Author's Note: For the readers who are confused, 'Dora Tonks doesn't know about Hermione's ancestry but her mom, Andromeda Tonks née Black, asked her to give Hermione the book so she did. As for the conclusion that only those that I mentioned were 'in the know' about Hermione, well Hermione doesn't know who they are but there will be more. As it stands, her real name will be known to everyone who will care quite soon so I can't draw out her stay in the present much longer.

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Chapter 6: Preparing To What?

It seemed to be a very long Christmas Holiday, Kreacher disappearing from the others' views for over a week and she'd finished the Occlumency book so he appeared to her often with items and facts that he thought it important that she know of, even telling her things that she was sure he'd never let anyone else know of like Andromeda Black having been cast out of the secondary Black family by her father, Cygnus, when it was discovered that she not only married an outsider but was pregnant and refusing to abort the baby.

Apparently Ted Tonks had thought that grandchildren would soften her father's resolve against outsider blood and had convinced his Andy to visit them. She'd been attacked by her father only for her mother Druella to interfere on her behalf. Unborn Nymphadora had only barely survived the encounter. Walburga had never learned of her youngest brother's behavior during that incident but Alphard had, increasing tensions between them. Ironically Cygnus had died defending Andromeda and a six-year-old Nymphadora from Death Eaters. It was tragic stories like these that she learned from both Kreacher and the portrait in the parlor that she often visited to gain more insight into the Black Family's near downfall.

So as she was packing her things to return to Hogwarts she was a little bewildered when Kreacher began sneaking in bits of paperwork like her birth certificate, her school records, even from her muggle schools, and her medical records as well. "Kreacher," she began hesitantly, "Is there some reason that I may need these records for Hogwarts? I was under the impression that the Professors and nurse Pomfrey were already aware of these."

He cringed under her steadfast gaze and told her, "Yous will be needing them for Hogwarts but not the Hogwarts of nows." At her confused gaze he continued before she could disagree with him. "Yous will be needing them for when you go to the Hogwarts of Days Gone By."

"Days gone… Kreacher, that's not possible! People can't time travel more than three hours back at a time! The Department of Mysteries has gone to a lot of trouble discovering just that!"

Kreacher sounds as if he's wheezing but is in fact laughing. "Mistress doubts Kreacher's knowledge? Wizards know very well that time travel by other means is possible. Hourglasses and chains aren't needed; Kreacher is a Time Guardian."

Hermione's jaw drops and she remains dumbfounded for a few seconds as Kreacher stuffs more paperwork betwixt her clothing and belongings in her school trunk. "There are… other forms of time travel?"

"Yes! Kreacher knows of several muggle ways to time travel as well. But theres is only three ways of magical time travel."

"Okay… let's set that argument aside for a moment Kreacher. Why am I being sent to the past?"

Kreacher pauses in his packing and questions her, "Yous wants to fulfill the marriage contract, yes?"

"I… I really don't know right now what I want to do about that. What purpose would going through with it really serve?"

"Yous would be a beacon of hope to those who needs it, and yous would be saving Kreacher's life. Elves' contracts have very few stipulations but theys are very strict ones. Kreacher knows that if yous stay now then there would be a Wizarding World without hope. Kreacher sees the death of the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black. The Blacks must survive as more than Forgotten Blood if wizards are to survives the next century. Withouts wizards the elves will become extinct and then Terra is doomed to being barely protected from snake peoples and dark ascendeds by muggles. Kreacher doesn't like that thin thread of existence!"

Eyes wide from shock, Hermione asks, "Snake people; dark what?"

Kreacher resumes packing and says, "It does not matter now. Like Kreacher says, wizards not numerous enough at that point to matter."

"Then I trust that you'll tell me well before it will matter. Are we leaving soon Kreacher?" she asks.

"Yes, that whys Kreacher is ins a hurry," he answered. Then he handed her a small box tied with a ribbon and said, "Yous will be needing this. Puts it on now please," as he continued to pack the remainder of her things including the dental hygiene implements that her parents gave her.

She unties the ribbon and pulls open the box and finds within it a long bronze chain with an obsidian raven in flight, with a golden beak and sapphire eyes. "Kreacher what is this?"

"Is yous inheritance mistress. Please put its on."

Hermione sighs in frustration, while carefully pulling the necklace strategically around her hair, at Kreacher's seemingly non-answer and asks, "Will I be able to say goodbye to Harry and Ronald?"

"No, no time left," he said hurriedly. Then he placatingly added, "Theys will exist in yous future but theys will never have known you as theys schoolmate."

"Alright Kreacher; I'm ready." When she stepped through the magical vortex, she felt her body grow smaller. When she came through the other side she fell down the stairs for a whole story and when she sat up, completely unharmed due to residual protection magic from Kreacher, she rose to her feet and dusted off her now gangly legs with her gangly arms. Her smaller two front teeth that she'd had reduced in size by Madame Pomfrey remained small in proportion to her other teeth, thank goodness.

Having most likely heard the crash, a glowering Lady Walburga Black rounded the corner from the parlor and sized her up. Before she could say anything however, a younger Kreacher appeared before them and addressed Lady Black, "Kreacher has very important news for Mistress."

AN-2: Kudos if you caught the impending Stargate doomsday joke. I may choose to do a more defined crossover with the Stargate-verse in this story's sequel. It'd be fun; I'm already thinking of some villainous plots involving items infused with magic. Anyway if I do that it's not going to be through a silly stargate accident; those are way overdone. It'll be done through the proper channels involving the respective governments that are a part of the International Oversight Advisory (IOA) and perhaps through an improved version of the International Confederation of Wizards (ICW).