This story takes place after Edward left in New Moon,So basically Edward left, never came back and Bella lived a normal human life.

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Voices, a thousand, thousand voices

Whispering, the time has passed for choices

Golden days are passing over

I can't seem to see you baby

Although my eyes are open wide

But I know I'll see you once more

When I see you, I'll see you on the other side

Yes I'll see you on the other side.



The annoying tittering of voices invaded my head as soon as I entered the doors of The Bay View Assisted Living Residence

" Mmmm would you look at him, those jeans that copper brown hair, my god those eyes. Wow! He looks really sad though, I bet I could cheer him up."

These must have been the thoughts of the tall blonde I decided glancing at the gaggle of women blocking my entrance.

"My goodness boys that good looking should be illegal, this one's going to break someone's heart" this voice definitely belonged to the older, matronly looking woman

"Oh this must be the grandson" A caring little voice flowed in "funny I don't remember her ever mentioning any family before, I've only ever heard her call out her husband's name in her sleep, and he must have died years ago because she hasn't had a visitor in the entire time I've worked here, I bet his girlfriend is really beautiful, she'd have to be something to get a guy like that"

"I wonder ho he's coming to visit?" A last annoying voice asked

"I hope it's one of my patients. Oh I better fix my hair just in case"

She was still fumbling for her purse as I walked past the nurse's station. The tall blonde one however was being quite persistent, trying to catch my eye as I hurried past and giving me a slightly coy smile, while the other nurses just stared openly.

As I passed the nurses I concentrated on walking at a normal human speed and not sprinting down the hallway to her room as my body was begging me to do. I couldn't afford to be careless now and bring any more attention to myself.

Keeping my gaze fixed on the polished mint green tiles on the floor I wondered if I was too late. Maybe she had already gone? Their insistent chatter faded away as I neared the doorway to her room and I began to shake.

Ms Isabella Swan.

Just the sight of her name was enough that I almost dropped to my knees, and I had to grab the door jamb for support. It was written on the door in large bright lettering; confirmation, at last I had found her.

If my heart had been able to beat it surely would have stopped or at least missed a few strokes but sadly my heart had not beat in one hundred and sixty five years.

Beyond this door lay the love of my life, the light in my moonless night, the only reason I allowed myself to continue each day.

Bella swan the bane of my existence: Bella who I had sacrificed everything to protect. Bella whom I hadn't laid eyes upon in seventy five excruciating years.

Bella My love, who was dying.