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Sometimes, I wonder why I didn't say yes to you all those years ago. I'm sure things would have turned out a lot differently.

Sometimes, I wonder why you pushed me away all those years ago. I wouldn't be sitting in this luxurious house, with a life I never thought I would live.

Sometimes, I wonder where you are. I'm sure my heart wouldn't be so cold if I knew, and I'm sure my thoughts wouldn't be laced with the confusion and hurt I feel right now.

When I met you, we both didn't have a comfortable life, facing the cruel world alone, working endless hours just to get by. But, when I was with you, I smiled just a little bit more, felt a little bit happier, and motivation sparked inside me. I tried to work even harder, and was hopeful everyday, hoping for a chance to maybe one day be offered a chance, a light, and allow us both into a life of ease and joy.

And, when I was finally given that glorious light that brightened up my dark and dreary life, my grasp on you loosened..

And I let go.


The pink haired beauty turned her head towards the source of the sound.

"Yes?" Even the simplest words sounded magnificent when formed by her lips. She offered a loving smile at the gorgeous man.

Hinamori Amu. The 22 year old made her first debut as a model when she was 17, being swept off her feet and saved from the dirty sewers by her now manager and fiance, Hotori Tadase. Five years later, she's slowly becoming a brilliant star, proving to be a exceptional actress in some small roles she scored throughout the years.

Tadase gave a small grin back and walked hurridly to Amu. He gave a small peck on her cheek, and Amu's grin slipped just a little, casting her gaze downwards. Tadase didn't notice.

"H.Y.L's asked for you to model. They've come out with a new line of spring clothing."

At the mention of a job, Amu immediately snapped out of her mood and her eyes filled with determination, "When do we start?"

Tadase chuckled slightly, "You're booked for the entire week. Yaya wants you to check out her new dress designs Monday, and Kairi wants you to model a haircut he's come up with on Tuesday. The shoot for Mashiro Rima's upcoming movie is this Wednesday and it'll last until Thursday. You've got an interview Friday afternoon and Saturday morning."

Amu wasn't fazed at the hectic week, "Sunday's fine. It doesn't matter how long it'll last. You're my manager. Just fit every job offer into my schedule if possible, please."

"Amu, don't overwork yourself. You're already among the richest and most famous people, just what are you trying to achieve?" Tadase sighed, putting his hands on her shoulders. "Please don't say it's for that Iku-"

"It doesn't matter how much money I have. I have to keep working hard! Anyway, I hope Yaya's dresses aren't as poofy and filled with ribbons like last time." The model interrupted and laughed weakly, trying to lighten the mood.

Tadase winked, "It doesn't matter, you look stunning in anything."

Amu blushed, pushing him away lightly, "You're too kind to me, Tadase-kun."

He pulled her close, "I think not, Hinamori-san. You're the one who's too kind; allowing a man like me to hold, much less marry, the world's most beautiful woman."

Although his words were sweet and honest, it became hard to breathe, and tears threatened to blur Amu's vision.

Tadase pulled back and gazed into Amu's wide, hazel eyes so deeply and full of love, her heart broke. But, she held strong and smiled back, preparing herself for the soft lips that slowly made their way towards her own.

Even though a prince-like figure was kissing Amu, thoughts of another man invaded her mind, and she couldn't shut them out. Her heart ached deeply, yearning for her first love, wanting to flee from this man's arms and once again become a part of another's life again. She couldn't help but repeat his name over and over in her head like a mantra, just so she wouldn't forget it, ever. The one who pushed her away so she could live a life they both wanted, to be happy, to smile everyday and never have a reason to be unhappy or worried.

But even though she was rich, even though she was famous, she was unable to be happy, unable to form a true smile. Hinamori Amu, the world's most beautiful woman, accepted a light that dimmed ever so slowly, and let go of the only lantern that guided her through the dark.


Waking up panting, a man entering his late 20's sat up, his blue hair damp with sweat. His arm was out in front of him, hand open, as if reaching for something. The room was silent, except for the clock slowly ticking away and the fast beats of his heart pounding in his ears. A naked woman slept soundly beside him. The man ran his hand through his hair, and clenched his jaw.

His heart rate slowed, but it hurt. It hurt so much, he wanted to cry, but he had forgotten how to years ago.

No matter how many woman looked his way and how many he ravaged and slept with, he could not forget the innocent girl he took under his care all those years ago. The one he fell so hard for, the one who looked at him with such sad eyes and left that fateful night. He didn't need to worry about her; she looked happy enough in those advertisments and commercials he saw so often on the TVs on display when he wandered on the streets.

It didn't matter if she forgot about him. As long as she was happy, even if he died a little each time when he woke up from a dream about her.


The girl had woken up. Her long, brown hair clung to her sweaty body as she rubbed her eyes, "What are you doing up?"

Ikuto just looked at her, not saying anything, with his voice or eyes.

She kissed him deeply, and he returned it, closing his eyes and shutting his mind from thoughts and memories of her. His hand trailed down her body.

"I love you."

Those cursed words.

"I love you, Ikuto!" His heart didn't break. It was already gone.

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