Characters Guide:
(please note that several things are missing as of yet and not all characters will be introduced.)

Blaze Shizuzhaki Age: 13 Gender: Female Hair: Dark Brown and past her shoulders Eyes: Brown but mostly covered with shades and her eyes turn black if necessary.
Crush: Shino Aburame Friends: Team 10, Team 8, Iruka, Kabuto, Team Gai Team mates: Sasori Ackunae, Leah Akamauri Original team: Akana Twotori (deceased,
Sensei: Takumo Ikashi Speciality: is able to find illusions easily and if someone is in disguise, she can see through it. Can talk to animals, have black eyes that allow her to see through genjutsu traps and illusions, can turn off her black eyes.
Jutsus: Reaper Blade Jutsu Death Blade Dance (later renamed to Razor Leaf Blade jutsu) chakra blades come on her hands and feet and she can either channel chakra through her arms and keep the blades on her hands or she can make blades on both hand and feet and shoot them while in the air or even on the ground, , Shadow Illusion (allows objects to go through her and for her to go through objects), Shadow Clone Jutsu, Summoning Jutsu (can summon a big bird)
Forbidden Jutsus: Mind's eye jutsu allows her to read the mind of others or go into the mind of others, Soul transfer jutsu,Shadow shield jutsu chakra barrier shield that protects a person or even a group of people for a few minutes and can even be used to close off a cave entrance and to deflect blows ,Deflection allows her to block the sharingan from copying her moves
Pets: Savanna bird
Story: When she was young and in school, she was a silent one and was mostly a good student. She was not exactly withdrawn. She did not even know that Kabuto was a member of the sound village back then. Kabuto kept an eye on her and whenever she got hurt, he would tend to her injuries. She was made fun of at times for talking to animals including the birds. She usually did ask for Iruka for help after classes because she was sometimes hesitant to ask in class. At times, she felt like no one would like her. Before her graduation, she was suddenly placed into some makeshift team, having no idea what it was about. It was rumored that the third hokage suspected something about her. During her mission, her team mates were attacked by sound ninjas and without their sensei, her team mates were killed around her.

Without warning, she suddenly felt emotional and killed all the sound ninja. When the team failed to report, some of the ninjas were sent and included on that search was Iruka, Ebisu and several other ninjas. She had been missing for about 3 days and she was found on a rainy day, quite shaken up and scared. She was quite traumatized from the events and Iruka was the first one that found her. She was soaked and her body was weak. Iruka was the one that ran over and caught her in his arms at the moment she passed out. When she got back, it was uncertain of what her fate would be and if she would ever be the same. It had been hard for her to recover and she almost fell into a deep state of shock. She was unable to mostly talk and that mission affected her emotionally. Her family was always on missions and it's believed she has a older brother. On one day, she seemed to have gone missing again and when she was not found at home, Iruka managed to find her and stop her from harming herself. It was very hard for her to open up and she felt guilty. Kabuto had went to her place and managed to get her to open up a bit when she told him not to leave her. She had cried in his arms and of course, he was there for her.

After some time, she met Shikamaru and at first, she was hesitant to speak to him. However, the two became friends even if people would never expect Shikamaru to talk to a girl considering that he found them troublesome.

There is only a few that know about her power which include the third Hokage and several other ninjas. Her sensei and team mates are not aware of her powers.

During her school days, Kabuto had usually kept her company. He had one protected her from glass shards when a lightning bolt hit the school. The two were usually in each other's company and even if he was not always around, there was times that she still thought of him.

Despite learning that Kabuto was a sound ninja, the two had still remained close. He will not lie to her and sometimes, he informs her if there will be an attack on her. She onced used her forbidden jutsu and made him see his fear only to end up having to save him when he gets captured. However, he was allowed to be freed and he returned. Still, the bond they have seems strong.

Because of her abilities, she has become a target for Orochimaru and when she learns about this, she didn't see it coming and learns that her powers could possibly have a dark side if not kept undercontrol. She does question herself and feels like she does not know who she is at times. She was hesitant to share it with anyone around her age.

As time goes on, she starts to develop a crush on Shino though she was not really aware of it. When she met Team 8 through Team 10, she actually was caught by Shino when she fell. He was a bit annoyed at first but got used to it after a while. The two became good friends and only things got better for her even if she was facing danger. Once her life became in complete danger, she had to make a choice of who to trust with her secret.

Leah Akamauri Age: 13 Rank:
Blood Type: B Hair color: Pink Eye color: Hazel Team mates: Blaze, Leah Akamauri Pets: Dog Jutsu: Abilities: Besides transforming into other people, she can also change into different animals with the transformation jutsu. Sensei:
Relations: Kiba Cousin

She is a very cheerful girl and like Kiba, she can get excited. She has her own dog though it looks more like a wolf at times when it transform. She can do some of the same jutsus like Kiba does and she is fast.

Sasori Ackunaue Age: 13 Gender: Male Eye color: Dark Brown Blood Type: O Hair color: Shoulder length black hair Weapons: A long bladed sword.

Sasori is a calm and collected guy and could be somewhat compared to Itachi due to the cold look he gives. He never ties up his hair and he seems to get the attention of women as well. He became Blaze's team mate after graduation. He's not harsh but he's smart and is agile on his feet. He carries a sword on his back and it can cut through chakra if it makes contact with the skin. His sword can cut the body and he always keeps it clean. Him and Blaze do seem to get along and he does talk but not too much. Sasori is quite sharp but doesn't always escape from injury.

Name: Sakari Nakamura Age: 14 Gender: Female Graduation age: 9 Rank: Genin Blood Type: B+ Eyes: Green Hair: Blue Team mates: Takuno Hizuhaki, Tori Estrada Hair color: Blue Favorite food:
Least favorite food:
Weapons: Fan, kunai Jutsu: Wind Blade jutsu Village: Suna but later moved to leaf.

She wears kind of the same clothes as Ino but her style can be compared to Mai from Fatal Fury and Chun Li. She is able to stand her own ground and isn't afraid to get hurt.

Takuno Hizuhaki Gender: Male Age:
Village Teammates: Tori Estrada & Takuno Hizuhaki Sensei:

Tori Estrada Gender: Female Age Village Weight:
Team mates: Sakari & Takuno

Takumo Ikashi Gender: Male Age: 27 Eye color: Green Hair color: Black Height: 5'7 Rank: Jounin Students: Blaze , Sasori & Leah Original students: Akana Twotori, Blaze --

Nakari Shokani Gender: Female Age: Unknown Village:
Eye Color Hair color Rank: