hadn't told them they were living together. She'd been reluctant to mention Edward to Emmett at all, knowing her brother still had a difficult time not treating her like she was a kid in need of a protector, never mind the fact that he was 35 and she 30.

As soon as she decided she had to come home for Thanksgiving, and she and Edward decided they couldn't spend the two weeks apart this soon after finding each other again, she'd called her parents to give them information on her visit home and to half ask them, half tell them, that she was bringing a guest. A male guest. A male guest with whom she had a romantic relationship. A male guest of whom they had heard precious little.

During the phone call with Renee, she was fairly certain she heard Charlie, with Emmett in the background, sharpening knives and getting ready to crucify the man she was daring to bring home. This was going to be the worst Thanksgiving in the history of Swan family Thanksgivings.

Then again, Edward would be by her side, in the flesh, so it would be her personal favorite Thanksgiving.

So now the two of them were on a transatlantic flight with a layover at New York City's LaGuardia airport, from whence they'd depart and fly across the country to her sleepy little hometown in Forks, Washington. Her plan was to have her neighbor and friend Angela pick them up from SeaTac and bring them back to her condo in Seattle, where they'd spend the night. From there, they'd take her car down to Forks to visit the family and face the firing squad. Which reminded her.

"Edward?" She leaned over so that her lips were millimeters from his ear, her breath tickling the sensitive skin there.

"Yes, my heart?" He turned his head slightly toward her, but he liked feeling her breath on him, so he didn't move much. She sounded concerned, and he wondered what she could be worrying about now. Hadn't she been wringing her hands over this trip for the past week, since she had called her parents to them know the two of them were visiting? She'd been constantly coming up with new topics of worry, and he was both entertained by her ability to come up with new terrible scenarios and worried about the stress level she was putting herself under. In an attempt to calm her down, he placed his left hand on her thigh, just above her knee, and used his thumb to rub a pattern of soothing circles. He still couldn't get over the sensation of her warm skin under his hand or the reassuring warmth that crept from her body to his whenever they touched.

Her heart skipped a beat when she felt his hand on her leg and his thumb moving against the fabric of her jeans. "Edward," she breathed, "I can't concentrate when you do that." She leaned in a little closer and let her lips brush against the shell of his ear. She smiled against his skin when she felt his hand grip her leg. "You see?" She purred, "Distracting. And I," she pouted, "had a question."

He kept the firm grip on her leg as he pulled away from her slightly and looked at her. "What's your question? Did you find something else to worry over?" He couldn't keep the husky quality from his voice. The way he felt when she whispered against his ear like that was almost too much. He silently cursed their location in a crowded plane. He'd like to be able to pull her onto his lap and have his way with her right then. His body was straining against the confinement of his pants and the seat belt.

"Are you...can you..." She paused, trying to find the right way to word her question. "How fragile are you in this form? I mean, you aren't reborn into a human body like I am, so can you die? Age? Be killed?"

He mulled this over. "I'm not un-killable; it is, after all, possible to kill a god, and this form does make me more vulnerable than I would otherwise be. But at the same time, I'm not susceptible to disease the way you are. Also, I can make myself appear to age, so that I blend in better as we're together over the years. Does that answer your questions?" He shifted his weight and turned to face her more fully, in the process trailing his fingertips up along her leg to her torso, where he lightly brushed them against her side.

Her face scrunched up. "Kinda. Mostly, my immediate concern is...well...Charlie has guns. I'm thinking specifically, his service revolver. And, um, you know I've never brought a boy, or, I should say, man home to the family before and I'm really worried about how Charlie is going to handle it, so I want to know if I have to worry about us being separated prematurely if he shoots you." She bit her lip, unsure if she should go ahead and continue this: she was, after all, being silly. She didn't really think Charlie would shoot Edward. If violence was going to occur, it'd be much more likely that Emmett would deck him. "What…what would happen, actually, if you were shot? Or wounded, for that matter? Do you bleed? Heal instantly? Heal normally? Feel pain like we do? How's this work?" She took a long breath. "I can't believe I haven't asked before! I've been wondering, but I suppose I just got caught up in house-hunting and dealing with the estate agent and solicitor and trying to squeeze writing in, and -"

She was cut off as he kissed her. "No worries, a ghrá. If the wound is not a fatal one, I'll heal quickly. The only thing I really have to worry about is iron. And as far as I know, most bullets are mostly made of lead, copper, or alloys, maybe some steel. Nothing fatal to me." He shifted uncomfortably at the thought of being struck with iron. It was one of the few physical weaknesses his people had; without their iron weapons, he didn't think the Milesians would have been able to defeat them at the battle of Teltown.

"Ready to go into the lion's den?" She asked in a half-joking, half-serious voice.

He nodded gravely, hiding his smile. His Bella was nervous, and he didn't want her to think he was laughing at her. Even though he was. Bella nervous was an adorable sight; another facet of her beauty. "I'll even pretend I don't know who everyone is." With that, he couldn't stop his lips from curling into a smile. He'd spent, by way of hovering around Bella, twenty-nine Thanksgiving dinners with this family. He was really, really, going to enjoy Esme's pies. They'd smelled delicious and he'd been bitter more than once over the decades that he couldn't find out for himself that the pies tasted even more heavenly than they smelled.

His memory tugged at him. There had been one Thanksgiving, seven or eight years ago, that had been especially difficult for him, and a bit awkward for Bella. That was the year that Alice, her cousin, had brought her new boyfriend to dinner. Her new boyfriend who had been Bella's go-to friend for experimenting purposes when she was curious about boys. He'd had to watch that idiot when the two were in high school, watch him slide his hands up Bella's shirt on the bus all those years ago, watch him undress Bella the first time she was naked in front of a man, watch him learn about a woman's body with Bella as she learned about men with him.

Over the centuries that he and his Cáer had had their spirits reborn into mortal bodies for the experience, he'd heard more than one over eager preacher rail at the populace, warning them about the tortures of Hell, of the fires and of the misery of the kingdom of Lucifer. In the years Bella had been in high school and college, discovering her sexuality, Edward realized that the preachers and evangelists had not only gotten Hell wrong, they'd been horribly, horribly wrong. Hell was high school. Hell was watching your mate take another man into her body. And the man--boy, then--who'd done everything but relieve Bella of her virginity over a decade ago was going to be in the same town, the same house, the same room.

When he'd been incorporeal, he'd spent a lot of time using his limited ability to influence humans here to make Jasper lightheaded, dizzy, queasy, and antsy. He'd been delighted when he realized how sensitive to emotions and moods Jasper was; he'd taken to "sitting" on the boy and feeding him immense amounts of guilt. He glumly realized that he'd have to play nice for his Bella's sake, and pretend to the blond man that there was no history there. He'd especially have to be polite around the children. It wasn't their fault their father had been so eager to get into their Aunt Bella's pants as a teen.

He clawed his way out of his thoughts when he felt her hand gently squeezing his arm. "Are you ok, Edward?" She looked like she wanted to say more, biting her lip hesitantly. "You looked a bit lost in thought, there."

He took her hand in his and brought it to his lips, blind to the members of her family standing around them. "I'm fine, love. Just taking it all in. I hope I haven't been rude." He looked around, then, and saw her mother's beaming face, her brother's scowl, Alice's ear-to-ear grin peeking out over the tow-headed toddler in her arms.

Bella grinned up at him. She knew very well that when he had that particular expression on his face that he was lost in memories, usually memories of her. She wondered if he'd been going over Thanksgivings past and comparing them to the new experience of being here and being able to interact with everyone.

"I was just about to start introductions, you didn't miss anything. You were only lost in your thoughts for a moment." She sucked him in with that smile, the smile that was reserved just for him, before continuing. "Right, then. Edward," she gestured to the people in the room, "this is everyone. Everyone," she gestured to the god next to her, "this is Edward. Be nice." She winked at him. "Specifically, Edward, these are my parents, Renee and Charlie."

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