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I was down, but now I'm flying

Straight across the great divide

I know your crying, but I'll stop you crying

God knows I'll see you, I'll see you on the other side

I wanna see you, See you on the other side



She was waiting for me, as I had always hoped and prayed she would be.

It had been too much to ask for and even at the very end I had been uncertain,

Until this very moment I had been uncertain.


As the bright green glow slowly faded and my eyes focused and adjusted to the filtered light I saw her. My god she was beautiful, her long brown hair glistened in the sun as she smiled and stretched her hands out towards me, beckoning me to join her.

Pools of light passed through the arms of the tall trees upon the circular field making everything look clean and new.

She was standing in the center of our meadow, her long white dress swaying gently in the warm summer breeze, moving as one with the tall grass that surrounded her, while wildflowers bloomed about her in shades of violet and cream.

It was glorious! And I couldn't stop staring at her, she was beautiful and young again, she was my Bella.

Carlisle had been correct and somehow I had been forgiven all my sins.

Bella continued to smile at me, her young smooth face full of adoration as she gestured towards me again, encouraging me to join her, calling me to her.

The words were like the wind and even though she was far away from me it felt as though she were whispering them in my ear.

"I've been waiting for you Edward"

Looking deep into Bella's chocolate eyes I hesitantly started moving towards her, never taking my own eyes off of her face as if by doing so we might break the connection and she would somehow disappear. It felt as though I were walking down the aisle to meet my bride, her long white dress now looking marital in its design, as tiny red and yellow butterflies quivered about her.

My body felt strangely both slow and heavy and I was having great trouble in getting my feet to cooperate with my brain.

I felt ….clumsy.

This idea brought a slight grin to my lips as I tried to stride foreword on wobbly legs.

At the same time I noticed that the sun felt oddly hot on my skin and as I looked down at my bare arm I realized it no longer glistened. Holding it sharply up to the blue sky I stared at my hand, where a thousand points of light should have been there was now nothing except the warm glow of the sun on my pink skin.

It hit me like a hammer; I was no longer a monster.

With this realization I fell into Bella's waiting arms, my new legs no longer able to support me as we finally came together.

"Oh Edward don't cry I always knew you had a soul" It was then that I felt the hot tears running down my now soft cheeks.

"Bella, my love" I whispered into her hair as she caressed my back

"Oh Bella"

We pulled apart then, and interlaced our fingers, staring at the magic of each other as if for the first time.

"Forever" she asked.

"Forever" I answered, smiling as she wiped the tears from my face.

And then I kissed her, her soft warm lips welcoming me home as we came together as one for eternity.

The End.


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