Chapter Seven

The weekend passed by in a blur. Jasper and Edward got to hang out, as planned, but only over little things. It was easy to realize that the two brothers couldn't be any more different. If they went to high school at the same time, Edward would easily fit in something like a Glee club (if we ever had one) or a Mathletes (again, if that even existed in our school); Jasper would still be the famous jock with his all-American boy look. Sometimes I wondered if they were truly brothers, but time and again, I secretly watched them both and identified some slight resemblance. One thing's for sure: they shared the same hot as fuck DNA.

It was Sunday morning, just one of those moments when Edward caught me not-so-secretly watching him as he chowed down on a bag of Cheetos in the living room. Who knew that the guy ate junk food? Little by little, I'd found out about his unpleasant habits and realized that he's also human like the rest of us. Yeah, with looks as perfect as his, it must be expected that he's a little less than perfect somewhere. Or at least, I hoped. Then again, he still looked healthy and amazingly fit even without clothes on, so surely he must be spending some time at the gym.

"Want some?" He lifted the almost half-empty bag of air toward my direction. His eyes did not leave the TV screen. Grey's Anatomy was on.

I should have said no, but I found myself nodding at him. I didn't want him to think that I was anorexic or something. Guys seemed to hate that shit and they didn't have reservations making it known to Cosmo.

"Come on, they're doing reruns." He quickly patted down the seat next to his.

I forced my hand into the bag and got a couple of Cheetos. It couldn't be that bad. I mean, I was not a fan of junk food, but I could eat a little.

"Thanks," I shyly said as I popped the crap into my mouth. I willed myself not to feel nauseous. My mother Renee had always insisted on a healthy lifestyle. She had told me that if I ate right, then I would not need to sweat at the gym. She never even introduced softdrinks to me. Since I was a child, I had very little encounter with various junk food. That's why Jasper's snacking on Oreos became so amazing to me and Rose back in the day. "Where's Tanya?"

Edward raised his eyebrows in question, as if he was confused. "I dunno."

Now it was my turn to look confused. "Huh." How could he not know, or seem to care, about his girlfriend's whereabouts?

"Why do you ask? Do you like her?" Uh, was it obvious that I disliked the woman? Girls who looked like they should do a cover shoot and spread for FHM were not supposed to mingle with us mediocres. All right, I was jealous.

"She's all right... I mean, yeah, sure, I like her." Edward choked and hurriedly emptied his Coke. He had turned a bright shade of red that scared the heck out of me. I nervously patted on his back and fanned his face with my other hand. Why did I never learn first-aid for choking people? "Oh my gosh, Edward! Breathe, please!"

"I'm sorry," he replied as soon as he caught some air. "I could never read you, Isabella."

"What do you mean?" Okay. Uh, what?

He smiled and said, "Nothing. It's just, you always surprise me."

"Is that a bad thing?" I just had to know. I was curious, sue me.

"Anyway, you're with Jasper and you wouldn't cheat on him, would you?" he asked almost quietly.

"Of course not," I answered honestly. Although I may be tempted... Okay, I would not do that to Jasper even if Edward got rid of his clothes right then and there. I'd probably run off to find Jasper first and break up with him.

"At least tell me that he treats you right." I could tell that he was sincerely concerned and I was flattered. Edward was truly kind, and I felt terrible for even thinking any less of him before.

"He does," I replied, smiling. "He's always been a great friend." He really was.

"That's good enough for me."

By sunset, we were already loading the car with our bags, ready to head back home. It had been a good relaxing couple of days and I appreciated Jasper for taking me to his family's resthouse. It was like a much-needed breather for all of us. Jasper promised that we would come back soon and that we could even bring the rest of the group with us. I smiled in thanks, happy with Jasper's bright mood.

Edward was already in the car, talking to Tanya through the rolled down window. I couldn't help but feel a tad envious of Tanya because she was so comfortable around Edward. Obviously, I was nowhere near Tanya's beauty; the woman could be named Hottest Woman of the Year if she wanted to! But all the same, I wanted what she had... I guess it's true that you tend to badly want what you cannot have.

Jasper and I escaped for last seconds by the beach, taking about a dozen photos together. He was only happy to humor me when I told him I needed to Instagram this moment.

"Jazz, one last!" I pleaded with him another time. I didn't have enough photos to make an album.

Tanya offered to take our picture so I gave her my iPhone. "Wow, you two must be the most popular couple in high school, huh?"

Jasper hugged me tightly from behind, almost ready for the shot. "Yep, we always win Homecoming King and Queen!" His smile was so blinding as he faced the camera and I could not help but feel sad. There he was, being the perfect boyfriend a girl could ever ask for. And I was being a bitch by liking my boyfriend's older brother who was way out of my league.

"Come on, B! Smile for the camera!" At the last split of a second, I smiled just in time for Tanya's shot.

Next thing I knew, Jasper was kissing my neck, then we were sweetly making out as the sun set. "God, you're so hot. I just want to take you right now," he joked as he finally let go of my face.

I playfully slapped him on the chest and said, "Hey, no time for a quickie!" We laughed together as we walked back to the car.

"Thanks for taking care of us this weekend, Tan!" Jasper said with a sincere smile. "You were awesome. Now, I understand why Edward keeps you to himself! Ha!" He chuckled lightheartedly, and I could not help but wonder what kind of secret they had let him know.

"Thank you," I echoed Jasper. "And for the photos as well."

"Come back whenever you feel like it!" Tanya reminded me and Jasper. "That goes for you too, mister Grouch!" She directed this at Edward who was sulking inside the car.

She then leaned to me in a whisper: "I'm sure you'll love the shots. That was very hot, by the way." She winked at me and I gaped at her in surprise.

No, she couldn't be... But suddenly it all clicked in my head. She had definitely felt me up when we first met. She and Edward never acted as a normal couple, if they were ever together in the first place. Jasper was even buddy-buddy with her!

Tanya Denali was gay!

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