A/N: Welcome to Season 4 of Supernatural with my original character Andie Morgan. If you haven't read her before; I suggest you read my season 3 fic where Andie was introduced called Counting Down The Days, you can find it in my profile. But if you don't want to read all that, and I don't blame you, the Cliff Notes of Andie is that she is an Australian hunter who the boys meet. She has two powers, telekinesis and mental location, the ability to simply know where places and people are. At first she's quite bitter but she grows on them. She and Dean hook up and get married because Andie believes it'll save Dean's soul – it doesn't.

In addition to her powers, Andie has also discovered she can't die until she gives birth to a daughter of her own to carry on her supernatural destiny. When she'll have the baby and who with are still a mystery. But she cannot be killed by demons or anyone else for that matter until this baby is born. Demons don't want the baby around; too much good, etc, etc, you get the idea. :) Hope you like Andie in season 4!

Disclaimer: This story follows the episodes of season 4 and though it may use the dialogue; I do not take that work as my own. That plus the characters and world of Supernatural belong to the show and its creators.


Chapter 1

I Was Wrong

That first day waking up without Dean was one of the eeriest experiences of Andie's life. It was also gradually more annoying to her. She'd met Dean the day after he made his deal so technically she hadn't even known him a year but she was missing him like she'd known him forever. She didn't remember aching like this when she'd lost either of her parents. I guess that's the mentality of a child, she'd say to herself, they're programmed to move on. But Andie had always prided herself on her ability to power ahead; to move swiftly through the hard times and be that pillar of strength others wished they are. Dean's death, however, had floored her.

Burying Dean had taken Sam, Andie and Bobby all night and into the next morning. Sam was adamant that he not be covered in salt and burned to a crisp like their father had and instead opted for a pine box, citing he wanted Dean to have a body when they figured out a way to bring him back. Neither Bobby nor Andie questioned Sam's motives although Andie had a sneaking suspicion she knew. Pine was much easier to break through than what most coffins were made of. So should Dean wake up; he'd be able to get out a lot easier. That was Andie's hope. As it turned out; the actual matter of bringing Dean back from Hell was going to be tougher than trying to stop him going there in the first place.

They buried him in the midst of some tall, pine trees right in the middle of nowhere in Pontiac, Illinois. It was all a brand new experience for Andie; she'd never physically buried someone she'd loved before. The act of shifting Dean's lifeless, bloodied body out of the back of Bobby's truck and gently laying him in that pine coffin had been surreal for her. He looked and felt like Dean but he wasn't. Dean wasn't in there anymore. And as the three of them lowered the coffin into the deep hole they'd dug and covered it up, Andie felt herself getting angrier and angrier. She should have saved him. She should have found a way. If her life was meant to be so important to the point where she couldn't die until she gave birth to an even more powerful daughter of her own, why couldn't she save him?

After they'd shoveled the last of the dirt onto Dean's grave Sam got this look in his eye; this stealth Andie had never seen before. A resolve that said he wouldn't rest until his brother was out of this grave. He muttered quiet apologies to his brother before heading back to Bobby's truck with his aging friend just behind him. Andie stared at the wooden cross they'd fashioned that perched just above the freshly dug grave. She'd carved Dean's initials into the horizontal piece of flatwood for sentimentality more than anything else. It just felt like something she should do. She pressed her middle and forefinger to her lips then pushed the kiss against Dean's cross, mumbling her own apology to him before joining Sam in Bobby's truck. The three of them drove back to town in abject silence. When they arrived, Sam gathered all of his things into the Impala and told Andie he was going to find a way to save Dean but he didn't want her help.

"You're insane, Sam," Andie had told him. "We could do this together. I want him back just as much as you do."

"Andie…I don't want to get you involved in something…" He'd replied.

"Something what?" She'd countered. "Dangerous? Illegal? Demonic? I really don't care, Sam."

"Look, I appreciate what you're trying to do here," He'd said as he'd climbed into the driver's seat of Dean's beloved car. "But this is my problem; I'll fix it."

"You don't have to." She tried to reason with him as he started the engine. "Dammit, Sam! He'd want us to do this together!"

"Well, he's not here, Andie!" Sam screamed back through the window as he slammed the car into gear. "And nothing we did together saved him from Hell, ok? So did you think that maybe we should try another way?"

"Don't do this, Sam." Andie warned him.

"I'll be fine." He told her in a calmer tone. "Call me if you need me."

And with that, he sped off kicking up a plume of dust in his wake and leaving Andie even more lost than she'd felt before. Bobby came up behind her and said something about promising Dean he'd take care of Sam; watch out for him. He told her he was going to follow the boy even if he didn't want to be followed and added that she was more than welcome to come. Andie declined. If he didn't want her there; she wasn't going to bend over backwards proving him wrong.

So Andie stayed in Pontiac. She went back to the motel room and headed for the bathroom. Her reflection was something out of a horror movie. Dean's blood stained everything she wore and the dirt from his gravesite was smudged all over her face. She slowly stripped down, showered and changed into something clean before heading into the silent bedroom and curling up on her double bed. There was no sound of Winchester bickering, no one humming some old song, no Sam typing at his laptop, no TV, no nothing. Andie had forgotten how quiet solitude was.

At some point she fell asleep because she woke up hours later from a deep slumber. It was morning again; she'd slept a whole day. She got up and instinctively went to the bathroom. But when she got there and caught site of her tired, hollow expression she couldn't be bothered doing anything. So instead she went straight back to bed, curled up under the sheets and willed everything around her to leave her alone. And she stayed like that for the next two weeks.


"Andie?" a faraway voice called.

Hoping the voice was somewhere in her head and she could silence it herself, Andie didn't move or open her eyes.

"I know you can hear me, woman." The voice continued. "Wake up."

Opening her eyes less than a crack, Andie saw the blurred face of her best and only friend who wasn't a Winchester, Cassidy Murphy. She hadn't seen her since the day she'd married Dean; just over three weeks before. She'd sent her the odd text message but Cass wasn't one for keeping in touch.

"What are you doing here?" Andie grumbled at her.

"Well," Cass climbed over Andie and flopped onto the bed beside her. "I heard about Dean. I'm sorry." She laid down parallel to her friend. "I called Sam and he said last he heard you were still here in Pontiac so I figured I'd make the voyage." She bit her lip as she glanced over Andie. "You're not doing so good."

"Is there something that you want?" Andie asked bitterly, eager to get back to sleep.

"Actually; yeah." Cass sat up and crossed her legs. If Andie didn't want to talk about Dean; she wasn't going to force it. "There's a vampire colony making a little name for themselves a few towns over; could use some of that telekinetic mojo of yours to run 'em into the ground."

"No." Andie said before rolling over and turning her back to Cass.

"No?" Cass climbed back over and knelt on the floor in front of her friend. "Andie Morgan saying no to physical violence and more-than-likely bloody vampire deaths?" She nudged her. "Come on; getcha back in the game."

"I said NO!" Andie screamed loudly. As she did; the lamp, clock and mug on the bedside table shattered in their place.

"Whoa…" Cass breathed glancing around at the broken glass. "Did you just do that?" she gave her friend a concerned look; Andie normally channeled her power through her hands.

"I dunno." Andie rolled over again. "Please just go."

Cass sighed heavily but got to her feet. "Ok. Call me if you need me."

Andie was left on her own again for two more days before Cass came stumbling back into the hotel room looking both proud and disheveled at the same time. She started taking off her bloodied clothes as she headed to the bathroom boasting loudly about how she'd defeated the vampire colony all by herself. She continued boasting throughout her shower and afterwards as she toweled off her hair whilst sitting on the floor next to Andie's bed describing in great detail how she'd beaten nine vampires on her own. She crashed midway through her story on the second double bed. Andie had been listening but even that sapped out her energy and she fell asleep again soon after Cassidy.

This method continued for the rest of the month. Andie remained in bed as Cass came drifting in and out every few days. She'd usually come back with a new bruise or scratch from her latest demon battle and regale Andie with the story; another attempt to entice her friend out of her depressive state. But nothing worked. Andie would just watch and listen before going back to sleep.


After a month being basically bedridden, Andie found herself getting restless. She wanted to get back to hunting; she was itching for it. When she told Cassidy she was ready to head out on a case; her friend couldn't have been more excited. She jabbered excitedly like a monkey as Andie finally left the motel room and climbed into Cass's truck.

Cass had been on the nose of all things demonic in Illinois since she'd arrived just after Dean's death. She wasn't born into the supernatural world like Andie had been so she pretty much had to learn as she went. It had been as a teenager that Cass had been introduced to this life when she'd been attacked by a vampire. After she'd managed to fend for herself and kill the beast, she'd awakened a dormant desire inside of her that longed to hunt supernatural predators. Meeting Andie and fighting alongside of her had only strengthened Cass's desire to be a hunter. Her own family, a well-to-do all-American clan, was less than impressed of her life plan so she'd taken off on her own. Her father was the only one who'd shown any interest in her choice of life; sending her off with his truck and favourite shotgun that Cass still used to this day.

The demon they were following was one Cass had uncovered. In her years of hunting she'd learnt to look out for demonic omens and there were more than a few just out of Pontiac. She didn't know what was out there but by the amount of livestock dying for no apparent reason she suspected something bad. And although she'd never tell her; she was grateful to have Andie with her.

"So what do you know about this demon?" Andie asked as they drove along that evening.

"If you're after some exact facts then I got nothing." Cassidy admitted as she changed gears. "I'm going off omens. I figure you and I go in there guns and powers a blazing and scare whatever it is into showing its face."

"Sounds good to me." Andie muttered as she mindlessly twirling her wedding ring with her thumb.

"Great." Cass pulled the truck to a halt. "'Cos we're here." She grabbed her shoulder bag and slid it over her head as she got out of the vehicle.

Andie was perturbed to feel nervous. She hadn't fought a demon in over a month; that was a big deal for her. Normally she flexed her magical fingers every day but she'd been bottling it up for so long she wasn't sure how it was going to pan out. Taking a deep breath; Andie exited the car and followed Cass towards an aging barn at the back of a large paddock where two dozen or so rotting cow carcasses gathering flies.

Cassidy pushed open the door to the barn and through the moonlight saw that it was pretty much empty aside from a few scattered bales of hay. The faint croak of a crow singing out could be heard up in the rafters but there were no other visible animals around. "Well...this is a letdown." Cassidy muttered as she pulled two flashlights out of her bag. She tossed one to Andie then flicked her own on.

"What were you expecting?" Andie asked clicking on her flashlight as she stepped further into the barn. "Blood smeared walls? Skeletons? Mutants?"

"Woulda been nice." Cass smirked in the darkness as she shone her torch around. She heard a hearty flutter of wings somewhere up above her. "Alls we got is pissed off birds…" She murmured. "You go left, I'll go right." She whispered loudly to her friend as she headed to the right of the barn.

"Ok." Andie reluctantly agreed as she veered to the left. She shone her torch around but didn't see anything remotely demonic. More to the point; nothing appeared to have been moved in a long time. There was a thick, undisturbed layer of dust along the floor and coating the walls but nothing even slightly strange. The moonlight was bright at this end of the barn so Andie turned off her torch and sighed. "Damn." She muttered.

"AAGGHH!!" Cass's horrified scream rang through Andie's ears.

"Cass?!" Andie turned and hurried back to the front of the barn. "Cass?!" her heart filled with worry as she looked around frantically for her friend.

"Andie!" Cass's voice called.

Andie bolted ahead to the right of the barn clicking her flashlight on as she ran. "Cass?" she called as she ran. She could hear loud scuffling and grunting in front of her so she kept running. Andie's heart was pounding loudly in her ears as she neared the struggle. When she saw Cass she stopped dead in her tracks.

Cassidy was being attacked by a man dressed head to toe in leather. His coat could almost be mistaken for a cape as it flowed down to the floor and whipped around as he tried to subdue Cass. She wasn't going quietly. Inherently small in stature and frame, Cass could easily be mistaken for being an easy target but she was actually far from it. Her years of hunting had taught her to use her size to her advantage. As well as being small; she was extremely agile and could maneuver her body in all sorts of ways. Her caped assailant had an arm around her neck and was trying to drag her down but Cass had flung her legs out and was gripping them around a metal pillar. She couldn't hold out long but hopefully long enough for Andie to help her out. What she didn't count on was for her best friend to freeze up.

"Andie! Help me!" Cass growled at her friend through gritted teeth.

Andie waved her arm at the caped man but her aim was off and she instead tossed a bale of hay through a window.

Cass elbowed her attacked in the solar plexus and managed to move her head out of his grasp. "Andie!" She hollered at her.

Andie swiped her hand ahead of her even harder and tossed both Cass and the attacker backwards into the far end of the barn against the wall. Cass recovered first and got her hands on a crow bar hanging off the wall. She slammed it straight across her attacker's face and knocked him out cold. Her chest heaving like mad, her eyes started searching for Andie. Her friend was still standing frozen on the spot with a confused look on her face.

Cass tossed her hands out at her sides and stormed towards her. "What the hell, Andie?!" She screamed. "What is wrong with you?!" she jabbed the crowbar in her direction.

"I…I…" Andie stammered shaking her head a few times. "I'm sorry." She suddenly wanted to be away; very far away. "I'm sorry." She spun on her heel and bolted out of the barn.

"Hey!" Cass called after her. She started to follow but was grabbed from behind by her caped attacker again.

"Sweetheart; why run?" The attacker whispered into her ear as his eyes glowed a demonic black. "We could have so much more fun here…"

"Yeah, well," Cass gripped both her hands around the crowbar and slammed it up over her head hitting the demon square between the eyes. The caped demon collapsed to the floor and Cass watched as the black seeped from the demons eyes. "Let's take a rain check."


"What the hell was that?!" Cass hollered as she drove her car into the motel parking lot. Andie had been silent the whole drive.

"I froze up." Andie muttered uselessly.

"Bull crap; since when do you freeze up?!" Cass snapped as she shut off the engine.

"Just let it go, Cass, ok?" Andie jumped out of the car and headed upstairs.

"No I will not let it go." Cass yanked the keys out of the ignition and chased her friend. "You need to figure out what the hell your problem is, Andie!" Cassidy screamed at her as they headed up the stairs. "Otherwise we're both dead!"

"Maybe I'm just not strong enough." Andie mumbled as she entered their hotel room.

"Oh, that is complete BS!" Cass slammed the front door behind her as she followed Andie. "I've known you for years; you have literally been able to do whatever you want! No matter what demon or ghost; whatever; you've always defeated it! And you know you can; you brag about it!" She dropped her hands at her sides. "Why the hell would you think anything else this time?"

"Because!" Andie snapped over her shoulder.

"Because what?!" Cass hollered back.

"Because he's not here!" She turned and screamed as furious tears burned her eyes. "He's not here!"

"Dean?" Cass's face softened.

"I promised him I'd save him!" Andie screamed through sobs. "And I didn't!"

"You couldn't." Cass told her.

"I should have!" Andie held her hands to her head. "If I am supposed to be so powerful then how come I couldn't save him?"

"Andie…" Cass sighed. "What happened to Dean wasn't your fault. He made that deal before he knew you because that's who he was. He was saving his brother."

"I don't think I can do this anymore." Andie admitted tearfully. "My parents, my grandmother, Dean…it's like everyone I touch ends up dead..."

"Andie…" Cass said carefully. "This is in your blood; you can't run away from it. As...depressing as it may be...this is what you're supposed to do. And you know it, too. Yes it sucks and sometimes it hurts like hell but I know you know that it's worth it." Andie sunk heavily onto her bed. Cass sighed and joined her. "And for what it's worth? I'm not going anywhere."

Andie face crumbled as she looked at her friend. "That is so gay." She squeaked through tears.

"Oh, suck it." Cass retorted, slapping Andie across the shoulder as she got back to her feet. "I'm gonna go and buy out a liquor store and then get us very drunk; you in?"

"Sure." Andie mumbled wiping the tears away from her eyes. Man, I hate crying, she said to herself.

"Ok; be back soon." Cass blew her a kiss and left the room.

Andie scooted back up into her bed and curled up into her pillows. She'd frozen up; she couldn't get her head around it. Her accuracy with her power and her unabashed way of using it was one of the things Andie trusted about herself the most. But when her best friend's life had been threatened; she couldn't use it. She'd failed. Again. And this time she'd almost lost Cassidy. She couldn't keep doing this; it was too dangerous. She needed to wake up and realize what she had to do. Cass was right; it was in her blood and though it might be the worst job in the world; Andie had been born into it for a reason.