Gifts And Curses

From the time that she had been a little girl, Melinda Gordon had been able to see the spirits of those who had passed on. She had spent years with the ability, sometimes despising it for the things she could not change and for making her different, and sometimes loving it for the things that she could change.

It was an integral part of who she had grown to be and her personality had been build around it, like another's personality would be highly influenced by their surroundings and interests. To put it simply, her ability was what made her who she was.

That far, that simple knowledge, that her entire life was based on her ability, was what had Melinda's insides tangled into an unrecognisable mess. That had her wishing that she'd lived her life like every other person out there.

Had she not experienced everything she had in the time she'd possessed her ability, she'd not have had to face the possibility that that gift may one day disappear, leaving her to live without it. Without it, she knew she was nothing.