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Chapter 29

By the time Harry and Hermione were walking, towel clad, from the bathroom to the wardrobe everyone else had risen and were getting their breakfasts.

"How is everyone?" Harry asked as he entered the living area.

"Good. A little sore though." Was the general consensus.

"Glad to hear it." Harry smiled. "I think we all did really well yesterday. I'm not saying we were perfect but, given our lack of experience, I think we didn't do too badly at all. We all pulled our weight and we didn't let anyone down. And, most importantly, we all got home safely. Yes there were some injuries but nothing major. In fact I think we got off lightly considering the situation."

"I agree." Susan nodded. "I've heard enough about combat from Auntie to know how lucky we were. I think our training and teamwork has paid off but we need to keep working at it. We still have a lot of room for improvement."

There were some determined looks exchanged. Everyone now had a fuller understanding of the stakes. Even Hermione, Ginny and Luna, who had fought at the Ministry, had a new appreciation for the dangers of combat.

"What's the plan for today?"Tracy asked.

"We need to review what happened." Harry answered. "We're probably going to go over it a few times, but I think it's going to be important that we do. M told us that we need to discuss this. Well, she told me to discuss things so I guess I should go first."

Harry sighed and ducked his head. "I was scared, more for all of you than myself but, still. And the... I don't know how to describe it."

"Carnage is the only word I can think of." Hermione spoke up. "I think that is going to haunt me for a long time. I was terrified too. That was so incredibly different to the Ministry."

"Yeah." Ginny shuddered. "I mean, we knew they were Death Eaters we were fighting at the Ministry and they could kill us at any time, but they held back because of the Prophesy Sphere. Last night, those creatures were just out to kill us. No intelligence, no thoughts, no reason. They were just going to kill us."

"And eat us. At least they wouldn't have raped us" Daphne shuddered. "It's not until now, thinking back, that I realise just how scared I was. I don't think I could have handled it without knowing all of you were with me."

"Same with me." Tracy added in a quiet, sad voice. "I felt totally useless during that fight. I know I was there to heal and had to save my strength but to see you five standing there, facing them directly... Even the rest of you got to assist. I just had to stand there and watch."

Daphne moved to hug her dorm-mate. "I can't imagine how hard it was for you, but you were far from useless, Trace. FAR from useless."

The others added their own reassurance and their own feelings. Fear featured prominently, as did disgust. All of them, except Tracy, had added to the carnage at some level. The memories of the blood and gore they had to wade through were haunting. It was only the closeness of the group that was holding them together and keeping them going. It was that same closeness that was helping them to heal now.

Harry and Hermione found themselves alone again when the others went to get ready for the day.

"That got rather intense." Hermione commented, breaking the silence.

"Yeah." Harry nodded. "I really hope we don't end up in that situation again. I'm more than a little scared we will though."

"I know." Hermione tried to give him a comforting smile. "But while this war continues then we probably will find ourselves in that sort of situation again and again. Or worse."

"Now that is a thought that's going to keep me up at night." Harry grimaced.

"Sorry." Hermione apologised. "Umm. As something else to think about instead; how would you feel, and I'm only talking hypothetically, but what would you think if, say, Ginny, or maybe Susan, joined us when we... you know..."

Harry blinked as he tried to comprehend what Hermione was talking about. He flushed as his thoughts took a more sexual turn. "You mean like what we were doing when Susan walked in on us, or the shower? Like, if she joined in instead of just watching?"

Hermione nodded. "Something like that. I'm not saying it's going to happen; I just wanted your opinion on it."

"I really don't know." Harry couldn't fight the heavy flush staining his cheeks and neck. "I mean, would you want that? Would she want that? Is that even right?"

"Matters of what's normally considered right or wrong can't really be considered." Hermione countered his last point first. "Within our... unique relationship we have to make our own rules. As long as we are all in agreement and are happy with them then they can be defined as 'right'.

"The really question is whether or not we would be comfortable with that situation."

"I don't know that I would be." Harry admitted. "I'm struggling enough with the idea of doing some of the things we do with someone else."

"I know." Hermione smiled at him. "And you needn't worry so much about it. I don't know that I would be comfortable either, to be honest. But, in that spirit of honesty, I think I would be more comfortable with Ginny joining us than Susan. But that's just how I feel right now; that could change."

Harry was silent for a while and his head drooped. "Could your feelings about me change?"

Hermione closed the gap and lifted his head so she could look him in the eyes. "I admit that I don't know what the future will bring but I will Never stop thinking of you as an incredibly special person. I honestly believe that you are the man who will make me happy for the rest of my life. I love you Harry; and I know in my heart that that love will only grow."

Harry stared at the girl who had been with him through so many things and felt a surge of emotion. He pulled free and turned away to hide the moisture appearing at the corners of his eyes.

Hermione let him turn away and wrapped him in a hug from behind, gently cupping one of his breasts to increase the intimacy of their position.

Harry couldn't help but lean back into her, deepening the hug by wrapping his arms across hers to hold them against him more firmly. He couldn't resist increasing the feeling of pleasure he got from the intimate placement of her hand.

They stayed like that for a few minutes until they heard the others beginning to return. They separated but Hermione sat next to him, ensuring she was firmly pressed into his side as she gave him a strong, happy smile that Harry shyly returned.

With the other assembled they left the Extension and joined Hermione's family in the original part of the house.

"How are you all doing?" Philip asked as they entered the lounge.

"Okay I suppose." Harry answered for the group. "But last night was disturbing for us on multiple levels."

"Speaking for the group now?" Philip lifted an eyebrow.

"Not really." Harry shrugged. "We've discussed this already."

"Good." Philip nodded. "And last night was horrific. That level of violence and carnage is not common in my experience; and I believe the others will agree with me. All of you did really well."

"I glad to know that last night was a aberration, rather than a common occurrence." Daphne sighed in relief.

Philip shrugged. "I honestly can't tell you one way or another sorry. Combat in the magical world is still alien to me."

Daphne wasn't the only one who slumped. "I really wish you hadn't said that."

Philip merely shrugged again. "What are your plans for the day?"

"Resting mostly." Harry answered. "Most of us still have some healing to do. I'm betting there's going to be a meeting to discuss last night's mission as well."

"Probably." Philip nodded. "Should be interesting. So you're going to take it easy until then?"

"Yeah." Harry replied. "I'm betting that we're going to be training hard after this."

"You will be." Philip agreed. "There were a number of mistakes made by everyone last night. Those can't be repeated against opponents that know how, and are able, to capitalise on them."

"I understand." Harry nodded with a serious expression.

"I'm sure you do."


Harry and the girls were outside relaxing and reading a few books for new spells to learn when Winky announced the arrival of the joint Special Forces and Secret Service team and the Aurors.

Harry escorted the team, which included M to the World Room. Dobby was setting up chairs for everyone to sit in and quickly vanished.

M stood and looked over the assembled team. "Well, congratulations on the successful completion of your first mission. It came far sooner than I had anticipated but you coped well. I've been given the overview of the events of last night by Captain Mason and would like any additional information or thoughts any of you might like to add."

Kingsley nodded. "There are two key items about last night that are concerning. Firstly was the presence of foreign wizards in Death Eater robes. It looks like He is recruiting from Europe so we need to find out where they are from and how they are entering the country. Secondly was their entrance into the Goblin caves. Goblins are known to be experts in Warding so it would take a skilled Ward Breaker to gain entrance, especially without being detected."

"I imagine the Goblins will be trying to find the answer to that one." Harry commented. "I'll ask the Assessor and see if he is willing to provide us any information. If there is a skilled Ward Breaker amongst the Death Eaters then there are many sites that could be at risk."

"As if our resources weren't spread thin enough." Kingsley sighed. "Still, it's better to know sooner rather than later."

"I'm curious about how they got that many creatures to invade the place?" Meyers asked.

"One of the things the Ministry of Magic keeps hidden is the number of magical creatures in the country." Kingsley answered. "They do have specific habitats that rely on charms to keep non magical people away but wizards could find them easily enough and collect them. It would take a fair amount of time and manpower to get that many so there is a serious concern about what resources V..V..Voldemort has at his disposal."

"Could they have imported some, you know, with the foreign wizards?" Tracy asked a little hesitantly.

"That is a real possibility." Kingsley pondered the question for a minute. "There are Ministries in Europe that would turn a blind eye to getting rid of pest and dangerous species like we saw last night. If they are currently having a problem with them then they may even pay to get rid of them, no questions asked. Still, logistically it would be a nightmare to contain and move that many creatures. I doubt they would try again. I think He only used those so it wasn't obviously him doing the attacking."

"And the relations between the Goblins and our Ministry are poor enough that if we hadn't been told about it, thanks to Harry," Tonks tossed a grin at her Head of Family, "then we wouldn't have been the wiser and the Goblins position could have been weakened enough that they would have had to withdraw the support they've provided us."

"Or worse, been forced to change side." Daphne shuddered.

"Goblin Warders could remove the Wards they created easily and if we weren't aware of it then we would be vulnerable and not know it." Padma stated. "So would every other area that we've had then assist in protecting."

"That is called having all your eggs in one basket." M grimaced. "Something to be avoided where ever possible."

"It's a very bad idea." Hermione agreed. "Harry, do you think you are up to working with the Wards here and improving them? Just so that if a Goblin gets forced to break them, he can't."

"I'll look into it." Harry promised. "I just don't think I'm ready to work with Wards this complex yet."

"You have a number of other houses you can practise on first." Daphne told him.

"The situation just keeps getting more complex." Hestia sighed.

"It does explain the dragon though." Ginny commented. "Imagine what would happen if Tom threw a few dragons at somewhere like Hogsmeade, or a non-magical area."

"With Giants as well, the destruction would be horrific." Hermione gasped.

"And Voldemort wouldn't lose anyone he might consider useful." Harry finished grimly.

M actually groaned. "I hate dealing with madmen like this. The only thing you can predict is that he doesn't care about the loss of life, on either side, as long as he wins. There is a lot to cover with this situation. If you can work together to come up with likely scenarios that would be appreciated. Shacklebolt, can you start enquires about what is happening in the Continent and feed that information to myself, Minister Bones and everyone here."

Kingsley nodded.

"Now, regarding a the combined unit?" M moved the conversation along.

"On the whole I can see a combined unit working out very well." Drake spoke up. "I would recommend that any Witch or Wizard, are those the right terms, be put through proper military training but the use of magic provides some interesting options. Additional ammunition when needed for a start."

"I agree. Magic isn't as quick as a gun, but it can affect things that are unaffected conventional weaponry." Meyers added. "I would like to see how else magic can improve our standard equipment. As combat goes it will integrate easily enough. The issue is Harry and his sword."

"Sorry about that." Harry ducked his head.

"Don't be. You're really effective with that weapon. Effective enough to make it worth our while to incorporate it." Meyers answered. "I believe our immediate focus should be on two areas. Harry and his team need weapons and SOP training. I would also like them to see what they can do to improve our weaponry. I believe they can offer a lot in that department."

"When it comes to equipment I'd like to include the twins." Harry said. "They're a bit nuts but they're good at what they do. They can come up with good ideas"

Ginny chuckled. "They're the ones who invented that swamp I used on that training mission."

"An unconventional tool." M commented.

"But effective." A grumbling voice sounded.

"I dislike the idea of including more people unnecessarily." M stated. "But we have discussed them already I can see value in including people who can specialise in equipment."

"We can include them at a later date if you would prefer." Harry offered.

"I would." M inclined her head to the gender altered wizard in appreciation. "Let's see what you can achieve without them first."

"Let us know what you need and we'll see what we can do." Daphne told the head of MI6.

M nodded. "Good. Shacklebolt, please focus on how the foreign wizards are getting into the country and where those creatures come from. This is a serious breach in the Realm's Security and I want this breach closed ASAP."

"I have to agree with you." Kingsley gave a nod. "I'll inform Minister Bones and begin looking that immediately. I agree that we need better security in that regard. I'm just not sure how we're going to do it."

"I am happy to offer any assistance I can." M told him. "And it seems we have some talented resources here. Speaking of which, why did you lock some information away inside their heads?"

"We didn't want that getting out just yet." Harry shrugged. "Besides, I'm sure you'll test the limits of the spell; I'm interesting in finding them out myself. And it's not like I didn't get their permission first."

"True. Very well." M stood. "I will leave you to your training. Let me know if there is any additional equipment that you require for you testing."

"We will Ma'am." Meyers replied as he and the rest of the Special Forces team stood and saluted.

Harry watched the MI6 Leader leave. "So, training?"

"Yes." Meyers answered. "We did well last night but there are a number of things you need to learn to work with us better. You also need more firearms training. As I'm sure you observed, our weapons were quicker to use, if not always totally effective."

"Yeah."Susan nodded.

"And we can save our magical energy too." Daphne added.

"We just need ways to improve your weaponry." Hermione said. "But we will need your help to do so. You know more about your weapons and their limitations."

"We're more than happy to sit down and go over all that with you." Meyers told her. "But for now, let get you all up to speed with what we have."

"Okay." Harry stood. "Can you start with those hand-signs of yours?"

"I brought over a manual that explains the code. You can work on those in your own time and we'll test you on them." Meyers answered. "Now, let's begin..."

Harry and the girls spent the rest of the day working with the Special Forces group, practising all their procedures and getting their weapons skills up to speed.


"Man, I ache everywhere." Hannah complained as she collapsed onto Harry's bed.

"That was a lot of hard work." Tracy agreed as she joined the Hufflepuff.

"Come on, it wasn't that bad." Daphne teased her house mate.

"Shut up." Was Tracy's tired reply.

Daphne laughed. "You need to exercise more. You'll like it. You look and feel great too."

"Please shut up." Tracy begged. "I'm too sore to put up with that sort of thing."

"Really?" Daphne bounced down onto the bed next to her friend. "You know, if you exercised more, you wouldn't be so sore."

"Really, just shut up." Tracy took a couple of attempts to roll over so she could bury her face in the covers.

Susan had pulled Hermione aside for a quiet conversation.

"I'm really sorry about this morning." Susan began.

"Forget about it." Hermione waved the Hufflepuff's concerns away. "Please."

"I wish I could." Susan blushed. "Was it really as good it looked?'

"Better probably." Hermione smiled at the memory, her cheeks tinting.

"How could I get that too?" Susan stuttered slightly but managed to get the question out.

"Firstly, don't rush." Hermione cautioned. "Secondly, get used to being intimate with Harry while he's in his female form."

"Really." Susan blinked in surprise.

"Yeah." Hermione grinned. "It can be fun and you can completely let yourself go without worries of going too far."

"I see." Susan nodded. "Isn't that... I dunno, a little weird?"

"Not really. Harry is Harry." Hermione shrugged. "You just let yourself go and you get used to it pretty quick."

Susan nodded again. "Okay. Thank you."

"Good luck." Hermione smiled.

"Thanks." Susan paused. "Isn't it a little odd you helping me get... closer to the guy you were with this morning?"

Hermione considered it. "Probably, but Harry and 'odd' go hand in hand. This isn't easy but fighting won't help at all."

Susan smiled at little. "Yeah. But in any case thank you for being so understanding about this. I can't imagine how hard this must be for you."

"I've been through many challenging situations with Harry." Hermione sighed. "But this has to be the most unique."

"I can believe it." Susan agreed. "But still; thank you."

"You're welcome." Hermione gave the Hufflepuff a brief hug.


The Special Forces and Secret Agents had never been in such an unusual situation. Working with a 'bunch of school girls' was not a normal day for them. But this group worked hard and learnt fast. That was the factor that allowed them to adjust to the new rhythm. They had been picking up the sign-language they used quickly, as they did with every other skill. It was this factor that allowed them to ignore the fact that they followed no normal form of discipline.

They were intelligent too.

"Right." Meyers spoke as he lifted the weapon out of the case. "This is not one of our standard weapons. Primarily as it's too large and heavy. I want you to consider the following factors when doing your modifications: weight, ammunition volume, maintenance, noise and operating temperature."

"So we need to make it lighter and quieter, give more space for ammunition and keep it clean." Daphne paraphrased.

"Correct." Meyers nodded.

"Okay. What do you mean by 'operating temperature'?" Daphne asked.

"When it fires for sustain periods it can overheat. When that happens, the metals expand and they can jam stopping the weapon from working." Meyers explained.

"So we just need to keep it cool." Hermione said.

"Not exactly." Meyers shook his head. "Too cool and the oils that allow the parts to move freely will congeal and the weapon and jam."

"Is there anything that won't jam it?" Daphne queried.

"Cute." Meyers snorted. "These are well manufactured weapons, but at the rate of fire they can reach, tolerances become much tighter."

"Okay." Hermione nodded. "What do you think Daphne?"

"Well, there are cleaning enchantments, we just need tweak them to include the proper oils. I'm thinking of using environmental enchantments to maintain the weapons temperature correctly and we can use lightening and silencing runes as well. For the ammunition I think space enlargement and lightening enchantments would work." Daphne thought aloud. "Oh, unbreakable charms too."

"When you enlarge the magazine, you'll need to consider how to feed the rounds into the weapon. This weapon is belt fed so it won't be a problem but it will be for other weapons we use." Meyers warned them.

"Right." Hermione nodded. "On another note, you had grenade launchers on the guns you used the other night, could we get some empty grenades?"

"By empty you mean without the explosive charge, correct?" Meyers queried.

"Yes." Hermione nodded. "I was thinking we could load other types of things. Actually, could we get some of those guns too? They might be good to upgrade too."

"I agree, but if you're successful with this one then we may switch to these are they will be effective against a wider range of creatures. Plus we can get a wider range of ammunition." Meyers explained.

"That's good." Daphne breathed a sigh of relief. "I wasn't looking forward to enchanting a few thousand rounds of ammunition. But I like the idea of doing stuff with those grenades."

"I'll bring some blank grenades then and a few launchers too. If you can attach them to these then that would be a significant enhancement." Meyers pulled a notebook and made a couple of notations. Be very careful with the grenades, they will have the primary charge removed but they will still have the propellant."

"Thanks for the warning." Hermione replied. "We'll be careful."

"Good. I look forward to seeing the results." Meyers grinned. "Best of luck to you all."

"Thanks." Hermione said distractedly.

Daphne just gave a vague half wave with her off hand, she was already making notes.

Harry was roped in to help as a part of his Runes study, so of course Ginny followed. Hermione had a few conversations with her grandfather for more details on the machine gun, specifically what parts were actually required and how much they could modify it before the large weapon would be compromised.

Working in between everything else they had to do it took a few days but the ability to disassemble the gun and have everyone one working on a different part helped speed things up.

Meyers looked over the modified weapon and picked it up. "Whoa, that's much lighter. I noticed you've reduced the housing a lot, does that mean you've totally solved the heat issue?"

"Yes." Daphne nodded. "And that is fully loaded too. We've done some test firing and not encountered any issues, but I'm sure you're going to test it yourself."

Meyers grinned. "But of course. It's still a little on the big side, but there's only so much you can do about that. It's certainly much more portable. "

"Well, give it a try." Daphne pointed him towards the gun range they had set up.

Meyers took his place on the short range and looked around for something to brace the weapon on. "You don't have a tripod for this?"

"No, we managed to find a way to counter the recoil problem." Daphne answered. "Thanks for warning us about that by the way."

"I didn't think I needed to."Meyers replied. "How did you do it?"

"Family secret. I spent a fair bit of time in my Father's library hunting for those runes." Daphne grumbled at the memory.

"Right then. Here goes nothing." Meyers braced himself and carefully pulled the trigger.

There was a quiet crack and the gun jerked slightly and the round punched through the thin target and into the safety wall at the end of the range.

"Well, my poor aim aside, that is much better." Meyers complemented.

"Thank you." Daphne gave him a slight bow. "We did our best. We couldn't make it any quieter unfortunately."

"No, that's fine." Meyers assured the girl. "You've greatly reduced the amount of noise it makes so don't worry. If we need to make it quieter, there are attachments for the barrel. You've done really well. Now, let's see what this can really do."

Meyers pulled the trigger fully and didn't release it causing the gun to turn the normal quiet crack to blend into a continual muted roar. The target was shredded into nothingness long before the gun finally ran out of ammunition.

"Damn." Meyers grinned. "That's good. How much did you increase the magazine capacity by? 10 times or something? It didn't even get warm from all that."

"12 and a half to be exact." Daphne corrected. "So, how did we do?"

"I'm bringing all of my weapons to you before I use them if this is what you can do." Meyers complemented . "How long will it take you to upgrade enough of these for everyone?"

"A while unfortunately." Daphne replied sadly. "We can do it much faster now that we know what we're doing, but we have other projects to work on as well. Our body armour for example."

"Ah, yes. Well, do your best. These are worth waiting for." Meyers nodded. "How are you doing with the grenade launchers?"

"They were easy enough to attach." Daphne answered. "And we've managed to modify them to hold 4 grenades at a time. We are still working on alternate loads though. We've managed to get them to work with the Portable Swamps that Ginny's brothers make but that's all. It's taken a bit of work to figure out how to get them to activate when it hits something after being fired."

"That's fine. You've made progress which is the important thing." Meyers reassured her. "How much time before you have to head back to your school?"

"End of the month. And we have other things to do as well." Daphne told him. "Ginny's birthday is in a couple of days. It may not be important to you but..."

"You're still kids who should enjoy these things." Meyers interrupted. "I think we're all used to the fact you lot aren't going to follow normal procedures for most things. You made enough progress in your training that I'm not concerned. As long as you can be available for missions, it might be best to wait until you are back at school before beginning our convert missions. It will give you all better cover, as long as you aren't noticed leaving and returning to your school."

"I'm sure we can work something suitable out with that." Daphne promised.

"Good. I was concerned with working with a bunch of school girls when we first started but, quirks aside, you are some of the best I've worked with. I think this is going to be a successful joint venture." Meyers smiled.

"Thank you. I appreciate your belief in us." Daphne smiled back. "And I know the others will too."

"Where are they? If I may ask?" Meyers looked around.

"Doing various forms of training." Daphne grinned. "I got picked to meet you instead of what I might be doing otherwise."

"Do I want to know?"

"Probably, but I'm not telling." Daphne didn't stop grinning.


Susan and Luna we're in another area of the World Room, a forest far from the gun ranges. They were putting Hermione, Hannah, Tracy and Padma through some physical training to get them moving though tight areas better in both their human and animal forms. It was as well they didn't have to remain totally undetectable as their level of sweat would have given them away.

The two witches were enjoying drilling the other four, running them through the denser part of the forest and timing them. They even spiced it up by firing weak hexes at them randomly to force them to remain fully aware of their surroundings. They knew their unfortunate trainee's would want revenge at some point though.

Harry and Ginny were running through a few practise tests that Hermione and Daphne had thrown together form them based on the fifth year Ancient Runes curriculum to help gauge their readiness for sitting their OWLS. They were doing well and were confident in their ability to pass the real test when they sat it.

That Ginny was fully occupied with Harry had also allowed the other girls to floo out quickly to ensure they all had presents for her Ginny's birthday and Hermione had stopped by the Burrow to talk to Molly about the party. After multiple letters they had agreed to hold the party there at Molly's request but only if she remained on her best behaviour. The Weasley Matriarch would be hosting members of some very influential families after all, and would have to act accordingly. Arthur had agreed to this very easily and had surprised everyone in telling Molly to agree. He may not order his wife around but had no problems holding his own when he knew his wife was out of line.

On the day of the party they all stepped through the floo to the Burrow. Harry was grinning happily at the other end having managed to remain upright without assistance. Dobby had been tasked with bringing the presents along separately. All the Weasley brothers managed to be there for the day and Ginny found herself being hoisted up on the twins shoulders as they congratulated her on surviving another year.

Ginny laughed along with everyone else as they headed outside and across the fields to the pond they usually swam in until she had enough and told the twins to set her down, nicely.

"Are you sure you don't want a swim right now?" One of the twins asked.

"It gets so hot out that you should probably keep cool."

"Mustn't get too warm, it's bad for the complexion."

Ginny rolled her eyes and snapped herself round suddenly to plant a hand on one of the twins shoulders and a foot on the other and kicked herself out of their grasp and flipped to the ground to land calmly on her feet. "You two should be careful or you'll be the ones taking a bath. You look a little grubby behind the ears and could probably use a proper wash."

"Nice moves little sister." Bill grinned from where he had his arm around Fleur.

"Thanks." Ginny smiled up at her oldest brother.

Ron had been unusually silent. Though given the summer wear of the girls it was sort of understandable. The girls, and Harry, were all wearing more modest clothing than normal, given they weren't alone, but is was still much skimpier than would normally be worn in Wizarding society.

"Harry, are you really okay wearing a dress?" Ron asked.

Harry was glad he had put a light shirt over the top of his singlet. The singlet on its own was perfectly respectable in the non-magical world but much more cleavage than would be approved of by the Weasley Matriarch. Or for Ron to be able to handle without blowing a fuse. At Ron's gaze he unconsciously pulled it closed a little more. "It's a skirt, and it's not really that much different to wearing robes. Besides, it's cooler than shorts."

"It's still girls clothes." Ron protested.

"So am I at the moment, if you hadn't noticed." Harry replied dryly.

"Yeah, why is that? You can turn into a guy right?"

"For short periods." Harry told him. "And can be a little stressful. I did a little too much training yesterday so I need to take it easy."

"How can you stand being a girl?" Ron asked.

"It's pretty easy for the most part." Harry shrugged. "Hermione and Ginny manage it without complaining."

"But they are girls. You're a guy." Ron said stubbornly.

"I'm still me." Harry shrugged. "You'd better get used to it and not stare at me. I'm going to be in this form a lot and I don't want to feel like I have to smack you every five minutes, so can you stop staring at my breasts?"

Ron's gaze jerked up. "Sorry. They're just so..."

"Stop right there Ron." Harry cut him off. "You had better get yourself under control or it's going to be hard to remain friends. I don't want to feel uncomfortable to be in the same room as you."

"But your fine with those two?" Ron jerked his head towards to two Slytherin girls talking with Bill and Charlie.

"Yes I am. They're really nice and have become really good friends. I like and care for them a lot." Harry stated firmly. "Give them a real chance."

"You're sure they aren't going to turn you over to the Death Eaters?" Ron asked.

"I KNOW they won't." Harry hoped his over emphasis would breach Ron's skull. "Honesty."

"I just don't want you putting yourself at risk for just anyone." Ron tried to justify himself.

"I appreciate that but we did that in first year for Hermione who we didn't really get on with. And second year, it's not like I really knew Ginny when I went after her in the Chamber." Harry managed to keep his eyes from rolling.

"Yeah, but they are Gryffindors."

"So was Peter Pettigrew." Harry stared Ron down. "Any you were the one who put her in that bathroom in case you'd forgotten."

"Okay, you've made your point." Ron sighed.

"I hope so." Harry looked at Ron sadly. "Daphne and Tracy, and their families, have been very supportive and helpful. They don't want Voldemort around anymore than we do. Stop painting them with the same brush as Malfoy."

"Okay." Ron submitted. "I'll do my best."

"You had better do better than that Ron." Harry stated firmly. "I won't be having this conversation with you again."

Ron gulped. He knew Harry well enough to recognise the hidden threat; if he didn't sort himself out, he wouldn't be having 'any' conversations with Harry. "Okay."

"Now, it's Ginny's birthday. Let's not ruin it." Harry turned away and headed over to join Ginny with her father.

Ron looked around at the girls who had accompanied Harry. They were all beautiful he had to admit to himself, even the Slytherins. His eyes found Hermione and he couldn't help but stare. He hadn't realised how good she could look until the Yule Ball, though she went back to normal afterwards. Now she seemed to be in a halfway state. Her hair had lost most of its bushiness and her clothing showed she had developed more since that Christmas. Maybe she might be interesting in dating him this year.

The lunch time feast was Molly's cooking at its finest. The Weasley boys had set out the tables near the pond with their usual roughhousing and the girls had volunteered to help carry out the piles of dishes Molly must have spent days preparing.

Arthur stood to speak once everyone had settled in their seats. "Well, it's wonderful day to have the whole family here together to celebrate Ginny's fifteenth birthday. And better still to have so many more new friends with us as well. I wish you the most Happy Birthday, my dear daughter, and the best of luck for your upcoming OWLS."

"You had to ruin it by mentioning the tests didn't you." One of the twins interjected only to be smacked across the back of the head by the other. "Don't interrupt. Ignore him Ginny, and Happy Birthday."

"Happy Birthday Ginny." Everyone else added their congratulations to the girl.

"Thanks. Everyone." Ginny looked around, a little misty-eyed. "I really appreciate it."

"Well, dig in everyone one. There's plenty for everyone." Molly gestured for them to start eating, then scolded the twins. "Guests first you two. Wait your turn."

The twins pouted but offered the bowls they had picked up to the others before taking their own generous portion.

Everyone had to admit that Molly's cooking was exceptional but there was no way they would finish all the food that had been prepared. They underestimated the stomach capacity of the Weasley males though as they loaded up their plates for a second time. Fortunately they all had decent manners, except Ron who got stuck at the far end of the table next to Percy.

"That was wonderful. Thank you." Harry said as he sat back, full.

The others echoed him and Molly smiled at the praise. "It's always a joy to cook for those who appreciate it. Thank you."

The group help return the empty and few partially full dishes back inside before settling in the shade of the trees at the edge of the field nearest the pond to relax.

"Zat was wonderful, zhough I still find English food a little 'eavy." Fleur commented, her accent much stronger than normal. "I zink I ate a little too much."

"Same here." Daphne agreed. "I don't get it Ginny, how did you stay so small with meal like that?"

Ginny shrugged. "I guess I take after Dad and the boys like that. They only grow upwards, not outwards."

"Lucky you." Hannah grumped. "I might have put on a couple of inches after that meal."

"Exercise takes care of that nicely." Harry teased.

"Shut up you." Hannah replied without heat as she slumped to lie flat on the ground.

Harry chuckled as he relaxed against a tree. Ginny and Hermione sat on either side on him and Daphne sat next to Ginny.

There was little conversation which soon stopped as they found themselves dozing in the cool shade of the hot summer day.

They woke an hour or so later feeling much better, though the shade was no longer as comfortable as the day reached its hottest point.

Harry stood and stretched. "I don't know about the rest of you but I need to cool off a bit."

"That is a wonderful idea." Daphne agreed. "I'm glad we put our swimsuits on before we came."

"Me too." Ginny yawned. "Race you."

They casually stripped off their outer clothes to reveal the one piece swimsuit underneath and made a dash for the pond. They jumped in noisily, waking the others.

Hermione looked at the splashing trio. "That is a wonderful idea."

Ron was treated to the sight of Hermione shedding her clothes and run across the grass in a swimsuit and jump into the pond, splashing the others. He got the best view of Hermione of his life as he realised just how much she had changed since he had met her in first year.

He was distracted immediately as Susan and Fleur joined them. Fleur had her Veela beauty which always mesmerised him and Susan's breasts were too noticeable in her swimsuit to ignore. Even the other girls were worth staring at as they eagerly joined the ones already in the pond. Ron felt jealous the Harry got to be around them so often while he was stuck here at the Burrow.

The other Weasley boys didn't need any more encouragement as they peeled off their tops and kicked off their shoes and socks to join them, making sure to splash the girls as much as possible as they dove in.

This proved to be a bad idea. Normally the Weasley boys were their own mob and had little to worry about. This time however there were nine girls and Harry, currently in his female form, to contend with. Outnumbered nearly 2 to 1 they soon found themselves overwhelmed by the return onslaught of water as the girls retaliated.

"We lost?" Charlie was surprised as he and his brothers were forced to retreat. "That's never happened before."

"We are outnumbered." Percy reasoned.

"Fleur, why are you helping them?" Bill called to his girlfriend.

Fleur just grinned as she gave Ginny a one arm hug.

"Harry, why are you on their side?" Ron protested.

"I like it better here. The company is much more pleasant." Harry grinned.

"Can't argue with that." Fred grinned. "I'm sure the view is much better over there than from here. In fact, I'm changing teams."

His attempt to swim over was stopped by a near wall of water.

"Sorry, unless you can grow breasts you can't join us." Ginny teased him.

"Forge, that is our next product." Fred said as he retreated.

"Don't you dare." Harry shouted.

"Try and stop us." George laughed.

Harry focused and sent a spiralling channel of water straight at the twins that drove them back to the far edge of the pond.

"Ok. You win." Fred coughed as they sat in the shallow edge.

"Note to us, don't make Harry angry." George said.

"It's hazardous to our health." Fred finished.

"Isn't that cheating?" Charlie commented, though his was impressed by Harry's control. "And how did you do that without a wand?"

"Cheating? Against the twins? Impossible." Ginny answered for Harry, ignoring the second question entirely. "They cheat in everything, that's just evening things up."

That set everyone laughing and they began playing more sedately, except for the occasion of one of the Weasley boys throwing another around.

Arthur laughed to himself as he remained in the shade watching his children and their friends play. These are the days he longed for and would remember. The days of happiness without the threat of war.

He had to block Molly when she return carrying towels though.

"What are they wearing?" Molly huffed.

"More than they were when we visited them." Arthur replied firmly. "Just back off and let them have their fun. They aren't doing anything wrong."

Molly huffed again but sat quietly next to her husband.

Arthur actually had to hold his wife to keep her from making a scene when the girls started emerging from the water to sprawl on the towels in the sun. Not that he was too surprised. The girls in their fitting swimwear was a distracting sight. The older of his sons were behaving but Ron looked like he was going to melt. The combination of the Veela and three very busty girls was far too much for him to handle and he was now at risk of choking on his own drool. At least he wasn't acting out and embarrassing himself completely.

It was later that afternoon when Molly vanished back inside and brought out the cake, starting a rousing chorus of 'Happy Birthday'. Ginny laughed as the cake was set down before her so she could blow out the candles.

"Make a wish." Hermione grinned at the younger girl.

Ginny grinned back before her face turned serious in though. She looked around at all the faces smiling and laughing. Her family and her friends. No, her new family. She loved her parents and brothers but as she looked at the faces of Harry, Hermione, Daphne and the others she realised that they were no longer her friends. They were now her family.

'I don't want to lose any of my family but I want to move forward with my new family. I've never been happier since I've been with them. They are my future. My wish is to always be with all of them.' Ginny smiled to herself before inhaling deeply and blowing out all the candles in one go.

As the last candle went out everyone burst into cheers. Ginny just smiled to herself. Her silent declaration had filled her with a new resolve, but also an inner peace as well. She accepted the knife and cut the first piece. A very large piece. Putting it on a plate she cut it into nine and offered them to her new family before taking her own. She doubted any of them understood the symbolism but it was important to her.

After everyone had finished their cake Ginny found all her presents handed to her. She looked over the pile and thanked everyone passionately before beginning to open them. Ginny loved everything she had been given but she would have to admit that when she found a nondescript box with a small but familiar logo she gasped. She carefully lifted the lid of the box and shifted the tissue paper aside to pull out the dress.

"Oh. No. You didn't." Ginny gasped. "Harry. You shouldn't have."

"Given how beautiful you'll look in it, how could I not?" Harry grinned at her. "I'm glad you like it."

"Like it." Ginny hugged the dress gently. "I love it. Thank you Harry. Thank you so very much."

Ginny carefully returned the dress to the box and set it aside so she could lunge at Harry, knocking him over as she hugged him.

"I can't thank you properly right now." Ginny whispered in his ear. "But tonight, I'm going to show you just how much this means to me."

Harry was bright red as Ginny released him and got up.

"I guess we know what her favourite gift was." Fred grinned.

"Yeah. It looks like its Harry." George chuckled.

"Well, we can't argue with that." Fred.

"No, but I wouldn't mind getting that close to Harry right now either." George.

"He does look soft and cuddly, doesn't he." Fred.

"Makes you want to hug him tightly." George.

"Don't even think about it." It wasn't Harry who spoke. No one seemed to know where the angry voice came from.

No one saw who cast the stinging hexes that had the twins yelping and grabbing their backsides either.

"We surrender." The twins chorused immediately.

"Just like that?" Percy complained. "We have to put up with you two for years and they just get off without anything?"

"You guys we can handle. Them, on the other hand, scare us to death." Fred admitted.

"They have brains." George.

"Cunning." Fred

"Inventiveness." George.

"Plus we all know what Ginny is capable of." Fred.

"And then there is Harry who fights Dark Lords." George.

"Dragons." Fred.

"Basilisks." George.

"And not forgetting that he can bust our wards apart in seconds." Fred.

"Or his Marauder Legacy." George.

"So you're saying you're scared of a bunch of girls." Charlie laughed.

"Wouldn't you be?" Fred fired back.

Charlie refused to answer that, which got everyone else laughing.

The rest of the afternoon passed in a similar fashion, fun and laughter, until it came time to leave.

"You can stay here if you want." Arthur told Ginny gently.

"I know, but it's not where I belong anymore." Ginny replied as she gave her father a huge hug.

"Oooff. You've gotten really strong." Arthur gasped for breath a little. "I think I can see what you mean though. Be good and stay safe. I love you Ginny."

"Love you too Dad." Ginny replied giving him another hug that left him breathless.

Molly got the same treatment, it was something of a novelty for her to be the one out of breath.

"Thanks for the great party Mum. Bye." Ginny said as she released her before stepping through the floo.

After the last of the girls had stepped through the floo Arthur turned to his wife. "She has grown so much this summer."

"She has." Molly looked down. "It's painful to admit that she has done better away from her home. Did you feel how strong she was?"

"I did." Arthur felt his ribs. "I think she managed to avoid breaking anything. She told me that she had found her place. Give how happy she is I can't keep her from it."

"But she is still a child." Molly protested. "She's too young."

"No. I don't think she is." Arthur sighed sadly. "She has grown up far faster than she should have had too, but we have entered a time of war and she has little choice, especially given her choice of friends."

"You mean Harry." Molly nodded. "That poor boy. He doesn't deserve to be put through this."

"No, he doesn't. But he'll be fine." Arthur grinned suddenly. "He has the Weasley's with him."

Molly managed a short chuckle. "Nice try."


Back home in the living area upstairs in the Extension Ginny thanked everyone again for their presents, hugging each of them in turn as she did so. They sat around, Ginny snuggled up to Harry's side, and talked about random things, enjoying the pleasure of a normal happy day to its fullest.

Ginny decided to call it a night early. Not that she was tired, but rather than she wanted time for 'other things'. The others girls immediately recognised the hidden meaning and bid her goodnight, returning to their own rooms.

Hermione smiled as she looked the red-head over. She had whispered to Harry that he should probably take a quick shower as they headed back to their rooms and waited while Ginny did the same. Once the Ginny was out and dry she quickly helped her get ready to visit Harry.

"You look beautiful." Hermione said as she gave her a quick hug and pushed her out their bedroom door.

"Thanks." Ginny smiled back happily before vanishing around the corner and slipping through the neighbouring door to Harry's room.

Hermione wasn't alone long as Susan, Daphne and Padma slipped in the room and sat down on the bed next to her.

"So, are you okay?" Daphne asked. "We know you've stepped up your relationship with him since his birthday."

"I'm fine." Hermione replied and blinked as she realised that she had spoken the honest truth. "I will miss being with Harry but Ginny deserves some time alone with him."

"True." Daphne nodded. "How much have the two of you done with him together? If you don't mind me asking?"

"We haven't done more than kissing him still." Hermione replied. "Ginny hasn't been ready for more yet and I haven't wanted to make her feel uncomfortable by getting too intense with Harry in front of her. We have both been naked in front of her though so she's used to that."

"Must be awkward." Susan commented.

"Not really. I don't have to worry if I've somehow become uncovered during the night." Hermione grinned. "In fact I stopped wearing things most of the time."

"You've gotten pretty bold." Susan grinned back.

Hermione just nodded happily.

"You're pretty quiet Padma?" Daphne commented.

Padma nodded but was silent for a minute more, organising her thoughts. "Which of you are intending to stay with Harry, as his wife?"

"Why are you asking?" Susan looked surprised. "And why just us?"

"Because you three and Ginny are the closest to him. Hannah and Tracy are close behind but I know they aren't ready to make a decision yet." Padma answered. "I thought I might sound you out first."

"I've not decided yet." Hermione said. "Not for certain, but probably. Why?"

"I've finished modifying that ritual to help bond us, the one that requires our virginal blood." Padma explained. "But the way it is it can only be done once and Harry will be included."

"Have you decided?" Daphne asked.

"Yes." Padma surprised them. "I will stay, for practical reasons as well as romantic."

"Do you mind explaining?" Hermione asked.

"Harry is the best match I am likely to find. I am developing real feelings for him and know I will have a good life with him." Padma told them. "I can accept that by fully accepting the bond and increasing it via this ritual there could be an artificially created element to my emotions but as they will still feel real I can accept that. For me, the only decision I have left is when and how we marry."

"I'm a little concerned about your motives." Hermione gave the Ravenclaw a firm look.

"As I said, I have real feelings for him and I wish to remain with him. I am yet to discuss them with him and see if he feels the same and is ready to commit himself to me." Padma explained. "I would never say this and you'd better not either, but if I don't marry Harry then I will most likely have a very unpleasant marriage to an older man who will have little respect for me to look forward to. I believe you can understand I would prefer to avoid that. But I am not forcing Harry into anything."

Hermione relaxed. "Okay. Yeah, I can understand. I wouldn't want that for you either. Thank you for not pressuring Harry with that."

"He will probably figure that out when you bring up marriage with him, if he hasn't already." Daphne commented.

Hermione nodded.

"I am not going to bring it up, not yet anyway." Padma told them. "However strong my feelings are for him, I think it would be best that Harry broach that subject with me when he's ready. He doesn't need any more pressure on him."

"True." Susan nodded. "But we need to think about it, don't we?"

"Yes." Hermione sighed. "Because we have to decide if we are willing to commit ourselves to Harry when he will be with multiple women. We need to know we can accept each other in our lives as well as Harry's."

"Exactly." Padma nodded. "No decisions are looming but they need to be considered, especially given how our relationships are progressing."

Hermione found herself the centre of attention and blushed. "What about your other research?"

"I ran with Harry's idea of creating permanent rune chambers for each of us that we can prepare ahead of time and use if we get enough warning." Padma answered. "I have the details of the rooms and will start working on the specifics of the rituals themselves. We can look into getting the rooms built in the meantime."

"Good." Daphne nodded." Nice change of subject too, Hermione."

That got a chuckle until Padma spoke again.

"There is a problem with creating the rooms." The Indian girl said. "We have to minimise or avoid magic for the construction of those rooms for the best effect. We won't be able to build them anywhere in the Extension or World Room due to the ambient magic. The Wards might be too strong as it is."

"Oh. That's going to some planning." Daphne frowned.

"Yes. Perhaps a non-magical company could be used for the construction." Hermione suggested. "Harry can place fewer but more restrictive wards; it's not like we will be showing people around there anyway."

"True." Susan nodded. "Tricky, but we can make it work. Harry might have a property that could be used."

"We can ask him to look in the morning." Daphne agreed.

"Anyway, Susan, Daphne, you two didn't share how you feel about Harry." Hermione turned the focus to the Slytherin and Hufflepuff. "Susan, I know you were looking at becoming more intimate with him."

Padma grinned and lent forward, interested in the answer.

Susan blushed. "Yes I am. I'm thinking about how to go about it though. Daphne?"

"Nice, throw me to the lions.' Daphne protested.

"Well, one lion at least." Padma chuckled.

"I do want to be closer to him." Daphne admitted. "I'm just a little scared. After that mix up in the tunnels I'm really worried about making the same mistake again. I mean I want that but what if it's too soon again."

"That must be hard." Hermione emphasised. "The only thing I can suggest is to take it slowly until you know for sure."

"Yeah." Daphne sighed. "It's hard because I'm sure I'll really like it when I'm ready. I'm normally so confident about things. To be so unsure about something makes me feel rather awkward."

"Oh." Susan leant over and hugged her.

"Thanks." Daphne leant into the hug.

"You know, if you want to test the waters there is something you can try." Hermione moved next to the busty Slytherin.

"What?" Daphne asked.

Susan moved to see Hermione more clearly, very interested.

"Well, if you get Harry kissing your neck and gently move so he works lower." Hermione began pulling the neck of Daphne's night dress down slowly, speaking seductively. "You encourage him to keep moving lower like this until you reach your comfort level."

Daphne flushed heavily. "Uh, okay. I'll see how I feel."

"Good." Hermione sat back as if nothing out of the ordinary had just happened.

"So that's how you do it." Susan commented to herself before blushing as she realised she had spoken aloud. "Uh. Umm."

Hermione laughed. "I guess you're going to be having some fun then."

Susan fought down her embarrassment to grin back. "I'm hoping too."

The girls laughed.


-Lemon Warning-

Harry was still attacking his hair with a towel and comb to get it back in order after washing it when Ginny entered.

"Oh, hey Ginny. Whaaaahahahaha." Harry half turned his head as she entered and then jerked as he saw what. "Ginny, what are you wearing?"

Ginny smiled at him. "Just a little something for a special occasion. Do you like it?"

Harry looked her over. She was wearing a lacy green camisole with matching panties. Very lacy, nearly see through even.

"Yeah. You look great. Really sexy. Umm, why?" Harry wasn't sure if he should be looking at her or not.

"I told you I'd thank you for the dress." Ginny smiled at him as she climbed onto the bed and helped him finish off his hair. "Now, give me my handsome man to ravish."

Harry smiled back and shifted to his male for and let Ginny turn him round to begin ravishing him. She eagerly moved into his lap and began pulling at his singlet as they exchanged kisses working their way around each other's faces and necks. Ginny pushed him flat so she could layer kisses down his chest before returning to his lips.

Ginny shifted in his lap and gasped as she found herself rubbing against his hardening length. She smiled down at Harry lustily and repeated the motion.

"Mmmmmmh. That feels so good." Ginny moaned.

Harry didn't get a chance to reply before she kissed him again. She moved on to kissing his cheek and neck, slowly working lower. Harry couldn't hold in his cry of pleasure at the attention. He was losing himself to the emotions Ginny was evoking in him.

It was at this point that Harry lost control of his transformation but that didn't seem to stop Ginny as she kept kissing his chest. Harry's moans increased, his breasts were far more sensitive than his male chest and Ginny's kisses were extremely stimulating. He ran his fingers into her hair and arched himself up, pushing into her mouth gently.

Ginny move up to kiss him on the lips before gently touching her tongue them. Harry parted his lips and gently moved his tongue against hers causing her moan in pleasure. Ginny pulled back, sitting up on him. Harry followed and they kissed again, Ginny gently cupping his back with both hands. Harry moved across her cheek and down her neck.

This is where things when wrong. One of the straps on Ginny's camisole had fallen off her shoulder and had been pulled it down slightly during their movements. Not much, but enough that as Harry moved down from her neck to chest he could kiss on her breast fully. Ginny initially leant into it but it soon dawned on her exactly where she was being kissed and she freaked out and fled the room.

Harry sat their blinking at her sudden disappearance before he realised exactly what he had done.

"Oh Merlin, what did I do?" Harry whispered as tears began to fall.


Hermione looked up from her book as Ginny ran in. "Ginny? What happened?"

Ginny stood in front of her friend, unsure what to do. "I... We... Uh..."

"Sit down." Hermione pulled her friend down to sit next to her. "Talk to me. Did you do something? Or Harry?"

"Um. Harry kissed my breast." Ginny forced herself to say.

"How? On you nipple or just on the flesh you've got out now?" Hermione 's expression demanded an answer.

Ginny flushed as she glanced down to see her camisole was still down slightly on one side and quickly pulled the strap back up. "Just on flesh."

"Did he pull it down at all?"

"No. I think it fell while..." Ginny froze and finished in a whisper. "I was kissing his breasts."

Hermione stood and pulled Ginny up. "Come on, we are sorting this out now. Harry is going to be freaking out right now."

Ginny's eyes widened impossibly and hurried forward, dragging her friend along with her.

Ginny saw Harry look up as she entered and the expression on his face tore at her heart. She let go of Hermione's hand to dash across the room and launch herself on to the bed, scramble across it and bury her face into Harry's neck as she hugged him hard.

"I'm sorry Harry. You didn't do anything wrong." Ginny spoke in his ear. "We just got a little carried away and I got scared. It's not your fault. Please forgive me for running."

Harry sat there, frozen, before slowly wrapping his arms around the younger girl. "I'm sorry too. I shouldn't have kissed you there."

"It's okay. It shocked me a little but it wasn't bad. Just a little more than I was ready for." Ginny replied. "The only thing you have to apologise for is being so good that I lost myself in the moment."

"You'd better not apologise for that." Hermione interjected as she joined them , hugging Harry from behind. "I like that about you."

Ginny giggled. "True. It's just a bit of a shock if you're not expecting it. I hadn't planned on going that far."

"Sorry." Harry repeated.

"Don't be. I was enjoying myself too much. You shouldn't need to apologise for that. Besides, it's not like I wasn't doing that and more to you."

"Yeah, but I'm used to that, thanks to Hermione." Harry countered.

"So it's my fault now?" Hermione teased.

"No, I didn't say that." Harry tried to turn to look at her.

"I didn't say you did." Hermione tickled his ribs a little to get him to lighten up. "But it is really. I got you used to doing that sort of thing with me and this is the first time you've gotten serious with someone else. Since none of the others are ready for this level of intimacy, it was bound to happen. I didn't think of this either. I thought you would be holding back because it wasn't me."

"Huh?" Harry was a little confused.

"I remembered how you were unsure about being with all of us at once and thought that you might feel like you were cheating on me by getting that close to another girl." Hermione explained.

"Uh, I wasn't was I?" Harry seemed worried all of a sudden. "We already talked about that and you said it was fine, given how things were with the oath and all."

"That's right. You did nothing wrong at all." Hermione replied. "I just thought that you might worry about that. Looks like you did things a little too right instead."

"I'll say." Ginny sighed. "I was totally lost in what we were doing. I didn't even realise until afterwards that I had been kissing your breasts."

"And sucking them too." Harry added quietly. "I love that."

"I guess I had better get used to that then." Ginny sighed. "I liked the way you responded."

"I'm more sensitive there as a girl." Harry explained. "But I'm not forcing you or anything."

"I know, I just want to enjoy things as well." Ginny gave a wiry grin. "And it looks like they aren't going anywhere."

"Sorry about that." Harry said.

"Nah, its fine. It's not like you got a choice in this so I can't complain about it." Ginny waved his concern away. "I just need more time to get used to things. But can the two of you promise me something?"

"Me as well?" Hermione was surprised. "What?"

"I know you two have been toning things down around me. Please stop. Stop hiding it from me. I'm a part of this too." Ginny told them. "Hermione, you've always been ready for more than me, right from the beginning. So you've moved further ahead of me, please don't cut me out."

"Umm. Hermione?" Harry wasn't sure how to respond.

"Okay." Hermione said after studying her house mate carefully. "Just remember that this was your choice. We can get pretty carried away with each other and I think you might be in as much danger from me as Harry."

Ginny pulled back a little in shock. "Really?"

"Susan was watching me and Harry the other morning and it didn't bother me in the slightest." Hermione paused to organise her words. "I think, because I'm more used to you being around, that I, we, might ... involve you if we get carried away. And we like to get carried away."

"Oh." Ginny sat back. "Okay. That's fair warning. I'll be careful. At the very least I know to be wary of you as well as Harry."

Hermione blushed. "Yeah, I think you might need to be. But not today. It's your birthday and, for the next... 23 minutes, we are at your pleasure."

"Well, I think I want Harry to kiss me some more." Ginny smiled.

Harry smiled and shifted back to his male form as Ginny moved to straddle his lap again. Hermione pulled back to let the two have some space. Ginny was relaxing after her scare and was getting into the mood again.

Hermione couldn't help but smile at the pair. She lay down next to them and just watched them quietly. She had seen them making out before in their private time on the island by the waterfall in the World Room but, now more than ever, she found herself surprised at the lack of jealousy she felt. What she felt now was the desire to join in. But this was Ginny's day...

Hermione smiled and moved behind Ginny to massage her back gently. Ginny couldn't believe how good she felt being the centre of attention of the two people she was closest too. She was now totally relaxed after her earlier shock and really getting into her snogging with Harry. She was keeping it mouth to mouth deliberately to prevent another accident but that didn't stop her enjoying herself immensely.

Hermione was doing her best to massage Ginny's back properly but was keeping an eye on the time. As midnight came she grinned and whispered in Ginny's ear. "It's after midnight and I want to play too."

Ginny pulled back to look at Hermione and her eyes widened as Hermione easily stripped off her nightwear and moved around her to capture Harry's lips in her own kiss. Ginny pouted and pulled Harry back so she could kiss him herself.

Hermione chuckled and let Ginny have a turn before pulling Harry back and planting her breasts into his mouth. Harry needed no further encouragement and Hermione was quickly moaning in pleasure with her hand buried in the hair at the back of his head.

Ginny watched the pair, her jaw dropping in surprise at Hermione's openness. Hermione finally pulled back and push Harry flat and tapped his chest. Harry relaxed and returned to his female form. Ginny couldn't believe what she was seeing as Hermione easily took Harry's nearest breast in her mouth and began sucking at the nipple causing Harry to gasp in pleasure. Ginny found herself staring at Harry's other breasts and tentatively reached out to touch it.

Harry responded to the attention on his other breast by catching the hand and pressing it firmly into the soft flesh. Hermione pulled back to see Ginny's tentative attention to Harry and placed her hand on top of the pair already there and used her other hand to working the breast she had been kissing.

Ginny watched how Harry's breast flowed under her fingers as both Harry's and Hermione's hands encouraged her boldness but that was still no match for Hermione who was now leant over Harry and kissing him passionately. Ginny looked at them and reluctantly pulled her hand free and moved aside. She was at her limit and knew that if she didn't stop now she would be out of her depth.

Hermione easily moved atop Harry and began grinding her groin into Harry's causing them both to increase their cries of pleasure. Ginny found herself staring as the pair just lost themselves in each other.

Ginny couldn't believe how into each other they were as their hands ended up between the other legs, fingers disappearing inside. She understood now just why Susan would have been unable to stop watching them, she couldn't look away either as their cries increased until they suddenly became shouts of ecstatic release before slowly subsiding.

Hermione smiled into Harry's eyes. "That was wonderful, though I would've liked my breasts to have a little more attention."

"Sorry. Let me make it up to you." Harry put his words into action as he lowered his head into her cleavage.

Hermione sighed in pleasure and gently moved so she was lying on her side with Harry now sucking on one of her nipples. Hermione gently stroked Harry's head and blushed as her eyes met Ginny's.

"Wow." Ginny said. "That was amazing to watch."

"Thanks." Hermione smiled. "It's a little odd with an audience, though I'm surprised by being excited about it. How do you feel about it?"

"Turned on." Ginny admitted. "I'm not sure how I'd fit in though."

"In my place, or joining us?" Hermione teased a little.

"Either." Ginny admitted.

"Just take your time, with either." Hermione looked down at Harry. "There's no rush. We just take our time and work it out as we go. I think the thing is to be willing to try and trust each other enough to make mistakes without getting hurt, or hurting each other."

Ginny nodded and watched Harry. "What's that like?"

"Really nice. Not as arousing after an orgasm as it is before. Still, it's really relaxing." Hermione shifted as Harry moved to give attention to her other breast and sighed again. "Really relaxing."

Ginny watched. With Harry now giving attention to Hermione's lower breast, the higher one was now bare for her to see. "Is it really that nice?"

Hermione nodded. "Yeah."

"And you do this to Harry too?"

Hermione nodded again. "You saw me earlier. I actually enjoy doing that too. It's nice to bury yourself there."

Hermione smiled suddenly and shifted slightly again. "It relaxes Harry too. He just fell asleep. I'm pretty much asleep too. Night Ginny."

"Night." Ginny replied.

Hermione's eyes closed and her breathing clamed as sleep claimed her quickly too. Ginny was left watching them both; naked atop the covers and still wrapped in each other's embrace. Ginny figured they would get cold like that and crawled around them and pulled the covers free. With the size of the massive bed there was plenty of unused covers that could be pulled over the top of the sleeping pair, with room for herself as well.

The covers organised, Ginny moved in to cuddle into Harry's back but didn't lay down fully. With Harry's head level with Hermione chest, the covers slanted over them so both their heads were uncovered. That also mean that Hermione's breast was still visible to Ginny. The red head kept noticing the glistening moisture on the nipple from where Harry had been sucking it.

Ginny shook her head. She was not going to fixate on the breast of her best friend; it was bad enough that she had been kissing Harry's breasts when they had gotten carried away she wasn't going to add Hermione's breasts to the lists.

Ginny forced herself to roll over but couldn't get the sight of Hermione stuffing her breast into Harry's mouth or sucking on Harry's breast herself. Hermione had no hesitation; instead she found pleasure in both acts.

Ginny found herself pulling her camisole down to look at her own breasts. Would she enjoy Harry sucking and kissing them as much as Hermione did? Ginny covered her breasts again. She wasn't sure what to think. Sleep was a long time coming, but her dreams were filled with passion.