Smoke and Mirrors by Sonar Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters of Naruto. I only own Blaze Shizuzhaki, Sasori Ackunae, Leah Akamauri, Savanna, Akana Twotori and there will be others introduced throughout this story. Please note that some characters might seem out of character. It takes place before Sasuke leaves. i don't expect this to be perfect because it's my first Naruto fic and I'll think up a better title soon.
A/N: This first chapter is about the past a bit before her first team gets killed. I got the idea of doing this story because I roleplay on gaiaonline as this character. This was meant to be a short chapter.


Chapter 1: Life was easy then

Blaze Shizuzhaki thought that she was normal but as a ninja, life was never normal. She was currently at school and it was recess. Everyone was kids of course and some people were being teased upon. Blaze was no different but she was made fun of at times. As recess was going on, a younger Kabuto Yakushi was watching the kids. He was currently just hanging around there to help with injuries and so forth. He was older than most of the kids as he looked around.

Blaze was with her messenger bird, Savanna who was keeping an eye out. Still, Blaze was not exactly alone. She had no idea that her life would change at a young age. Blaze was talking to her bird as if she knew what the bird was saying which she knew what it was. Kabuto had looked up at the sky and saw that it about to rain. At the moment, Iruka saw the clouds.

Iruka spoke," Everyone! Come inside. It's about to rain."

There was collective groans but no one dared disobey the teacher. All the students got up as rain drops started to come down. As Blaze was running on her way, a foot came out and tripped her causing her to land in the mud. There was laughter heard as Iruka saw what had happened. Blaze managed to keep herself from crying as several other students seemed to laugh at it. Iruka shook his head.

Iruka yelled," Kiba!"

Kiba nearly freaked out as Iruka crossed his arms.

Iruka spoke," I want a word with you right now. Get over here. The rest of you inside."

As Blaze was getting up, Kabuto had came over and kneeled down. Blaze may of been a bit surprised. He had offered his hand.

Kabuto spoke," That was rather mean of him to do that. Here. Let me help you."

She did not hesitate to accept his hand and he helped her up to her feet. He made sure that she was not hurt before walking her back over. She was lucky that it was not raining hard quite yet. Iruka was telling Kiba to go back in as Kabuto brought Blaze over.

Kabuto spoke," She's all right."

Iruka smirked almost but kept a bit serious. He was keeping Kiba around for punishment. Kabuto looked to Blaze as her long brown hair remained still while the wind was trying to pick up a bit.

Iruka spoke," Let's head inside."

Blaze says nothing as Iruka lets her pass. Everyone gets inside and everyone was back in their seats in class to learn more. Kabuto had excused himself so he could get back to the nurse's office. Blaze was seated near the front and looking ahead. Blaze took a moment to look out the window and saw that Savanna has taken off.

Iruka spoke," All right class. Since it is raining outside, we will be staying inside. Anyways, we shall continue with our lesson."

Blaze was used to the teacher getting down to business. He did not play favorites and loved all his students all the same. There was alot of students around and their names were not always easy to remember. Blaze did wish at times that she was in another class but the truth was there was sometimes where she was with another teacher.

It was something about the rain that did put her at ease a little bit. She knew that this day would not be easy. She loved the rain and yet it always happened at the strangest times. She just patiently waited for the time to pass but she would be left at school again waiting for someone to take her home. Her parents were always on mission and no one knew her family really so she usually walked alone unless someone was there.

Iruka went through his lessons and already had to lecture Naruto for pulling some pranks in class and at Kiba for laughing too loudly. Naruto always made a fool of himself. Blaze thought that she should switch classes. However, she was very focused and determined to become a ninja. She was here to learn. She never looked back.

Blaze managed not to sigh while taking notes on this. She did not understand a few things so she decided to wait after class to ask Iruka. The time started to pass faster than expected. Soon enough, it was after school. Blaze smirked as the students started to leave. Blaze waited and then got out of her desk. Iruka was just starting to get his bag packed when he hears footsteps. He looks up and saw Blaze.

Iruka asked," Can i help you?"

He sounded very polite as Blaze nodded.

Blaze replied," I was having trouble understanding something sensei."

Iruka asked," What seems to be the problem?"

He did not even ask her about if she was all right but it was all right. He seemed strict but he still showed that he cared. Of course he had to be hard on his students at times so they would pay attention. He never did have a problem keeping the students under control except for a select few. Blaze looked at him and then told him about what was giving her problems. Iruka was able to help her understand.

Iruka asked," Does that help you?"

She replied," Yes. Thank you."

Iruka smirked," Your welcome. You should get home before this weather gets any worse."

Blaze nods and then excuses herself, saying goodbye before leaving the room. She closed the door behind her. Iruka did kind of sigh a bit after she left because he had to write a letter to Kiba's parents again.

Iruka thought," What am I going to do with him?"

Iruka placed a hand to his chin and sat down. He sorted through his papers and knew that he had some grading to do yet.

As Blaze was walking down the hallway, she noticed at how quiet it was. She was certain that only the teachers were left. She was wrong but she had not known that yet. She got to where the coat rack was and got her jacket on. She had no umbrella so she had to endure the rain. As she makes her way to the opening of the school, she saw it was really coming down. She sighed softly.

"Looks like another walk home alone.", she thought as she touched one of the columns.

She was taken offguard when a voice spoke up.

"Walking home?", asked the voice.

Blaze turned and it had been Kabuto, smiling a bit. He looked right at her. At this time, she was able to respond.

"I didn't expect it to rain today.", she replied.

"It always rain at the most unexpected times.", he replied.

He got next to her and smirked.

"I can walk you home if you want.", he offered.

It did catch her offguard but she could not understand what drew her to this person. He had always been there when she least expected it. She did not really remember his name at first but started to remember it as he saw her more.

"Are you sure?", she asked.

"I don't mind at all. I also got an umbrella.", he spoke as he was holding an umbrella.

How did he know that she did not have one? He started to move and was in the rain. He opened the umbrella and reached out his hand.

Kabuto spoke," Come on before you get soaked."

Blaze blinked her eyelids twice and then moved. She had soon joined Kabuto as he smiled. The sound of the rain was relaxing. She managed to keep up with him as he went slow.As they were walking, it was the end of another school day but there was more to come. He did talk a bit to her and she did seem to respond. Blaze could only think of what would happen next but little did she know that rain would be a sign of a bad omen and of things to come.