Title: Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours

Author: Adrian Jade

Summary: Utter boredom can lead to some things that one never expects. A random IM convo could turn into much more. John Cena believes that he could have found his other half but the thing is he has never actually met her. Cena/OC

John Cena was bored, utterly bored. He was sitting staring at the wallpaper of his new lap top tapping his fingers against the glass coffee table of his hotel room. It was late and he couldn't sleep so he just sat trying to think of a website to visit. He wasn't in the mood for anything dirty, no he just wanted some brief entertainment. Just enough to make me tired enough to fall asleep.

"Fuck insomnia to hell" he mumbled to himself.

He decided the best thing to do would just be to count how many fan pages were made in his name. Yeah that would put him to sleep real fast. So onto google he went, typing in his name with a sigh He checked out a few sites all of which were nice but nothing too exciting then he clicked on one site and it was amazing which kinda creeped him out a little bit. The fact that a person would take so much time to create a site like this made him a little uneasy. The page was a dark blue color but there were streaks of light blue that almost looked like lightning bolts and somehow the person or persons had blended his pictures into it. The site seemed to be updated every day which made him wonder what the hell this person did all day. He read over his biography and it was pretty much his whole life story.

"Damn stalker much"

He decided to look into the owner of the site. It was owned by a person named A. Davis and that is all it would tell him. It did however have A. Davis's screen names for both AIM and Yahoo account. He thought about how much fun it would be to mess with this person. Creating a screen name and telling him or her how much Cena sucked.

He was excited now with something to do. Whistling to himself he downloaded AOL instant messenger as fast as he could. He hoped he or she was still awake or that would be a waste of time for him.

"Hmm what should my screen name be" he pondered "a ha I got it"

Grinning to himself he successfully created himself a AIM account. He checked his fan page again to make sure he was typing in the right name.


Ally Davis was just as bored as John Cena. She was supposed to be writing a paper for her history class tomorrow but she didn't feel like it. Instead she stared at a blank word document. She heard the ding signaling that she had a new im. She clicked over to her new im thankful to have something to do. The accept new buddy screen came up and without even thinking she accepted.

Redsoxfan69: Hi

Xtremeartist: Do I know you

Redsoxfan69: No

Xtremeartist: Ok …

Redsoxfan69: So you like John Cena huh?

Xtremeartist: No not really


John frowned at the computer screen. The person running a website dedicated to him didn't even like him. That was kinda a slap in the face.

Xtremeartist: Don't get me wrong he's nice to look at and all but I'm not like a super fan or anything

Redsoxfan69: So why run a website devoted to him?

Xtremeartist: It's for the people who do like him … I'm really good with graphic design and I have friends who are fans so I created it for them

Redsoxfan69: So how do you know so much about him then?

Xtremeartist: lol my friends tell me these things. Trust me I do not have the time or the energy to stalk Cena. Nor would I want to

"Who wouldn't want to stalk me … I'll have you know A. Davis that I am very stalkable" John muttered to himself.

Redsoxfan69: So what does A. Davis stand for?

Xtremeartist: Ally … well Alexandria actually

"Damn I need an name … god … umm something that starts with a J … Jake … no … oh I got it Jack … ha that's a nick name for John"

Redsoxfan69: Nice to meet you Ally I'm Jack

Xtremeartist: So is your name Jack or John?


Redsoxfan69: John

Xtremeartist: I love the name John … always have

"Really now" John cocked an eyebrow smiling cockily to himself.

"What do you look like" he said aloud as he typed.

Xtremeartist: About 5'6 or 5'7, light brown hair, blue-gray eyes, I'm somewhere between average and sporty build wise, what about you?

Redsoxfan69: I'm about 6', short dark brown hair, blue eyes, athletic build

Xtremeartist: Sounds hot

"Oh you have no idea" John was smirking now.

Redsoxfan69: So where are you from?

Xtremeartist: I bounce around, my dad lives in Boston and my mom lives in New Hampshire and I go to school in Amherst

Redsoxfan69: So it is fair to say you are from New England right?

Xtremeartist: That is a safe assumption . I'm guessing from your sn you are too

Redsoxfan69: Used to be I moved

Xtremeartist: So John who is formerly from Mass how old are you?

Redsoxfan69: 31. U?


Redsoxfan69: Aren't you a little old to still be in school?

Xtremeartist: Not if I took a couple of years off in between high school and college to travel and am working on my masters

Redsoxfan69: Impressive

Xtremeartist: Listen I have to finish a paper so I gotta go but it was nice talking to you

Redsoxfan69: You too. I hope we get to do it again soon

Xtremeartist: Most def

Xtremeartist: G'nite

Redsoxfan69: Sweet Dreams

Xtremeartist has signed off at 3:04 A.M.