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Private Lesson Part Two: Practice Makes Perfect

Itachi smirked, tearing his shirt away, which always meant he was in for one heck of a night. Even as children Sasuke had learned to read his brother's looks. This one had been used on few occasions, but Sasuke had never had an explanation for it until that moment. The older Uchiha then grabbed Sasuke and wrapped his arms around his Otouto's trim waist.

"I like that thought," Sasuke murmured, before pressing his hot mouth to Itachi's.

He parted his lips enthusiastically; his tongue slipping into his brother's mouth, mewling softly. Sasuke couldn't help but whimper loudly into Itachi's mouth, his tongue meeting Itachi's in a dance of dominance, enjoying the unique taste that drenched his mouth in warmth and pleasure.

Itachi drew his nails down Sasuke's back, not hurting him, only enough to make Sasuke gasp and cry out in pleasure and to cause faint red streaks to brand him into submission as they grinded their lower bodies together in the absence of all coherencies.

Pressing his body against Sasuke's, Itachi slowly rolled his hips against the younger teen's pelvis, running his hands over the quick-silver pattern of the area. He managed to capture Sasuke's tongue with his teeth but then regressed to suck on the pink muscle after he heard his brother's sharp yelp.

Itachi could feel Sasuke's pliant body shivering against his own as he pressed even closer to the welcomed heat of his baby brother. It was a battle for dominance. He was winning. Victory.

Smirking, Itachi rolled on top of Sasuke, pinning the younger teen down against the sheets, each wrist held above his head. Breaking the kiss, he placed gentle kisses along his baby brother's neck. "What's the matter?" he teased in his low velvet voice, while grinding his hips against his Otouto's yet again, making sure the teen felt his erection spring to life again. He bit into the juncture of Sasuke's shoulder, marking the teen as his.

Itachi groaned, low and deep in the back of his throat, causing Sasuke to squeak. "No-nothing," he answered, his own hard cock meeting Itachi's body as they pressed in to one another, each moaning simultaneously at the sinfully delicious act.

"I'm sure, Otouto," Itachi chuckled as he moved down the length of the body.

Sasuke had the slender, unfinished build of teen, bones carrying the potential for a muscular frame but still growing. Itachi drew his tongue in a line down Sasuke's rising chest and the firm skin and build of his lower body, lingering for a moment over the gentle indentation of his navel. Itachi took a moment to cast a mischievous smirk before he went down lower, moving through a trail of deep musky scents. Itachi palmed Sasuke's shorts open, nuzzling the molten heat of the swollen length that lay there before.

He inhaled as Itachi's digits brushed over his sac, cupping and rolling with a deadly venomous touch. He turned his head, not quite able to suppress the urge to writhe. It was a pleasantly tormenting sort of sensation, because his balls were pulsing and reacted to every single touch, especially as Itachi tore their pants away. Nudity would have been illegal if everyone had the same body as Itachi. "Please," he breathed, not sure what he was asking for. He wanted Itachi to do anything, maybe not take him in his mouth but go somewhere with this anxious sentiment. He wanted Itachi to feel it too but he didn't know what to do.

"Do you even know what you're begging for, Sasu-chan?" Itachi drawled from his place between Sasuke's legs, his eyes piercing into his little brother's with animalistic desire.

Sasuke rocked his hips forward a little, the nature of the situation throwing him into the rapture of it all. He snapped his eyes shut, his lips forming a subtle 'o' shape, releasing a desperate mewl. It sent fire directly to Itachi's groin. "You..." Sasuke trailed off in a mere whisper lost his bliss.

Itachi smirked between the pale thighs, deciding he wanted to hear more of Sasuke's sultry virgin words, he moved his mouth to the engorged head of Sasuke's dick, swallowing the head like the sweetest desert.

"Ah! Don't stop..." Sasuke shrieked, thrust back, and lost control of his upper limbs, falling to his elbows.

"What was that, Otouto? I couldn't quite hear you."

Itachi hoisted his Otouto's thighs up, moving around his most intimate space. Sasuke tried to breathe slowly in preparation for that hot mouth to surrounding his member again. However, Itachi bypassed it completely, and he felt decadent, forceful pressure and then...

Sasuke lost complete control, screaming at the top of his lungs. Itachi was...his tongue...down there, and... "Don't stop!"

While spreading his lover's thighs apart a bit more, Itachi moved down again, he gently lapped at his Otouto's puckered entrance with ferocity.

"Mmm, that's much better. You're a quick learner, my darling Otouto." Itachi smiled, closing his eyes, before diving back down, pushing his muscle against Sasuke's pink puckered orifice.

He finally broke the rose circle's ring, his tongue crawling into Sasuke's tight heat. His brother tasted of the most delicate things; sunlight, moonbeams, and the cradling wind. Everything was what he tasted like. Everything Itachi had ever desired.

Red faced and wholly surprising himself, Sasuke unleashed a moan – one that grabbed Itachi by his heated cock and screamed at him to plunge into the teen that very moment. He stared boldly into his Aniki's eyes that had shifted back to his without delay upon hearing the pleasure-filled scream eliciting from his Otouto's lips.

He couldn't take it anymore. Take anymore of his Aniki's looks, soft touches when they both reached for something at the same exact time, sleeping in the same bed as Itachi for his whole life but doing nothing about all the feelings that were racing through him, attacking his insides to get out. Was this riding on the point of obsession?


Or was it love?

That was for sure.

"Fuck me..."

Itachi froze, the words sending into a catatonic pause. When his mind had caught up to his ears in a matter of milliseconds he smiled seductively, brushing his lips against Sasuke's stomach, the muscles twitching with a tender ache.

"Say it again."His breath left a trail of fire as Itachi spoke coolly, pushing a finger against his Otouto's saliva coated pucker. "Say it again, Sasu-chan..."

"Fuck me, Itachi Niisan!"

"Mmm," He nuzzled against Sasuke's body, "Of course, Otouto. You'll give me your virginity; Give yourself to your big brother?" It was true. He was BIG.

"Yes," Sasuke husked out.

"Thank you."

His licked along Sasuke's thigh with now gentle biting, Itachi slowly slid his index finger into the wanton heat. Itachi's sex weeping and begging for attention, he wrapped his fingers around it, flicking his thumb across the head of his arousal, a soft groan passing his lips as he teased his own fevering body. But as soon as the sounds were loosed, Sasuke moved his hand with his brother's, gently milking his brother's need.

"Aaah..." Itachi let slip.

Sasuke writhed deeply as he felt more than one finger push into his hole. He felt a small amount of pain. Yet there was more pleasure than pain. "Oh, Niisan! Please fuck me now!"

Suddenly, Itachi was rolling them over. Sasuke on top, Itachi bellow him. The fingers had been pulled away in the fray causing Sasuke to whimper at the loss of filling. Sasuke straddled his brother's hips and he could feel the very present arousal his brother was sporting. Sasuke was lost and confused all in one all he could do was stare at Itachi with need, with pure love glistening in his moist eyes. This would make them whole. This would let them transcend their role as siblings, brother and brother, Aniki to Otouto.

"Sasuke," Itachi moaned, bucking his hips forward causing Sasuke to gasp at the sharp strike of liquid electricity to his groin. "I want you to ride me. It'll be easier for your first time... I want to see your face, ah- w-when you lose your virginity; when you come."

That was enough to push Sasuke to act.


Sasuke lifted himself up on his knees and impaled himself on Itachi's cock as Itachi held him, lowering him slowly, so as not to cause harm to his baby brother, who he'd finally been able to show his love to. Both brothers mewled, arching their backs and reaching to touch with their sweating palms, craving to share their high on seductive sensitivity. Clasping fingers met in midair. It felt better than either had imagined.

Sasuke gingerly leaned forward after the initial plunge that had embedded Itachi's sex fully within him, resting his forehead in the crook of Itachi's neck, panting raggedly.

"Hold on to the head board, Sasuke," Itachi commanded.

The fingers of each set of hands still interlaced with the other, now placed against the headboard on either side of Itachi's head. His Aniki moved to buck his hips and thrust hard within his Otouto.

"Fuck, Itachi! More!" Sasuke threw his head back, screaming to the ceiling. He was taking this quite well for a virgin. Itachi chalked it up to their Uchiha blood; either that or their Uchiha sex drive.

"As you," His Niisan gritted his teeth and then thrust up hard again, his nails digging into Sasuke's thighs," Wish!"

Itachi thrust into the boy with reserved power. He pounded hard, but not enough to hurt the boy, trying to restrain himself from giving into the rough nature of this sensual act. He started to feel light headed as they found their rhythm, bodies slapping in a slow but passionate glide.

"Aah... Niisan." Itachi was making love to him. His Brother's eyes were open now, mouth hanging open and face in front of him. Itachi gripped him harder, arching up as he crushed their lips together. They moved up and down, bellow and above. He could feel the climax of sex welling up in him, making his balls tighten, and he knew he was very close. He was going to come from just the feeling of his Aniki's cock in his ass.

This is what it felt like. This is why he couldn't find a proper routine. The routine had to be made by the two people; the two people who loved each other like he and his Aniki.

"Itachi Niisan!"

"F-fuck, Sasuke... Come for me," Itachi hissed, throwing his hips up while slamming Sasuke's down.

Sasuke's insides clamped down tightly on Itachi's dick." I-I'm coming, Aniki!" His come splattering against the bouncing flesh shared between he and his brother caused his brother to thrust with an extra momentum of surprise. It was almost hurting him, but Itachi continued to push forward into that virgin tightness until he came with the next hard thrust in his baby brother's abused ass.

They toppled from their mounted position onto the bed beside each other. They both snorted lightly as they untangled their limbs and wiped their by products from their skin with a discarded piece of clothing.

"I love you, Itachi Niisan..."

"And, I love you too, my Otouto." Itachi placed a chaste kiss to his forehead and drew him close, wrapping his arms around the slim mid-section.

They both lay in each other's arms soaking in love. The sweetest sun light could not have compared to this. Sasuke found it difficult to believe he had gone his whole life without experiencing his Aniki this way. This way; not knowing how far his Aniki's love went.

Then he began to giggle, realising he'd never have to go without this love ever again. But he had to be sure before he celebrated. He wanted to make sure his private lessons hadn't expired.

"Aniki... Can we do that again?" Sasuke murmured into Itachi's heaving chest.

"Of course, Otouto; Practice makes perfect."


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