Never Want To

Ever since the day that Aeryn had first set eyes on the human John Crichton her world had been turned upside down. To be with he appeared to be nothing special, just another species out in the 'verse whose intellect was clearly not among the highest.

A few 'bonding' sessions later, the suspected simple mind theory stayed firmly – if not a little looser than before – in place, but a certain fondness, an attachment of sorts to his presence, had begun to sneak up on her as well.

It wasn't her fault. Really. She had just lost her previous life as a Peacekeeper and although it hadn't caused her any vulnerability per say it had left her questioning who she was and what options she had open to her now that she was…'free'.

Crichton had simply slipped past the walls she'd built around her somehow, while she was trying to figure it all out.

It hadn't been too hard to get under his skin either and once they had both found their way in to each others' hearts there was no stopping the wild waves of emotion from taunting them. It felt so natural and so right. It would be wrong to deny it.

From the first day they met to the present day, their relationship had spiralled out of control, entwining their lives together in a most intricate way. There was no going back from that and Aeryn was certain that she'd never want to go back.