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Chapter One

It was the night before my first day of school… as a Senior.

Big deal. A lot of kids may be repeating this mantra in their head: "It's going to be a great school year and nobody can stop me." You would be a fool to believe a word of what I just said. Needless to say, that's not my mantra at all.

It could be my neighbor's though. God knows Angela Weber loves getting straight A's to make her daddy proud.

School is society in very little doses. Even if you survive high school, there's no saying if you will find yourself doing the same thing in the real world. Scary? You know it.

So instead of counting my pens and notebooks for school, I figured a night out would be better.

"Bella, my dear! What can I get you? It's on the house, babe," Shane, my favorite blond bartender offered. He was nice and good-looking. He knew I didn't need free drinks but he insisted anyway. Also, he knew I was a minor, but that never made him stop serving me alcohol. Just the way I like it.

A normal mother would flip but Renee thought everything I do is okay. She was a cool mom. And, she was married to a major league baseball player who made tons of money. Now, step-daddy was more than capable of buying anything, or even anyone. Phil's money brought and bought me places, people, and alcohol. Can't say I have any reason to complain.

Together, my parents owned a manor in this city, in France, in London... You get it.

Not to mention, a pretty messed up family they couldn't manage. The parents frequently traveled all over the globe. My beloved step-brother was away most of the time.

And so, freedom was mine.

"Just an apple martini," I answered with a smile. "Thanks." I winked at him.

Tric was famous for the best DJ performances. The ambiance was great; the alcohol was great; and the people were awesome. Just what you would expect from a high-class establishment in Los Angeles.

Benny Benassi was playing tonight and I loved his mixes. No wonder I found myself dancing with some girl friends who attended college downtown. They weren't my best friends but they were into clubbing just as I was, so we were cool. I giggled as I watched them go up on the tables to dance in the middle of the crowd.

I shook my head and said no. I didn't have it in me to go up there and get noticed by horny guys.

Just the same, my body swayed with the notes of the music as gracefully as I managed.

Several guys asked me for a dance, which I politely declined. All right, I had to be rude to some of them, but you know how persistent some of them can be. I had my ladies and unlimited supply of alcohol; I was not desperate to add men in the mix.

But I had to make an exception for this one. I was never so easily interested in just any hot piece of meat. Someone like the man now standing in front of me, on the other hand, yes—a man so gorgeous, so god-like, and so sexy.

I think I just said the word so three times.

Pretty boy had the prettiest bronze hair and emerald green eyes. It took a lot of staring in spite the dim light to be able to know that.

"I'm Edward. You are?" he prompted, confidently.

"Isabella." Because it sounds more mature and sophisticated than Bella, you know.

And that was the start of something so passionate. We danced to every next song. The ladies left us alone after a wink and a nod of approval. They all thought he was super hot.

We talked, flirted some more, and made out a lot. Soon I felt the chaste kisses on my hair turn into open-mouthed, melting kisses down my neck.

Boy, was he skilled.

"How about we get out of here, pretty boy?"

Maybe I was a bit intoxicated at the time.

A lot would suffice.

So I had a one-night stand. Big deal. I couldn't say I felt sorry at all for the fantastic night I had with this god-like man. I had to lie about my age but it wasn't like he was going to be my boyfriend after one night of mind-blowing orgasms. Totally worth it.

I heard most men did not want to hear from women after one-night stands, not that I could tell from my lack of experience. I wouldn't be surprised if this guy was just like everyone else.

So I left him a simple note.

Find me if you want to. xoxo, Isa.

I probably should have known he would.

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