Hey everyone. This story is part of the Fanfiction Prompts Challenge on PRUnited, and is, sort of, a follow up to 'Breathe', although that one doesn't have to be read to understand this story. There are 6 prompts, 3 of which I have already completed, and, if school gives me enough time, I'd like to finish the last 3. Each story is set in a different time, so the date of the stories skips around a lot.

Summary: Zhane ponders on the things that have changed in his absence.

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Prompt: Lost


It had only been a few days since he had awoken in the chryo chamber, only to find everything had drastically changed. He'd been forced to take in these changes at an almost impossible rate, starting from the second he had woken up. Finding monsters aboard the ship? Ok, nothing new there. He remembered a time, which to him was only months ago, but was realistically over two years ago, when he and Andros had fallen asleep on the Megaship, only to have it broken into by some drunk aliens who got lucky with the aim of their bottles.

No, that was not nearly the most unexpected thing he had encountered. What had really shocked him were the new rangers. He and Andros had always worked as a duo. In fact, Zhane hadn't even known there were any more morphers aboard the ship. Then again, he hadn't known that KO-35 had been abandoned either. He chuckled a little at the thought of the yellow ranger, who had obviously captured Andros's attention, and vise versa, but instantly his smile was gone. How much had he really missed? Was Ashley the first in the two missed years who had made Andros's eyes glaze over in wanting and adoration, or had there been others? Had there been girls who had held his best friend's attention and kept it in those two years?

He wanted to ask; to find out all that had been going on while he was gone, but a part of him was scared. Scared to find out that yes, there had been other girls, because Zhane knew for a fact Ashley wasn't Andros's first crush. He was scared to know if Andros had handled everything on his own; the battles and the years. But Zhane hoped that those were unjust fears, and he hoped that Andros had found somebody to help him through what must have been a rough time.

And maybe he had. That would explain his distant and unfamiliar gaze when their eyes met, and the sudden tension that could be cut with a knife. Had he found a new friend? Somebody to share his burden with while traveling the deep and lonely space? If he had, what had become of them? And suddenly, he realized that those thoughts couldn't be further from the truth. He realized that those eyes with the loneliness and independence were developed from years of solitude, and the tension was their inability to feel each others minds as clearly as they once could. For the first time since he'd woken up, Zhane knew why everything felt so different. Not only had he lost time, but he and Andros had themselves in the struggle for survival, as well as each other.

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