This is the challenge fic for the phrase/words 'It comes on slow'

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WARNING: language

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Summary: Tag to BUABS, Challenge fic for 'It Comes On Slow' a bit of limp Sam in the hours after he's possessed. Because i go doodle drool at that eppy!

Slowly But Surely

"Sam, ya know it wasn't your fault?..."

Sam sighed. His eye's hidden by his hair as the streetlights flitted over the car. Headache bulging behind his eye's.


"Okay Dean" It's strained. Breathless.

Dean sighed, hands squeezing the wheel, three hours from Bobby's. "Well, it wasn't"

Sam breathes in deeply,closes his eye's and something catches in his chest, something clicks like a hitch and then Sam can't breathe.

Eye's snap open, Sam lurches forward with a gasp and Dean's already slowing down.

"Sam?? SAMMY!"

His chest constricts and his hearts gonna' explode but blood rushes in his ears and Dean's hand is on his shoulder but all he can feel is fire and images assault his mind.

Blinding, blinking, unfocussed images but all Sam can do is grunt and choke back a scream because he's so scared himself if opens his mouth he'll never stop and he can't get his breathing to slow down, he can't see Dean anymore but he can hear his shouts, feel Dean's hand but it all turns black soon enough.

He should've known the after effects on possession catch up to you sooner or later.


i did quite enjoy that, although its just over 100, it was still difficult and i don't think i got everything out, but all in all


Thanks for reading.