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Pairing: Alucard/Seras
POV Characters: none, General pov
Genres: Romance/Female domination/Pregnancy
Rating: M+ (So yes, Basically it's another chapter about two vampires going at it like rabbits)

Chapter 5: I am your master

"Yes... It's there alright."

The young vampiress spoke to herself as she examined her reflection, her hands stroking her slightly swollen belly lovingly.

Not that she expected anything else, they had after all been coupling like wild animals at least seven times a night, completely unprotected. To Seras it was wonderful to share such a feeling if intimacy with her master.

"And to him it's a great way to kill time." She giggled to herself as she pictured the bored expression she had so often seen on her master's face. She always liked pointing out it made him look like Haji from that TV show she used to watch as a human. Alucard of course reminding her he'd never watched that "Wretched black box" and much less knew what a "Haji" was.

"He's probably growing bored of me.... What if he would leave me for another?"

As she reflected on that thought she got the strange feeling as if that happening would be the end of the world she knew, after all, it was her lasting humanity that kept him from returning to his old habit of killing anything that moved. Yes it was her duty to make sure he would keep wanting her, she had to do it, for the sake of the world.

It had been quite a while since she had been shopping, Something that was strange considering the large sum of money Integra had left her. The reason was simple, most good shops tend to close before the sun sets. And Seras was never one to get up early, daytime was after all when she should be sleeping. True the sun did no harm to her, even as a fledgling she had been out in broad daylight for things like the funerals of fallen Hellsing soldiers.

The shop she would be visiting today though did not require her to get up early, as it would be open till well past midnight. Of course Helena had soon discovered what she was planning and decided to sate her curiosity.

"Please mother, can I come along? I promise I won't get in the way, I can help you pick out stuff." At first, Seras was hesitant to allow one as young as Helena to come along to the specific shop she would be visiting. She took a calming breath, one of her few remaining human habits.

"Alright, It's not like it can ruin you any further than your father already did!"

Helena squealed as she hugged her mother, and for a moment Seras wondered how long the young draculina would remain this happy, somehow she could not erase the image of her daughter sitting all alone in a small library listening to the same depressing song day after day.

Shaking these saddening thoughts away she took Helena's hand and, with her little girl in tow made her way towards her destination. Ignoring the curios glances she got along the way. Maybe it was how Seras' casual clothing so strongly contrasted to her daughter's dress which quickly made the words "Gothic lolita" Come to mind. Or maybe it was how the latter of the girls clear orange eyes stood out against the black lines surrounding them. Either way it annoyed Seras and made her walk just a little bit faster.

When the two finally did reach their destination she was glad there were only a few people still watching them. With a last sigh she entered the door to the, to her amazement rather large shop.

"Welcome to "the temptress' coffin" miss, how can I help you?" One of the shop assistants spoke up as soon as Seras closed the door behind her. Seras dully noted how the "Little kitten" would have been frightened by the woman's sudden appearance but the thought was soon pushed away by another feeling.

"Mother.. This woman."

Seras wasted no time in transforming her left arm into the weapon she had come to rely on. Using her other arm to forcefully slam the woman against the ground and poising the sharp shadow blade against her throat. Her eyes bleeding red and her grin widening at the prospect of drenching her hands in the blood of those not worthy of their unlife.

"Freak" Seras hissed as she inched her arm closer to the other undead's flesh, the woman's eyes were wide with fear and tears ran freely from them. The woman struggled for her life as her eyes pleaded with Seras to spare her. For a moment Seras almost felt sorry for the woman.

"P...please countess!" The woman managed to breathe out. This made Seras look at the woman in surprise and she loosened her grip a little, careful to make sure her prey could not escape.

"You know me?"

The woman nodded desperately and seized her struggles continuing on a more calm tone. "How could I not? Lady Seras Tepes Victoria Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, Childe and mate to Count Draculea himself. I used to serve him long before your great-grandmother was born."

There were no lies in her words. besides an outsider would not be able to remember Seras' full name which by now had become of ludicrous length, Seras noted with slight regret. Of course she had known Alucard would have had a fair share of women back in the days, At least three brides were confirmed. The woman noted Seras' expression and quickly stifled a laugh.

"I know what you're thinking countess, no I was not that sort of servant, although I would lie by saying you would be his first I can tell you that none of his three brides has managed to keep his attention like you do."

Seras could not help but sigh at this, as much as she liked finally getting some praise she knew that if nothing happened fast she too would lose him. Feeling there was no need to fight she let herself relax and released the woman, her arm shifting back to a normal human limb.

"Thank you, but I think my time with him is almost over, nowadays we merely mate to kill time, the last few weeks he hasn't even been doing it with the usual passion and vigour he used to have. I am not.. not thrilling enough."

The woman only nodded her head as she listened, already inspecting the vampiress' body and taking her sizes. The woman smirked as an accidental brush of her hand against Seras' breast elicited a soft almost inaudible moan from the lady vampire.

"I beg to differ my lady, if I know one thing of lord Draculea, it is that he is attracted to power, which you displayed to have in frightening amounts when you floored me, a five hundred year old nosferatu as if I were a mere fledgling.." She, this time purposely kneaded Seras breast causing her to stiffen and bite her lip as a blush formed on her cheeks.

"And another thing he is drawn to is sensitivity, in the right places. Which you also have no lack of. Although, the right clothes can help, I'm sure I have something that can .. turn him on." Seras turned her gaze away from the store clerk and to her daughter who to her relief was paying more attention to the long racks of skimpy clothing than to the embarrassing situation she was in.

"I see you have a fledgling of your own?" the woman noted as she shifted her hands through some of the leather gowns that were folded neatly on a small display table.

"You're quite cruel... to turn one at such a young age. But I assume that too is what Alucard finds attractive with you." The woman added with only the least bit of emotion.

"Excuse me, but I'm not like that! Helena is my daughter!" Seras stated coldly causing the clerk to freeze in her place.

"Impossible, vampires are not capable of reproducing that way." She slowly spoke to herself before reaching out with her senses, she had noticed Seras' stomach was less flat than was expected from a vampiress of her class and calibre but only when her ears were greeted with a second soft heartbeat coming from her guest's womb she allowed the thought to come out.

"And yet.. you're pregnant with his child... Lady Victoria, you are something special indeed." The woman finally found the set she had been looking for and handed it to Seras with a smile.

"Here, I don't believe you will be needing it, but it's yours... A gift if you will." Seras knew better than to look a gift horse in the mouth and accepted the gift, thanking the other lady vampire before pulling her daughter who was unwilling to leave along towards their long time home.

Alucard sat silently as he sipped on his blood wine while enjoying comfort of his favourite chair. Tonight was a night just like all the others, more boring even because of the absence of his mate. Multiple times he had tried to reach out through their mental link but she had grown so efficient at blocking him out that he was only rewarded by a slight shock every time he tried only to be disconnected before seeing anything.

He was pleased when the doors to their quarters swung open to reveal the dark figure of his mate. A thick cloak wrapped around her, the sight of which made him quirk an eyebrow.

"Good evening my beloved." Came Seras' soft voice, as she walked into his direction. Alucard thought he could faintly make out the soft clicking of high heels on the tiles of his dungeon chamber. But as soon as he tried to confirm his suspicions it was gone. What he had thought about was nothing Seras would do any way. Her mind was too pure to think of any sorts of kinks or fetishes, it was always him who forced them upon her. He reveled in the control he had over her at those moments.

"Seras, there is no need to hide your body, it no longer holds any secrets to me." Seras smiled at this but did not drop her cloak, now she was mere inches away from him. Her arm came out to caress him and to his surprise it was covered mostly by a long fingerless leather glove. As his eyes traveled to her face to to read her emotions the cloak began to dissolve into her body. The sight making him freeze for a short moment.

There she stood, her smooth pale flesh only partly covered by pieces of red and black. Black straps running along her long creamy legs until they met a pair of 6 inch high heeled boots, the red bustier which only covered half of her nipples flattened her breasts slightly, if possible making the soft mounds look even larger. And the small thong she wore was so thin that the shape of her vaginal lips could be seen right through it. While usually the sight of her body made him hard he was definitely blue balled now

What caught his attention most was the object in her hands, a sharp silver tip shone slightly against the blackness of the whip she held. A soft growl of appreciation left him as she seated herself on his lap, their eyes, both pairs as red as blood connecting to see the lust that swirled in each other's gazes. He could feel the softness of her hands on his arms and it felt more intimate than he'd expected. She rested her head in the crook of his neck giving him a whiff of her pheromones, a sharp sting in his neck made him groan in delight as she drank her fill from him, When Alucard wanted to bite down on Seras' neck to return the favour the burning sensation in his hands made him snap his eyes wide open.

"Don't worry master, Just enforcing our old bond. I'm not sure if you remember, But Sir Integra clearly stated with her last words that I was to be your master.. So.. Master Alucard I want you to be a good servant and enjoy what I'm going to do to you." Alucard was puzzled as she got off him and his eyes fell on his gloves, the Hellsing sigils glowing as brightly as the day Abraham had captured him. His mouth curling into his famous smirk.

"I am amazed Seras, by your foolishness. That you think you can claim control over me this way, know that despite the order you don't have a drop of the Hellsing blood running through your veins, remember what happened the night I made your body mine?" Alucard purred. Seras eyes shone brightly as she grinned her own Cheshire cat grin which would inspire fear in any creature that would see it.. Except Alucard.

"Like it were only yesterday my love, I become wet just thinking about it, the vigour with which you ravished my virgin body, exactly like I had expected you to be." For a moment Alucard's smirk fell and Seras took this moment to continue. "You know, the reason why you were able to break my control over you was because a part of me wanted it to happen, my body ached to have you inside me, to please you and receive your seed in return."

Now he thought of it, it had never occurred to him to think of that possibility. It was pretty obvious even then that she had desired him, the way she would silently mouth his name as she orgasmed after pleasuring herself, the way she suddenly blushed and became uneasy whenever he was near, pure as she were his very presence was enough to inspire thoughts in her mind that back then had been taboo to her.

He was snapped out of his reveries when his shirt was roughly torn off his chest and the sharp sting of the lash against his chest made him howl in pain. For a moment he could see regret in his mate's eyes as their red glow momentarily lightened to a purple tint. But as soon as it came it left again and only pools of deep crimson remained. With it the sting of a second lash made him throw his head back.

"Glad to see you're enjoying this my love, don't worry. I want you to feel more pleasure than pain." To be truthful, despite hating to be under someone else's control he truly did enjoy this part of his Seras. He was glad he was rubbing off on her, after all these years. It made her interesting, very interesting indeed.. More interesting than he'd ever expected her to be.

Another tearing sound was heard as his pants were roughly dealt with and he gasped at the iron grip her hands took on his by now throbbing cock. She however was true to her words, and pleasure spread through him like a roaring wildfire as her delicate lips sealed around his cock and she began running her small tongue along his length. He tried to grab her head and force himself all the way inside her warm mouth seeking release but as soon as he tried his seals burned him and froze him in position.

"Tsk Master, if you continue to be this way I'll stop. You don't want that do you?" Seras spoke with glee. After tormenting Alucard a few moments more by simply ignoring his painful erection she went back to the task ahead. Unclasping her bustier she let her breasts fall free before cupping them with her hands.

"Master, have you ever received a paizuri?" She giggled as Alucard once again gave her his "What the fuck are you talking about?" expression. Pressing her breasts hard against his still saliva-covered cock from both sides she continued. "It's a Japanese term, I think, It means "Tit fuck", I want to see how it feels for you." With that she began moving her breasts up and down her master's shaft, her tongue curling it self along the head of his massive length. Upon hearing her master huff in delight she doubled her efforts.

With a last lash of her tongue Alucard gasped hoarsely as he came, as soon as Seras tasted that familiar flavour of her lover's seed she stopped licking, letting his cum flow all over her, when it stopped it had covered not only her breasts but her face and hair were drenched in his essence.

She laughed sweetly as she stood up, releasing the straps that held her thong in place in the progress. As it fell down her long legs Alucard could not help but lick his lips. Despite having seen his mate naked many hundreds of times before, it felt like a whole new game now the tables were turned and he was for once at her mercy.

For the second time this night she straddled him, making sure to let Alucard feel the wetness that had pooled between her legs as she rubbed her heated core against his stiff manhood. Seras could feel Alucard jerk his hips upwards in an attempt to enter her but he only succeeded in hitting her clitoris with the head of his cock, eliciting an arousing gasp from her.

"Impatient aren't you master?" Seras asked teasingly before allowing him entrance to her slippery cunt, her inner walls cushioning his length as she moved on him in an agonizingly slow pace. To Alucard it just wouldn't do, although it soothed the pain to just be inside her his instincts told him to thrust into her with wild abandon. But try as he did, the strain of the seals on his gloves completely stopped his movements.

"Master, you really think sex has to be rough to be good?" Alucard did not even have to think on that, in his opinion the answer was clear. So he was pleased to feel Seras starting to ride his length with the strength and determination worthy of a no-life-king. Just as he thought things could not get better he was proven wrong, Alucard had always been sort of a masochist, so when Seras' nails raked themselves over his back leaving a clear red path in their wake he cried his pleasure to the ceiling.

Seras was amazed at how good it felt to for once be in charge, feeling her master's massive length slide in and out of her, stroking her inner walls exactly the way she wanted it. Knowing that when ever Alucard gasped or groaned in delight it was completely by her work and hers alone. Soon enough she could feel another wave of pleasure overcome her and the familiar feeling of her orgasm coiling in her lower body. As soon as her pussy began to convulse around Alucard's cock she could see the strain on his face as he tried to keep himself from letting go just yet.

"Just let it out my beloved, release it all inside. I'm not done with you, so don't worry I will make you feel so much better." Alucard's reply was a hoarse cry as he let himself relax, his cock jerking as his cum began flooding his mate's vaginal passage and her womb. As soon as Seras felt his warm juices flow into her she allowed herself to cry out her own release, happy to know that she was the one who brought his climax.

When her orgasms finally calmed down she allowed the both of them to take a few breaths, although not really necessary for anything other than talking, it helped recovering her fatigue.

"That was pretty good Seras, but may I ask what gave you the idea?" Alucard asked Seras, stroking her back as she rested her head in the crook of his neck, her tongue darting out to tease the small bite marks she'd left. She could feel his cock twitch inside her at this small show of affection. Of course when Seras failed to answer right away Alucard's limited patience ran out and grabbing her by her shoulders he shook her to make sure she was still listening. "Oi, Seras answer me!" Another brief silence followed and just as Alucard began to think he would not get her to talk she replied on a solemn tone.

"I just... Did not want you to grow tired of me and leave, I can't bear the thought of living the rest of my life without you." A bloody tear ran down along her face and over Alucard's back as she told him this, the droplet joining the red stains left by the scratches on his back. Now it was Alucard's turn to be completely unable to find the words he wanted to say, and for the longest time, they just sat, enjoying each other's closeness.

"We went over this before, what made you think it would have changed?" Alucard's response came after a long pause. While it did not sound like it were anything special it was the trigger, and for the first since long Seras allowed herself to cry, actually cry. She buried her face in his chest and just let everything out, uncaring of the red drips sliding down her lover's chest. And for once Alucard did not try to stop her. His large hand supporting her head and keeping it to rest against his chest until she finally spoke again.

"You barely seek me out nowadays, some time ago I would have been lucky if you granted me any rest at all, but now I practically have to beg you to fuck me!.... And moreover." Her voice wavered as the tears returned. "What happened to the lust and desire you used to display when you took me? It is as if you're deliberately trying not to enjoy it. You know how unattractive I feel knowing I haven't made you cum in months?" All through her rant he kept holding her, stroking her head lovingly even as she tried to prove he did not love her.

"Half a month actually." He corrected her, although his coy tone was nowhere to be heard "Ever since I discovered you were pregnant again." At this Seras froze "You're a rare gem, My lovely Seras... The first Draculina in history capable of producing life rather than taking it. Vampires were never meant to bring life." So for short he did not think she was a real vampire? "There are of course exceptions." He said as he lifted her face by her chin, forcing her gaze to meet his. Eyes shining with pride and possessiveness.

"So you're not bored or angry with me?" She asked as she stared hopefully into his eyes.. His beautiful glowing eyes

"I must say I'm annoyed that you keep balancing on that thin line between life and undeath, even after all this time." She lowered her head, feeling a pang of sadness at the thought of failing her master. "Failed me? You please me greatly Policegirl" He chuckled reading her thoughts "You who defy God, We were cursed to never know the joy of raising children we could call our own, when I got you with child the first time I thought it to be a fluke, but now I know you're nothing short of what humans would call a miracle." So that was it? She was a little birth-giving machine? He had only been gentle with her because he was afraid to hurt the child?

Upon hearing this thought from her he growled and pushed her on her back spreading her legs and pressing his cock to her still drenched opening. "I had been gentle with you because I thought you would prefer it that way." At this he pushed himself back into her tightness, answering her moan with a groan of his own as her muscles unyieldingly clenched around him. "You're right, you are not frail, and now I know you don't mind some rough sex while pregnant...." He grabbed her ass, pulling nearly all the way out of her pussy before slamming it back into her again just to prove his point. "..I'm going to make up for all the time I've been going easy on you."

That would be the last time Seras ever doubted her relationship with Alucard. Maybe, she thought, maybe the two of them were indeed meant to be eternal.

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