Tom Riddle paced his sitting room angrily. Those worthless Dursleys had promised him his carrier, but he had yet to see the beautiful boy since that wonderful Halloween night. He could still hear the lust filled screams, feel the slickness of the boy's blood, creating a sinfully wrong lubricant. He wanted the boy, and he wanted him NOW! His pacing was interrupted by a knock at the door.

"Enter." He hissed, irritated. His most useful spy, Theodore Nott stood in the doorway, a relieved look on his face.

"What is it, Nott?" Tom hissed.

"I've located your carrier, my lord. He is at the Malfoy Estate. A real opportunity. We can take out the Malfoys in the process of retrieving your boy. Then you will lord over their lands, along with all who follow them. A third of the unconquered lands, at your disposal, my lord." Nott's voice had gone low and dreamy. Tom smirked. His lover and the death of the Malfoy family in one trip? How lovely.

"Prepare the others. We must form an attack and be ready by Halloween night." He ordered. Nott nodded submissively and left the room.

"You will be mine, love. Do not fret." Tom hissed to the empty room.

Back at the Malfoy manor Harry was being introduced to the staff.

"This is Hermione, my advisor, and Ronald, her fiancé." Draco said, gesturing to a girl with long curly hair and a fire haired boy. They both smiled and waved. Harry returned with a shy smile of his own.

"And this is Luna and Neville, my personal… assistants." He said. A brown boy snorted and turned to Harry.

"That's Draco speak for personal shoppers." He whispered conspiratorially. Harry giggled. Draco glared at the brown boy. "This cretin is Blaise, He's in charge of hiring new staff. And soon he's going to be looking for someone to fill his spot." He said with a smirk. Harry looked up at him with wide eyes.

"You won't really fire him, will you? He was just joking, I think." He said. He always hated it when the Dursleys fired someone. Draco shook his head.

"Simply joking, love. I actually have no control over firing people. Mother and father deal with that stuff." He said, soothing Harry's fears. Then Draco pointed to a group of small figures.

"These are the children of the cleaning and cooking staff. They're too little to do any serious work, so they mostly just run and fetch things for you, or deliver messages. They're training to become messengers." Harry seemed to deflate at this. Children, already training for the work field? Draco saw this and was quick to resolve his fears.

"Don't worry, love. They are all willing. They like to help, and delivering things just gives them an excuse to run in the house." The children giggled in agreement, "It's in their nature to want to help. Something to do with the water in the town they live in." he explained.

"Oh. Okay then." Harry said, while hiding a huge yawn. Draco saw this and frowned.

"You haven't gotten anywhere near the amount of sleep you need. Let's get you to bed, shall we?" he said, leading his teeny love away from the workers, who, sensing their dismissal went back to working. Harry stared in awe at the paintings he had somehow missed on their way downstairs. He was so enraptured that he tripped, only to have Draco catch him easily. Needless to say, Draco ended up carrying him the rest of the way.

"Really, Dray! I can walk the rest of the way just fine!" Harry protested. Draco ignored him. This upset Harry more then he thought it would. Just like the Dursleys. My opinion doesn't matter. I couldn't possibly have anything useful to add to the conversation, he thought bitterly, not even noticing the fat tears that rolled down his cheeks.

Draco heard his love's pleas to be let down, but he ignored them. The boy hadn't seen how he'd stumbled so close to the edge. So close to falling… But when he felt the wetness at his neck, and heard the slight, gasping sobs, he knew he'd made a mistake. They were at the door to his room, and as soon as the door was open, he set Harry down. Kneeling, he studied Harry's tearful face. His green eyes glittered with unshed tears, and his chest was heaving with the effort to relieve the pressure in his chest.

"What's wrong, Harry? Did I hurt you?" he asked, having a feeling that wasn't what this was about. He could bet that those foul Dursleys hadn't ever took his love's opinion into account.

"You didn't listen. No one ever listens!" Harry cried, closing his eyes. Draco sighed.

"I'm sorry I didn't listen to you, love. I just didn't want you to fall and get hurt. I couldn't stand it if you got hurt." He said quietly, pain evident in his voice. Harry looked up, shock clear in his face. Then he threw himself into Draco's arms.

"I'm so sorry, Dray! I didn't know that you were worried about me. But I was fine, you know." He added, still slightly annoyed that Draco didn't think he could walk correctly. Then he yawned again, and Draco stood.

"We need to get you to bed, love." He said, leading Harry over to the huge bed. He pulled the black covers back, and Harry crawled in, snuggling deeper into the warmth they gave off.

"Night Dray." He sighed, falling asleep instantly. Draco pressed a kiss to his pale forehead. Then he stared, unable to believe that all this beauty was his. Harry's tiny form was barely noticeable from the huge covers, and all that was visible was his face. And what a face it was. Thick, curly black hair, pale as moonlight skin, blood red lips… and those eyes. Impossibly long, curly eyelashes framed the two largest, greenest, and most beautiful eyes he'd ever seen. Harry was a real prize. And Draco was going to have a hell of a time fighting off anyone who wanted what was his and his alone.