I present, my first lemon.
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Hellsing is not mine, and Hirano would not go as far as letting Alucard have his way with Seras.. That part will be in chapter 2 but before I post it I want to make sure people even want that sort of stuff here , though chapter 1 has some dirty stuff as well. Special thanks to raefactor for beta reading it and giving me the initial push to write it x3
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I watched the vision splashing in front of me. She was gentle and innocent-- both things I could never be. The light spray of water droplets against my skin was the only thing I felt as I observed her. Had I been in my "human" shape, another sensation would have been clamoring for my attention, and I most likely would not be able to think about her so calmly.

It had been a week now since my master had died of old age. Like expected of her with her eternal stubbornness and apparent dislike to the idea of becoming impregnated and defiled, she had not produced an heir during her youth. Even so, when she'd began to grow old, she decided that she would not lock me away as her father had done. She left her duties and estate to the only person besides me she could really trust: my innocent little police girl.

I allowed myself to take in more of the sight before me. It had been some years now since I turned her. I still remembered that night; I could still feel my rage burn as I recalled that shitty freak fondling her, his hands going places even I hadn't allowed myself to visit yet. At the time, I didn't know why I had turned her. Or maybe I did, but I'd tried to tell myself it had been her decision. In all honesty I could have saved her life on more than one way or just killed her. Truth be told, I'm used to taking what I want. And that innocence. That determination. Those enticing curves and that sweet, sweet virgin blood. I had definitely wanted her.


As hard as I tried, I just couldn't tear my eyes away from the figure in front of me during these thoughts about that fine night. The shower was spraying hard, the hot water pounding her and flowing down her skin as she scrubbed her body in preparation for the upcoming round table meeting. She glanced around the bathroom nervously. Even though I had masked my presence, my police girl still felt something. She had grown into a powerful nosferatu, more than worthy of being my mate. I was enjoying the sight of her naked body, but I knew she was holding back because she felt like she was being watched.

I tugged on her mind, testing her blocks. They were expertly placed, but they eventually gave way to my hundreds of years of experience at tearing them down. I calmed her and dulled her extra-sensory perception, smirking as she relaxed. I still had it in me, after all these years.

One of her hands trailed down her slender waist and over her round hips to rest on the pink folds between her legs. Despite the fact that I was nothing but mist, I could feel something flare up in my ethereal loins as she started to rub the little bud. Her other hand covered one of her perfect breasts, flicking the nipple. Another overwhelming wave of desire went through me as it hardened under her touch. I started to imagine what it would be like to grab hold of those supple breasts and slide my length over the dripping folds of her pussy before slipping into her tight virgin passage; what it would be like to take her innocence and make her body mine.

Herangelic voice woke me from my musings as she cried out in release. The sight of her body trembling violently then slumping against the wall and that attractive pink flush on her face made me glad to be her master. I was more than a bit frustrated when she wrapped a towel around herself and exited to her room. I just barely held back a growl. I watched her finish dressing just as the retainer came to fetch her for the meeting. "Lady Seras? Are you ready to go?" She sighed in frustration, like my old master, my police girl hated these boring meetings.


As Seras sat down, I assumed my usual position at her side. She looked up at me and smiled, and I saw that she had transformed her teeth to look like those of a human, presumably to keep the knights of the round table from knowing that she was a vampire. I smirked back before moving my mouth to her ear to whisper, "Nice trick. It might be useful later in your office, don't you agree?"

I chuckled as my old master's silver ash tray flew at my face. I was about to retort when one of the mortals at the round table cleared his throat. "Lady Seras Victoria Hellsing, it has come to our attention that the vampire you have in your service is completely unbound and could go wherever he pleases! What do you have to say about that?"

My police girl rolled her eyes. The Hellsing name was added to her names when Integra adopted her into the family, resulting in the rather long name "Seras Victoria Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing". These mortals never got it right. "What I have to say about it is that your assumptions are unfounded. The moment the former head of the family passed away her powers over Alucard were transfered to the next heir, which, whether you accept it or not, is me." I sulked inwardly. It was that power that prevented me from claiming Seras' body while my master was alive. Because of it, I couldn't force myself on her and enjoy feeling her tight muscles around my member, squeezing me as she struggled to get away from me. And even now that Integra had passed away, that power still kept me from dong so as it had taken Seras as it's new host.


After what was to my tastes a much too long conference, I followed Seras to her office, taking in every detail of her body as she moved. She was dressed in a suit much like Integra's old one, except that it was red. With Seras' unconcealable curves, the suit took on a decidedly more feminine shape than it had on Integra. Through the back of the outfit, I could see her beautifully shaped ass shaking slightly as she moved. My immediate instinct was to grab them and knead them roughly while pushing her body against mine. That is, until I felt the Hellsing power physically hit me in the stomach, causing me to cough.

My police girl turned around when she heard me. I expected her to give me an order to go away after hearing my thoughts, but instead she ran to me. "Master! Are you alright?" She bent over me, concern filling her cute voice. I realized two things: one, that she was too pure to even think about reading my mind thus being oblivious to my intentions for her, and two, that I was in fact still her master and that was all that really mattered. And if I was still her master, I would be able to have my way with her and she could not resist. After all, she was my servant, and a servant's job was to please and obey her master. A devilish smirk plastered to my face as I looked her in the eyes and decided to test which one was stronger-- my power over Seras or the Hellsing family's power over me.

Using one hand, I held her chin so she could not look away from me. "Police girl, before you come to your office, you will go to your room and slip into something lighter. This outfit does not fit you at all." I saw her eyes grow wide and then close as if summoning the power to resist my order. Then she opened them again and sighed.

"Yes, my master." I smirked as I watched her run to her room. While I could feel the Hellsing family power, it could do nothing if she went along with my orders. It could perhaps prevent me from killing innocents, but it would no longer serve to protect Seras' innocence from me. I chuckled softly while phasing to the office. "Take that, Master Integra."

Starting tonight, my dear Seras, your body and virginity will be mine. Such a fine mate you will make..

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