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Chapter 48:

We Might Not Make It Home Tonight

Cassidy pulled her hair into a loose ponytail as she jogged down the rickety motel steps to meet Zoe. Dress normal, she'd said. To Cass; that was light denim jeans and a red checked flannel button-up. Andie called it her 'trucker get-up', with the exception of her bright blue Converse sneakers, that is.

Zoe was waiting by her Bug on the curb just outside the motel, Cass's current residence until she found something more permanent, and she was also in jeans but with a red and yellow striped t-shirt over the top. Together, their outfits would clash; but they didn't care. They still fit together. "Afternoon." Zoe smiled as Cass arrived at her side.

"Ok," Cass slapped her palms against the sides of her legs. "What is it? Where are you taking me?"

"Why must you steal my fun all away?" Zoe said with a playful smirk as she opened the passenger's side door of her car. "Just get your butt in here."

Too intrigued to argue, Cass climbed into the car and buckled her seatbelt. She had no idea where they were headed but wished she'd gone to the bathroom before she'd left the motel; who knew how long they'd be driving?

"We're here." Zoe suddenly said with a broad grin as they pulled up to the diner. The diner that was walking distance from Cass's motel. "Get out."

"What?" Cassidy was extremely puzzled as the climbed out of the Bug. "You brought me to a diner literally five minutes' walk from the motel?"

"I wanted to throw you off," Zoe shrugged as she locked her car. "And I did, didn't I?"

"If you're surprise is Maura's "special" pancakes," Cass made air quote fingers. "I'm good."

"No, it's better than that, come on..." Zoe tugged on her arm until they were inside, where in the back booth the surprise was already waiting. Zoe pushed Cassidy in front of her and stood her right by the table. "Cass Murphy; this is Aurora Sinclair."

"Oh my God!" Cass yelped so loud a handful of customers turned to gawk at her. "Z; you're a legend." She playfully shoved her friend and sat down in the booth across from Aurora. "I've been wanting to meet you."

"I'll go get us drinks," Zoe said patting Aurora hello on the shoulder as she passed her.

"Hi..." Aurora said to Cass, her eyes a mixture of shock and confusion. "Huh... when I asked Dean if I'd see you walking around again I didn't picture it... I mean... last time you were all... dead." She said the last word under her breath.

"Yeah; corpse is not my best look," Cass quipped. "Hell; aren't you an FBI Agent? Shouldn't you be used to the death-ness?"

"The death-ness; yes." Aurora nodded, twirling the end of her plait between her fingers. "The re-animated dead... not so much..."

"I want to thank you for what you did." Cassidy said sincerely. "Really. I mean, hell it's gotta be hard to cover up, right? My best friend shoots me dead? How'd you keep that quiet?"

"Not as hard as you'd think." Aurora smiled, feeling a little more at ease. "I called you a Jane Doe. No murder weapon, no witnesses... you were just another ward of the state."

"Ward of the State..." Cass mused. "I might get tattooed on my ass..." Aurora smiled. "I like your hair..." Cass said, staring at Aurora's chestnut brown locks. "I used to be a brunette. Then I met that one," She pointed at Zoe who was walking back to the table with drinks. "And changed it up a notch."

"Funnily enough; I've actually considered going blonde," Aurora said with a grin. "But I don't think I could pull it off.

"That's what I used to think."

"You two having fun..." Zoe asked as she set down three cold drinks in front of them. "Looks like fun; you're having fun, right?"

"Tone down the crazy, Zo," Cass told her; pulling her into the chair beside her. "We're chatting."

"Speaking of crazy, how's Andie?" Aurora asked.

"Oh; that's funny." Cass giggled. "I like you. And she's fine, as far as her texts tell me. Not that she would let me know if something was wrong."

Aurora stirred the ice around in her drink with her straw. "I thought you two were uber-close?"

"We are... but I kinda spurred her into this 'we gotta grow up' mentality; and part of that was her sending me back here." Cass gestured out the window.

"To Luka." Zoe added with an eyebrow raise across the table.

Aurora's eyes flashed. "Ooh; there's a Luka?"

"You know that hottie bartender I went to school with?" Zoe prompted her.

"The one who works at Sully's Bar? Prom date Luka?" Zoe nodded. "Oh, snaps for you." Aurora tipped her glass towards Cassidy. "Everything going okay with you guys?"

"Yes." Cass replied curtly. "Everything is good. Ev-er-y-thing. And I don't wanna jinx it so that is why I am stopping this convo right now."

"That means she loves him." Zoe decoded for Aurora.

"I see." Aurora laughed.

"Alright; knock of this Sex And The City crap-talking; I wanna hear more about my alleged murder and subsequent cover up!" Cass banged her hand on the table impatiently.

Zoe shook her head. "Good Lord; you're morbid."

"I am; yes," Cass took it as a compliment. "I am the Andie Morgan of our little trio here."

Aurora began to tell the story of Cass's cover up to an enraptured audience, Cass was so intrigued by all this new friend of hers had done, on a whim, to protect Andie. She was quite sure if the situation was reversed Andie wouldn't have done the same thing. Not because she was an awful person; just that she didn't like to get immersed in someone else's drama. It was one of the reasons she steered clear of other hunters and fought on her own. Perhaps having met the two women with her; Cass had changed Andie's perspective a little bit. She made a mental note to brag about it the next time she saw her and tuned back into Aurora's story; forcing herself to ignore the tingling in her scar.


Exhausted, Dean dropped the pedestal he was trying to smash through the wall of this angelic green room he'd been zapped too. Panting; he looked to see how much headway he'd made and then groaned loudly when he saw the wall had repaired itself; as did everything he tried to break in this room.

It was small, yet large at the same time. Even with a huge bowl full of his favourite brand of beer – ice cold – and a stack of his most beloved cheeseburgers, Dean wasn't content. Not at all. Zachariah had told him all the seals were broken now; the end was indeed on its way, and instead of being out there hunting, Dean was stuck in this room."Sonuvabitch." He growled and tossed the pedestal aside.

"Quit hurling faeces like a howler monkey, would you?" Zachariah said as he suddenly appeared in the room. "It's unbecoming."

"Let me out of here." Dean ordered.

"Like I told you: too dangerous out there." Zachariah said tediously. "Demons on the prowl."

"I've been getting my ass kicked all year. Now you're sweating my safety?" He scoffed. "You're lying. I want to see my brother."

"Ill-advised." Zachariah brushed him aside.

"I want to see Andie."

"Also ill-advised."

Dean gripped his hands into tight fists. "You said there are demons on the prowl; she'll need my help-!"

"She doesn't need your help, Dean." Zachariah cut in. "You underestimate her."

"No, I don't." Dean corrected him. "And that's why you need to let me see her; because I know that she can't fight Lilith alone and she's too friggin proud to ask for help."

"She's half-angel! Doesn't that count for anything?"

"She's a parasite. Nephilim are weeds, descendants of Fallen angels who bred with humans." His face twisted into an ugly grimace. "Andie is nothing more than a mutant, and her damn grandmother is still too human to see it."

"She could kick your ass," Dean smirked in defence. "I'd sure as hell bet on it."

"Amusing," Zachariah chuckled; antagonizing in his tone. "That you think I'd bother duelling with a Nephilim, not that you'd think she would beat me. Although that's amusing, too." He let out another lofty chuckle and straightened his suit jacket. "Anyway...it's only a matter of time, now."

Dean cocked his head to the side, trying to read between the lines of his coded speech. "Are you saying she's going to die icing Lilith?"

"She's not." Zachariah revealed. "Going to ice Lilith, I mean. None of you are."

Dean's brow crinkled. "What?"

"Lilith's going to break the final seal." Zachariah said, a little too at ease with that fact. "It's over, Dean. Train's left the station."

All of a sudden, it hit Dean like a bolt of lightning. "You don't want to stop it, do you?"

"Nope. Never did." Zachariah smiled. "The end is nigh. The apocalypse is coming, kiddo, to a theatre near you."

"What was all that crap about saving seals?" Anger was pulsing through Dean's veins now. "And sending Andie after the Order of the Throne?"

"Our grunts on the ground - we couldn't just tell them the whole truth." Zachariah patronized him. "We'd have a full-scale rebellion on our hands. I mean, think about it. Would we really let 65 seals get broken unless senior management wanted it that way?"

"The apocalypse?" Dean said in disbelief. "You wanted this?"

"Poor name, bad marketing - puts people off. When all it is, is Ali v Foreman... on a... slightly larger scale." Zachariah sneered. "And we like our chances. When our side wins - and we will - it's paradise on earth." He frowned and held his arms out at his sides. "Now, what's not to like about that?"

"And what happens to all the people during your little pissing contest?" Dean said; his jaw flexing in anger.

"Well... you can't make an omelette without cracking a few eggs." He conceded. "In this case... truckloads of eggs, but you get the picture." He tried to make his expression softer – it didn't take. "Look... it happens. This isn't the first planetary enema we've delivered." He caught Dean's eyesight drift to a vase beside him. "Uh, no, Dean. Probably shouldn't try to bash my skull in with that thing. Wouldn't end up too pleasant for you." He smiled.

"What about Sam? He won't go quietly. He'll stop Lilith." Dean said confidently.

"Sam..." Zachariah took in a large breath. "Has a part to play; a very important part. He may need a little nudging in the right direction, but I'll make sure he plays it."

Warning bells were ringing in Dean's head. "What does that mean?" He growled. "What are you going to do to him?"

"Sam, Sam, Sam. Marcia, Marcia, Marcia." Zachariah chortled. "Forget about him, would you? You have larger concerns. Why do you think I'm confiding in you? You're still vital, Dean. We weren't lying about your destiny. Just... omitted a few pertinent details. But nothing's changed. You are chosen. You will stop it. Just... not Lilith, or the apocalypse. That's all."

"Which means?" Dean asked. What else was there?

Zachariah gestured to a painting on the wall beside them, depicting the archangel Michael defeating a dragon that symbolized the devil. "Lucifer." He stated simply. "You're going to stop Lucifer. You're our own little Russell Crowe, complete with surly attitude. And when it's over... and when you've won... your rewards will be... unimaginable. Peace, happiness... two virgins and seventy sluts." He smiled smugly. "Andie?" He raised his eyebrows, anticipating Dean's next question. "You want her; you've got her. It's all about you, Dean." He laughed. "Trust me - one day, we'll look back on this and laugh."

Dean smirked and looked to his feet. "Tell me something. Where's God in all this?" He asked; his blazing eyes staring back up at this so-called angel.

"God?" Zachariah repeated, seemingly shocked that Dean had to ask. "God has left the building."


Andie knew how to get to St. Mary's Convent, her angelic mental LoJack coming to her rescue yet again; but she still couldn't sense Dean. Ellie had said that was the angel's doing; they were keeping him off the grid so she wouldn't get in the way and bust him out. Ellie instructed her granddaughter that her best way to find Dean was to first find Sam, who was hauling ass to St. Mary's, presumably with Ruby, to kick off the final showdown with Lilith. She couldn't zap her there; the angels would follow and try to stop her. So instead she hopped into Bobby's fastest car and headed North.

Everything seemed to be happening so fast. This time last week Andie had been laughing in a bar with Cass and Zoe. Now she was going to stop the apocalypse by finally killing Lilith? The demon who had taken Dean from her? She loved her life most of the time; but she could do without the constant threat of death over her head.

Whilst she drove, Andie debated calling Cassidy in for backup; but hastily decided against it. One of them deserved happiness, and Cass was happy. She'd lost her life; and now she had it back. She was with friends and was living a normal hunter's life. Not dealing with angels or the apocalypse. That lovely task was reserved for Andie in all her half-angel glory. The instances in her life that had been unexplainable before now made sense since she'd discovered where her power came from; she was unique. And she liked that; but there was a difference in being unique because of your personality and unique because you have angel blood pumped through your veins. She had so many questions to ask her grandmother now... would she get the chance? It all depended on what happened in this church. If the angels were fleeing, as Ellie claimed, she might never see her again.

It was then that Andie saw it; and it was like a beacon of hope. The sign for St. Mary's church. Pressing down hard on the pedal, Andie sped towards the building, breaking so hard she lunged forward in her seat and almost smacked her head on the windshield. Now was not a good time to get a concussion. She grabbed the double barrel shotgun from the back seat that she'd also nicked from Bobby and hurried inside where she could hear the faint sound of Ruby's voice as well as a clanging of metal on metal.

Without even bothering to check if they were open or closed, Andie just used her power to open every door she came across as she strode towards the noises. She almost didn't believe the figure trying to break through the door when she saw him. "Dean?" She called out.

"Andie?" Dean looked as shocked to see her as she did him. After everything with Zachariah; he'd had a nagging feeling in the pit of his stomach that he might not see her again. He slid the demon knife into his waistband and reached for her.

"Dean," She clutched his arms as she almost ran into him. "Are you ok?"

"Cas busted me out," He replied. "They're in there," He jeered his head to the closed double doors. "I can't break through."

Andie took a swipe at it with her power; it just shuddered a little. "Come on." She squared her stance and pushed both her hands towards the door; channelling her power from wherever it came from to break open that door and get them through to Sam.

"Come on, Andie!" Dean urged as he tried to kick down the door.

With a guttural grunt, flexing muscles she didn't even know she had in her arms, legs, and stomach, Andie broke through the doors to see Lilith's dead body, bleeding crimson blood into a shape on the floor; a broken Sam staring helplessly at Ruby, who turned to face Dean and Andie.

"You're too late." She sneered with an evilly gleeful sparkle in her eye.

Dean smirked. "I don't care." He pulled the knife from his jeans and advanced on her. She moved to get into a fighting stance, but was stopped... by Sam. He grabbed her arms and pinned them at her sides; holding her in place so Dean could stab her. He stared her right in her eyes as she flickered from the inside, reacting to the poisonous knife, and then crumpled to the floor; dead in both demon and body.

"I'm sorry..." Sam said in a pained voice. "I'm so sorry."

Andie's chest was pounding as she looked at the floor seeing the pattern of blood spilling from Lilith's corpse pour into a single central point of the shape. As soon as the blood trails connected; a shocking white light exploded from within it and caused the walls of the convent to tremble threateningly.

"Dean..." Andie tugged urgently on his sleeve as the roof began to flake and break into pieces.

"Move," Dean grabbed her hand and Sam by the upper arm and they ran to the doors; which promptly slammed shut in front of them.

"No!" Andie cried and banged her fists against the sealed exit.

"Dean..." Sam practically moaned as he looked over his shoulder. "He's coming..."

Andie stared from Sam to the hole in the ground, the white light so fierce it was burning her eyes. It engulfed the room and the trio like a sharp updraft of wind. The last thing Andie saw was the distant silhouette of Dean's horrified face as the whiteness swept over him, taking him from her vision. She saw nothing. She heard nothing.

And then suddenly... black.