Just my take on different Doctors being in different series. Had this idea at Dickens' curling his lip at Nine's clothes...

Doctor Who, concepts and companions as always belong to the BBC.

The old woman's body stood. Blue nimbus gathered round.


The blue spirit, devil, whatever... made its scene. everyone who had only hoped to enjoy a classic performance, ran for the exits in a mad dash.

"Mister Dickens!" Rose dashed for the stage.

"Young lady," shouted Dickens,"I don't care for this, or your theatrics. You have ruined my play! I-"

A gloved hand grasped his shoulder. He whirled, expletives on his lips.

"I'm terribly sorry, mister Dickens. I'd hoped to prevent this."

Charles whirled to regard the chaos that had become of his play, his last hurrah. Not even his family had seen fit to send anyone to attend...

"I'm the Doctor. Perhaps I could help."

Charles rounded on the man. He...

White-haired. Face lined with experience. Clothed in a most proper fashion.

Perhaps this gentleman could help him...

Charles swallowed his harsh retort.

"Erm. Yes. I'm afraid you have the advantage of me, sir. You are?"

"Smith. Doctor John Smith. And," he added, as he guided him toward an exit, eyes still on the macabre display," I think you can help me as well."