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Chapter 1

Lord Voldemort was not in a good mood. Losing to Harry Potter and Albus Dumbledore then being forced to run from the Aurors in full view of the ministry staff was not how he had wanted this day to end. And this didn't include the loss of 11 of his loyal death eaters, including several inner circle members. It was fortunate that they only knew enough to earn themselves a once way ticket to Azkaban and not any information that would be especially damaging. The loss of the ministry spies would be a nuisance but judicious use of the Imperio curse would solve that. Right now the only followers he had on tap were the pathetic Peter Pettigrew and the insane Bellatrix Lestrange, neither of whom were particularly useful at the moment.

To insult to injury, and injury to insult, Potter had hurt him. He had hurt him more than anyone had every hurt him before. The connection he had with Potter had become a liability. He was very angry initially that Potter had a connection with him until he had worked out how to turn it to his advantage. Now it had backfired, with unacceptable losses, both to himself and to his followers.

Voldemort sat in his study looking over the research he done when he initially found out about the connection, looking for ways he could close the connection, and possible hurt Potter in the process. He would much rather be torturing his followers for their failure but the magical exhaustion that he was suffering made that impossible. If it wasn't for the fact that his body was not actually human he knew he would be flat on his back, unable to move.

There it was. A potion he had come across then would allow him to retrieve the fragment of his soul stored in Potter that was causing the connection. And even better the potion would at the very least be very painful and included a list of potential side-effects that could give no end of problems to Potter, to Voldemort's great amusement. The best part was that Voldemort could potentially steal some of Potter's power in the process.

Voldemort snorted to himself, the golden-boy-who-lived reduced to a squib. Voldemort considered this possibility very likely. He had come to believe that it was some-how the boy was using the power of his Horcrux to enhance his powers. There could be no other way for the boy to exhibit the level of power he had on several occasions if this were not the case.

Voldemort began the brewing process, considering how to ensure that Potter would drink it sooner rather than later. Malfoy's idiot son Draco should be up to the task, provided he could follow the written instructions correctly. If not, the potion could be re-brewed but the old fool would take precautions against similar attacks in the future making it much harder to get Potter to drink it.

Voldemort knew that this quickly conceived plan had a small chance of success but there would be no way that Dumbledore would envision the he could retaliate so quickly. A surprise attack before school let out was the best option available, especially given the he needed this connection closed before it did more damage. It was early morning, before day break when an owl winged its way to Hogwarts with very explicit instructions, an even more explicit description of what would happen if the plan failed and the potion concealed within.


Harry Potter was not in a good mood. He had lost his godfather, he had experienced a pain that was beyond that of a Cruciatus session, and he had just found out that he was the only person who could end the death and destruction of Voldemort's reign of terror. Harry had though he had been angry earlier in the year, for most of the year, but he had found new levels of anger now. He needed to. It was the only thing that stopped him from breaking down and curling into a quivering mass of tears.

His anger showed, every student who crossed his path from the Headmaster's office to the Gryffindor common room practically ran from him. In the common it was the same and the only people who could or would confront him were missing. Seamus and Dean looked at Harry as he slammed into the room, their questions dying on their lips.'

Harry threw himself onto his bed, screwing his eyes shut. His body starting to shake as the adrenaline he had been running on since entering the Department of Mysteries finally waning. It was a long night for Harry, what little sleep he got was riddled with nightmares. He felt like he could see Sirius falling through the veil every time he closed his eyes.

Giving up on trying to sleep, Harry rose, showered and left the Gryffindor tower to wander the halls until breakfast.


At the breakfast table Draco Malfoy was enjoying the watching the Gryffindor morosely picking at his food, he wasn't yet aware of his father being arrested, and so was fully enjoying Harry's misery and the lack of his usual companions. He was going to go over to torment him when an owl arrived for him.

Pride, glee, elation, and fear were all emotions he felt, though the fear vanished quickly, his own arrogance led him to believe that there was no way for him to fail. Particularly with Potter missing the Weasel and Mudblood. The orders were simple get Potter alone, immobilise him, and force a potion down his throat. Looking up he saw Potter leaving the hall. Triggering the letter to release the potion and hiding it, he rose and followed Harry out of the Great Hall.

Malfoy wasn't the only person to receive an important letter. Susan Bones had watched the shattered leader of the DA drag himself from the table. She, along with other students around the Great Hall had been watching Harry, wondering what had happened in the last few hours to cause this immense change and where Ron and Hermione were.

The letter from her aunt had answered some of these questions. Voldemort had returned, he had been seen in the Ministry of Magic, and Harry had fought him again. And survived. There had been injuries amongst the students who had accompanied Harry which explained why Harry was alone. It was the rest of the letter that was of real interest to Susan though. Her aunt, Madam Amelia Bones, Head of the Department of Law Enforcement wanted her to invite Harry Potter, the-boy-who-lived, over for a day early in the summer. Reading between the lines, her aunt wanted to meet Harry and keep it very low key.

Susan wasn't totally sure that she was comfortable asking Harry Potter to visit her under false pretences, especially given Harry's current state of being. But her aunt had never asked her to do anything like this before and never would if there was any alternative. It was this thought that had her rising from the Hufflepuff table to go after Harry. Hannah Abbot, seeing her friend leaving, stood also. It was from this position that they saw Malfoy leave via the same door as Harry and a shared glance was all it took to know it wasn't going to be for any good reason.

The two Hufflepuffs were not the only students watching Harry, nor where they the only ones who followed.

Harry stalked the halls of Hogwarts, trapped between anger, misery and despair. So locked in his own emotions he barely heard the spell being cast behind him. He certainly didn't think anything about it until the ropes wrapped around him, sending him face down on the floor.

From his position Harry couldn't see the person who attacked him and he silently cursed his inattention as he listened to the footsteps closing in on him. They stopped next to him, then pain erupted in his side and the air driven out of him as a boot buried itself in his side.

The boot struck again and again until Harry was finally lifted onto his back and found himself looking up at a smirking Draco Malfoy.

"What am I to do. Scar-head lying here, completely at my mercy. Pity I can't have as much fun as I want. The Dark Lord has specific instructions about what is to happen to you. I hope you suffer." Draco ended with his usual sneer. It was obvious that he was enjoying this. He kicked Harry in the ribs several more times before pulling out the potion he had been sent and, grabbing Harry's nose forced it down his throat.


Voldemort had been downing energy restoring potions as he monitored the link to Potter. He knew he would suffer the effects of abusing the potion but right now he needed all the energy he could get in case the Malfoy heir actually managed to pull off the plan. He knew the moment the potion entered Potter's blood stream and grinned in anticipation.

He gave the potion a moment to fully establish itself in Potter's body, then struck with full force, trying to retrieve his soul fragment and as much of Potter's power as possible.

Harry's body was sudden engulfed in a dark energy, and the familiar pain set in. Draco watched, laughing as Harry started screaming in agony.

The screams had brought Susan and Hannah running and they watched, helplessly, as Harry suffered under the dark energy.

Harry was lost in a sea of pain, unaware of the outside world. He found himself looking at a ball of white light or energy that was surrounded by darkness. The darkness seemed to be loosening itself from the white but it seemed to be trying to drag as much white with it as possible. Taking wild guess, Harry assumed that he was the white and Voldemort was the black. His only consolation was that there was more white that black.

Harry, being stubborn, refused to give in to Voldemort. He refused to let him win. Not without a fight anyway. This resolve showed immediately. The white energy seemed to solidify and repel the tendrils from the dark energy. The dark tendrils lashed at the white ball with little effect then started pulling away. As it pulled away the white ball started growing larger and brighter. Freed from the suffocating embrace of the dark energy under which it had struggled for so long, the white energy was finally able to work at its full potential. Harry, seeing this, grinned in anticipation and waited until the dark energy was nearly completely free before commanding the white energy to attack, to destroy, to cleanse. The white ball responded by sending multiple spicks straight through the dark energy and then curling around to capture it while others started tearing it apart. Dark swatches of energy floated free from the main mass and were picked up and pull into the main body, swallowed and purified they became a part of the white.

To everyone viewing Harry was bathed in a darkness so deep that it almost hid him completely from view. Draco was obviously laughing but he couldn't be heard over Harry's screaming. Susan and Hannah were stunned into inaction when two spells shot passed them and hit Draco sending him to the floor. Turning they were surprised to see two Slytherin girls putting their wands away and a Ravenclaw standing behind then.

"So, can you tell us what's happening to Potter or aren't you even able to do that."

Susan glared at the Slytherin girl.

"Malfoy had Harry tied up and forced some potion down his throat. I'm sure that you are capable of assessing the effect for yourself." She replied turning back to watch Harry's suffering.

"Padma." She addressed the Ravenclaw. "Can you run and find Dumbledore. Or anyone who might be able to help."

"Okay, Susan," and she ran back to the Great Hall to find any teacher who was still around.

Padma hadn't gotten very far when the corridor behind her flooded with white light. She looked back to see the four girls silhouetted against the light, before turning back to continued running.

"Greengrass and Davis isn't it?" Susan asked the two Slytherin girls.

"Got it in one, Bones." Daphne Greengrass drawled. Then her voice changed completely. "Any idea's on what is happening to Potter?"

Susan looked at Daphne, surprised to see that the concern in her voice was matched by an expression of concern that appeared to be very honest, on both girls' features.

"I don't know. One of his friends might know more but I haven't seen them today. At least he has stopped screaming. That and the white light instead of dark looks promising." Susan decided to give the two Slytherin's the benefit of the doubt.

They watched a moment longer before Susan found her equilibrium again. Marching forward she picked up Draco's wand and started searching the paralysed boy. Quickly finding the letter and potion vial in his pockets.

Standing back she bound Draco in ropes then looked over what she had found.

"I knew Draco was stupid but this takes it to a whole new level."

"What have you got?" Tracy Davis now entered the conversation.

"Just a letter ordering Malfoy to force Harry to drink this potion. And it's even from you-know-who himself."

"He's back? I mean, I know what Potter and Dumbledore have been saying and what has been coming from the Ministry and the Profit. But there has been no sign of you-know-who for the last year, so I've had my doubts." Daphne queried.

"Well, you can put you doubts aside. My aunt wrote me. She, the Minister of Magic, and a number of Auror's saw Him last night in the Ministry. Apparently Harry fought Him again."

"Ouch. How many times is that? And where are his friends?" Tracy asked.

"I don't know how many times it makes but I think his friends spent the night in St Mungo's." Susan replied.

"It just keeps getting worse and worse for him, doesn't it?" Daphne commented.

"I can feel the sympathy just flowing from you." Susan glared and the Slytherin briefly before turning back to the light show in front of her.


Padma hadn't found Dumbledore or McGonagall. She had caught Flitwick and Sprout still having breakfast and convinced them to follow her.

Returning to the light show Harry was putting on the two teachers stopped in amazement.

Flitwick recovered first.

"Umm. Well. I suppose I should..." He stepped forward am waved his wand, casting some detection and diagnostic's spells and froze in shock.

"The energy levels are huge. I have no idea what is happening, the signature is unlike anything I have ever encountered. I've sent a message to Professor Dumbledore; hopefully he can shed some light on this."

"I saw Mr Malfoy force some sort of potion down Harry's throat while he was tied up on the ground. This is the potion vial; here is Mr Malfoy's wand which should be tested to see if he is the person who attacked Harry." Susan stated to Professor's Flitwick and Sprout formally. "And Mr Malfoy also dropped this letter which appears to be instructions to Mr Malfoy from he-who-must-not-be-named to give a potion to Harry at any cost." She handed the items over.

Professor Flitwick looked the letter over and shuddered.

"Thank you Miss Bones. I will ensure that these are passed to Professor Dumbledore." Flitwick looked back at the light. "But for now, all we can do is wait."

The students turned back and waited, some more patiently than others.

The light suddenly started to fade rapidly, until the dark haired figure suspended in mid air within the light became visible. The light vanished entirely and the figure collapsed to the ground.

Flitwick and Sprout moved forward to check the figure, casting several diagnostic charms.

"Well, his energy levels are low but his core seems to be huge. The only injuries appear to be some bruising around his ribs." Flitwick commented to Sprout.



"Her. I agree that this is Harry Potter, the eyes, scar and hair confirm that, but he is now a she." Professor Sprout explained.

Flitwick refocused on Harry's body and noticed the changes.

"I ... see. This is going to cause some problems. We had better get him... uh... her to Madam Pomfrey."

Draco, still tied up but no longer paralysed with the spell having worn off started laughing again.

"So Potter is now a girl! Serve's the loser right. Or is it Pottette now?"

Flitwick turned his attention to Malfoy. With a flick of his wand he was silenced and floating in the air.

"Pomona, could you take Harry to the hospital wing. I will deliver Mr Malfoy to the Headmaster's office for his punishment."

Sprout nodded, and with a flick of her wand floated Harry and directed his movement to the Hospital wing.


Hermione Granger was getting a little irritated at her friends. She Ginny, Luna, Neville and Ron had all spent the night at St Mungo's getting their injuries checked out. All of them except Ron had been returned to Hogwarts that morning. Hermione was still in need of some treatment but Madam Pomfrey which was why Ginny and Luna had been irritating her by ensuring that she was snugly tucked into bed instead of checking on Harry like she wanted.

Neville had already left, returning to the Gryffindor dorms. He said he would look for Harry but he really wanted to shower and change and escape from the upset Hermione. He was the last of the students to see Harry when he had chased after Lestrange after she had killed Sirius.

Hermione had finally convinced Ginny and Luna to go check on Harry when Professor Sprout appeared in the Hospital wing levitating a dark haired girl. Behind then several other girls were following.

"Poppy. Poppy can you come here quickly please." Professor Sprout called.

"What is the rush Pomona?" Madam Pomfrey asked as she appeared from her office.

"Mr Potter here was attacked and forced to drink an unknown potion. The primary purpose of the potion is unknown but there is one very obvious side effect that I'm sure that you have already noticed."

"This is Mr Potter?" Pomfrey gasped looking at the floating figure.

"Quickly, put him on his bed." She said gesturing to the empty bed next to Hermione.

"Professor Sprout?" "What happened to Harry?" Hermione and Ginny's voices overlapped.

"Silence girls!" Madam Pomfrey spoke sharply as she waved her wand over the unconscious figure.

She grimaced and cast several spells over Harry's abdomen. Pulling a small pot out of the medical bag she always carried she passed it to Tracy Davis.

"Ms Davis. If you could rub this over Mr Potter's stomach, sides and arms. I need to get some potions for him."

"Yes, Madam Pomfrey." Tracy replied, taking the pot.

She moved over to Harry's bed and started lifting his shirt to expose his stomach.

"Excuse me! What do yo think you are doing?" Ginny demanded, wand drawn but not pointing at her. Yet.

"Putting some bruise salve on Potter as Madam Pomfrey told me too." Tracy replied, ignoring the younger girl.

"And 'your' doing it because?"

"I plan on being a Healer when I graduate. Madam Pomfrey has been tutoring me since last year to help me get into the healer training program in St Mungo's."

"Then you can tell me how he is." Ginny demanded.

"Draco looks to have worked him over pretty good. He has a lot of surface bruising. I imagine that there is substantial internal bruising as well if Pomfrey is letting me do this." She said looking at the bruising already visible.

"What happened?" Hermione demanded.

"Draco tied up Harry, looks to have beaten him a fair bit, and forced a potion down his throat. Then he was engulfed by a dark light which must have been very painful from his screaming, then he was surrounded by a white light that totally obscured him from view. Then the white light faded and Harry..." Susan paused not sure how to continue.

"Harry went from being suspended in mid air to lying on the ground. And with a pair of boobs that are making me really jealous." Tracy finished absently as she rubbed the salve in.

"Huh?" Ginny was staring alternately between Tracy and Harry.

"Harry seems to have been turned into a girl." Daphne said.

"Oh no. Poor Harry. What else can go wrong?" Hermione gasped.

"Ouch. Is this from the dragon last year?" Tracy was looking at a scar on Harry's left arm that disappeared up his raised sleeve around his shoulder.

Ginny looked over and nodded.

"I think so."

"He is lucky it wasn't worse."

Tracy finished with his left arm and moved around the bed to Harry's right arm. Raised that sleeve she gasped at the two violent scars.

"What happened here?"

Ginny looked over.

"The puncture on his upper arm is from a basilisk bite in his second year and the lower arm is where his blood was stolen to resurrect Tom last year."


Ginny looked around at the five girls who had come in with Harry, all of whom had turned white.

"A basilisk. The one in the Chamber of Secrets."

"You mean to tell me that there is a basilisk living in this school and the chamber of secrets, created by Salazar Slytherin himself is real." Daphne finally managed to ask.

"Yep." Ginny replied cheerfully.

"I heard the rumours but..." Daphne trailed off.

"You are telling me that he survived being bitten by a basilisk? How big was it?" Tracy finally managed to re-enter the conversation.

"50 to 60 feet. Big enough to take a fully grown adult in one quick bite. We think it was Slytherin's pet."

"How is he still alive? How is he still sane? Is every year like that for him?" Tracy demanded.

"Pretty much." Hermione replied. "Philosophers' Stone and Voldemort in first year, Chamber of Secrets and Voldemort second year. Dementor's third year. Tri-wizard tournament and Voldemort fourth year and Voldemort again this year."

"How do you lot get involved with all this?" Susan asked.

"Usually a matter of one thing leading to another." Hermione replied.

"Why didn't you talk to a teacher?" Hannah asked.

"That is usually the step immediately before having to sort it out ourselves."

"Who is Tom?" Padma asked Ginny.

"Tom Riddle is you-know-who's real name."

"I had wondered if there might be something like that. I mean, who names their kid that." Daphne commented.

"What are the Professor's going to do about the basilisk? We can't stay at Hogwarts with a basilisk running around." Tracy said.

"It's dead. Harry killed it back in his second year." Ginny replied.

"He killed a 1000 year old basilisk when he was 12? By himself?"

They were interrupted by Madam Pomfrey returning.

"I have informed Professor Dumbledore about Mr Potter's injuries." She said to the girls.

"He will be down shortly to investigate what happen personally."

"Is the Headmaster back?" Hannah asked.

"Yes, Miss Abbott. He returned last night."

Madam Pomfrey turned to Harry and with a bit of spell work got him to drink the three potions she was carrying. She waved her wand over Harry again.

"Well done Miss Davis. All we can do now is wait. Please inform me the moment he wakes up."

Madam Pomfrey returned to her office.

"So getting back to Harry's... unique experience here at Hogwarts?" Daphne turned back to Ginny and Hermione.

"No," Hermione shook her head, "I don't feel comfortable telling you more. Not without Harry's permission."

"Fair enough." Susan ended the conversation with a very direct look at Daphne.

Daphne nodded.

"Do you think we should come up with another name for him? Now the he is a she?" Daphne said to change the subject.

"Harri?" Luna piped up. "Do you think he will still like girls or will he prefer boys now?"

The other girls exchanged glances.