A/N: A really short little thing I just needed to write... because I'm playing FFVII for the second time in my life (first time was some ten years ago) and I'm scared to go to the Temple of the Ancients. I'm going to cry.

As stupid as it sounds, there's no sun today.

It's dark, but it doesn't rain. I squint as I look at the sky, but I see no clouds, no sun, no nothing. It's just... dark. Ugly. So, so sad, and I'm not saddened easily, right?

But there's no sun.

If that's not a bad sign, what is? Listen to me, for once just listen to what I have to say... and don't go. Don't go, okay? Stay with me. I promise I'll be good. I won't get into any more trouble. I'll even stop my fucking smoking if you insist.

But of course, it's not enough... right? You have to go, it's an order, and my bad feeling about all this shit doesn't matter at all. Even when there's no sun.

'Stop being childish, Reno,' you say, a bit impatient with my plea. You're often impatient with me... But this time, I know I'm right. Why can't you see?

'I see the sun, so you're making things up. Just wait for me until I come back, alright? It shouldn't take long.' With that, you're gone, heading towards the Temple of the Ancients.

There's still no sun today...