The Border: Intentions

By: Ominae

Rating: T


All characters of The Border are under the copyright of CBC Television, Jerremy Hole, Janet MacLean, Peter Raymont and Lindalee Tracy.


Mike confronts Darnell again on whether he really had meant to save him after the death of Vladko Radman in downtown Toronto. SPOILER: Post-Floral Tribute.

Mike Kessler's Office, Immigration and Customs Security, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Mike Kessler had been seated in his office, waiting for a particular someone. It was after the events of the drug bust concerning toxic heroin that Mike was bothered by something.

The loyalty of ICS agent Darnell Williams.

Yes, Mike had recalled seeing him speak with Agent Andrew Mannering of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service or CSIS in ICS' parking lot. A particular nemesis of Mike ever since the end of his days back in JTF-2 from Bosnian peacekeeping operations, the two had been butting heads with each other to the point of Agent Mannering's accusation of murdering Vladko Radman in the Greater Toronto Area a few weeks ago.

Let's see where Darnell's loyalties lie in.

"You wanted to see me?"

Darnell had poked his head inside the office, waiting to see if his superior would allow him to do so.

"Sure." Mike nodded. "Close the door when you're done."

Darnell had done as Mike had instructed before he took a seat in front of Mike's table.

"So what's this about?" The ex-CSIS secret agent asked Mike.

"I need to confirm something from you, Darnell..."

"If this is about the Radman shooting, let me clarify that I did it to ensure all of you are not implicated with you..."

Mike shook his head.

"What then?" Darnell asked, seeing that his initial ranting was not addressed.

"It's about you speaking with Agent Mannering in the parking lot yesterday."

Darnell felt the need to seal his mouth shut.

"I observed you walking in the parking lot towards your own car when Mannering called on you."

The bald African-Canadian man didn't rebut Mike's accusations.

"What did he specifically ask from you?"

Darnell sighed and replied, "He asked about my true loyalty." Mike waited for Darnell to finish. "On whether I'm with protecting this country or you."

"And what was your answer?" Mike leaned back on his char, arms crossed on his chest.

"I didn't answer him. I just left him alone in that cramped car of his."

Mike had the urge to smirk at his subordinate. "You serious?"

"Yeah, really." Darnell had a smirk as well.

"In that case," Mike stood up from his chair and reached his hand out to Darnell. "you're still with ICS then?"

"Yeah." Darnell shook Mike's hand. "Definitely. That's for sure; I'm through with the past."

"Let's hope that sticks through, Darnell. I'm counting on you."

"You can count me on me, boss."


PS - First fic of The Border. Let me know how it went. Doing this fic's kinda interesting since there are a lotta ways you can cross this thing from anime to TV shows. Heck, four crossovers I'm willing to see/do/read for now are Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, NCIS, Flashpoint and the Resident Evil series. 24 would work too since the creators had said that The Border was based on it, but a bit more human.

If you readers have any ideas on potential crossovers and whatnot, feel free to review. PMs, however, are greatly suggested. Thanks.

Hope this fic was okay. Enjoy reading it for now. Sorry that it's kinda short.