A/N: Ok, so I felt like this had to be written. With the few number of Lucy/Des stories that are around here I need to get mine out here. I haven't beaten the game yet so if my facts are wrong I'm sorry, I was going off the information I have derived from other fanfictions out there. Anyways this takes place during the thrid time you get woken out of the Animus (when it is over heating) and the next morning when Vidic comes to wake you up with my added twist of Lucy and Des thrown in there. So enjoy, and review (construictive criticism if needed) please.

Rated T for one swear word


Desmond couldn't remember falling asleep that night as he awoke in bed, his exhaustion being pushed to the max as he remained longer and longer in the Animus and now most of the days that he was stuck in this place felt like a blur to him. Rolling over to go back to sleep his arm came around something warm next to him. Confused he moved the covers away and smiled when he saw who was there.

Lucy. Sleeping Lucy.

It was funny how he had fallen for the woman so quickly, the one woman that he could relate to anymore. She was always standing up for him, telling, or rather demanding that Vidic to give him breaks from the machine, always willing to talk to him when Vidic went storming out of the room to Lucy wild accusations and now the only person at least trying to helping him to understand what was going on through the e-mails. She was the only one that made him feel human instead of one giant treasure map.

Leaning over he smiled softly kissing her forehead. She sighed softly in her sleep and he smiled. "I love you, Lucy."

Laying down he wrapped his arm around her and for once found himself not falling into a forced sleep.


Vidic was having a good morning when he walked into the building, a plain white mug of coffee was in his hand, he nodded to the security guard, Fred or Frank, he couldn't remember and walked to the elevator pressing the up arrow. A soft ding sound echoed off the wall and upon making his way inside he pressed the button for the 40th floor. The 40th floor, where his experiment Desmond was waiting. The night before Ms. Stillman had discovered a way to keep him in the machine longer and now he knew that what he was looking for was closer then ever.

Walking into the lab he was surprised by the silence. Ms. Stillman wasn't there yet. Reaching into his lab jacket pocket he removed his PDA to find no messages from her. Shoving the item back into his pocket he ignored it. It didn't matter, what mattered were the secrets that the man behind the door held.

Entering the code into the lock on the side of the door, green flashed three times before green glowed and the door opened. Stepping into the room his coffee cup fell out of his hand and shattered on the floor.

"Fuck." He swore waking the two in the bed. Ms. Stillman who held a blush on her face quickly went to dress herself while Desmond and Vidic just stared at one another. 'Well,' though Vidic 'This throws a wrench in my plans.'

Ms. Stillman quickly scurried passed him throwing her hair up into a messy bun and entering the lab while Desmond remained in bed.

"Get dress Mr. Miles, the Animus is waiting."

Rubbing at his eyes Vidic walked out of the room regretting dropping his coffee, he was going to need it to get though the day.

A/N: Since I haven't played through the entire game yet I'm planning on leaving this as a one shot, however if I find something else in the game that needs more of a Lucy/Desmond addition I will add it and make it into more of a drabble like story. But for now this shall remain as a oneshot.