A/N: Hey guys, for those of you who have already read some of my other work, you know I'm dsmldejection, and my stories are very depressing. I'll try and make this one a little less depressing, but I can't guarantee that. Writing is my depressive outlet, and I've been feeling pretty nasty lately.

At any rate, I think I need to let you know a little about this story, before we begin. First of all, this is after Bella and Edward's wedding. No, that does not mean it's during Breaking Dawn, and the same type storyline will not be followed. Most of my stories take place in Eclipse. So here, there is no friendship between the pack and the Cullens. Uhm, also, I do a lot of Edward's POV, seeing as a lot of my readers like it best. So some parts will be written in Edward's, some in Bella's, and some I'll write both. You'll just have to read and see. They have gone to Denali, and that is where this story begins...




"Oh, Alice! That color is beautiful! Sorry I doubted you!" Alice snickered and bent her head back to my toes, wiping another coat of a bright red nail polish across their surfaces.

"I told you! I saw that you would like it, and how strange," She plastered a very fake amazed look on her face. "My vision actually came true! That's unheard of!" I laughed along with her, mine slightly apologetic and hers like wind chimes. We silenced and I pictured the day that I would be as beautiful as her.


Edward was out with Carlisle on a hunt, building his strength for tomorrow. They would be practicing control, and most importantly, making himself stop. That would be the hardest for him. My blood was so much sweeter than any other for him, and no mountain lion could measure up. Sure, he could stop drinking that, but what about me?

I had no doubt in him. Our love was strong enough to make him stop. I looked at his ring in my finger, and remembered when he'd placed it there.

"Edward," Emmett smiled, saying his brother's name. "Do you take Bella as your lawfully wedded wife?" Edward's smile grew larger, and he responded in a whisper I knew everyone could hear.

"Of course, and so very much more." My heart skipped a few beats, losing myself in the fury of his eyes.

"Bella, do you take Edward to be your lawfully wedded husband?" I paused, forgetting to respond. Edward's face crumpled slightly, but I gasped, quickly realizing my mistake.

"Yes." I breathed.

Emmett laughed his booming laugh. "I now pronounce you husband and wife!" He turned to Edward. "You may now kiss the bride!" He leaned to me, and I closed my eyes, losing myself in the moment.

A knock sounded lightly from the door, pulling me quickly out of my trance. I looked to the clock, realizing it was already eleven and that Edward was due to be home. I looked down to Alice, who was putting the finishing touches on my toes. My eager eyes must have given me away.

She let out a heavy sigh. "All right, go ahead." I jumped from my seat, and she yelled after me. "Be careful, though! They aren't completely dry!" I reached the door and turned the knob slowly. It responded, and I pulled open the door, revealing the face of my angel.

His slightly damp hair was strewn out around his head, framing his face in the most desirable way possible. His lips were placed into a slight smile, my favorite crooked smile. My eyes met his, and I grasped the doorway for help standing. They were a liquid gold, brighter than I'd ever thought I'd seen them before. He laughed seeing me lose my balance, and picked me up off the floor and carried me out of Alice's room.

"Thank you, Alice." He said, not turning to face her. "I needed that last little hunt." He brought me to his room and placed me softly on the plush bed. He climbed in after me without missing a beat and wrapped his arm behind my head, his other tracing circles in my stomach. Goosebumps raised in the tracks of his cold finger, and I suppressed a shutter, knowing he would mistake it for being cold.

"Hello, love." He whispered. "How was your night?"

I paused for a moment, catching my breath. "It was alright. Esme made finger foods. They were very good. Oh, and Alice painted my toes." I looked down to them, wiggling them slightly.

Edward laughed quietly. "They're beautiful. Though they mask your scent a bit." He sniffed and faked a gag. I laughed along side him and ruffled his plastered hair.

"Snowing, I assume." He smiled.

He smiled and nodded.

I looked out the window and stared at the white ground of Alaska. We had moved here just after the wedding, pretending to go to college. Instead, we were here to change me. By this time in three days, I would be a vampire.

I turned my head from the window and caught Edward's eyes, looking very worried.

"What's wrong?" I asked, my voice terrified.

He sighed. "Nothing really. I'm just trying to be sure of myself... that I can actually do it without..."

He didn't continue. We both knew what he was talking about. We'd discussed it several times before, and the day was completely planned out. Carlisle would give me a slight sedative, and Edward would begin working, Carlisle at his side the whole way. As soon as he was finished, whether he wanted to or not, Edward would leave the room to catch a few breaths of fresh air while Carlisle cleaned up my wounds, so that my blood was not fresh in the air. Then, they would wait.

"I have complete confidence in you. You can do this!" I smiled and he did as well, but it didn't reach his eyes.

"I... I just have a bad feeling about this. Like something will go wrong."

"Nonsense. Everything will go just fine." A yawn escaped my lips and I smiled, upset about being caught.

"You're tired. It's late, at any rate. You need to be well rested for tomorrow." I smiled and nodded reluctantly.

"I love you, my angel." He planted a kiss on my eager lips. But it didn't feel right.

"I love you too." Drifting to sleep, I thought about the kiss. What made it feel wrong? It was worry-some, which made sense. Edward was worried about tomorrow. But there was a hint of terror. Was he that scared about it? I wasn't able to think about it further, for sleep stole my thoughts away, and replaced them with dreams of a happier Edward.


I watched her sleep, a favorite thing to do of mine. She tossed a bit, murmuring my name at times. Once, she smiled and told me she loved me in her sleep. I smiled as well and brushed a bit of her hair out of her eyes. We sat for hours- her in a deep sleep and me, just along for the ride. Once, I closed my eyes and pretended to sleep myself, blocking out the thoughts of my family and just pretending to live.

After what seemed like not long enough, the sun began to rise. Bella wanted to be woken up at eight, and so at that time, I woke her. She was reluctant, but once she opened her eyes, she was fully awake.

"Good morning, dearest Bella. How was your sleep?" She smiled and yawned slightly.

"Beautiful. I only dreamt of you." I smiled and watched as she faltered and moved to get up.

"Human moment." She joked. My heart hurt a bit, knowing it would be one of her last human moments. I gave her some privacy, blocking out the sounds of her getting in the shower and getting dressed. She appeared fifteen minutes later, smelling of strawberries and freesia. I smiled and held out my arms as she walked toward me. We sat for a few minutes, but her stomach growled and without a thought, I carried her downstairs and made her an egg. She laughed at me when I made faces at the food and blushed when I watched her eat.

After breakfast, I carried her back to our room and we sat, watching slight amounts of snowflakes fall. I couldn't help but count out the numbers on the clock change, as we grew closer and closer to noon, when we would begin the change. We sat in silence most of the time, enjoying having each other there. Close to the time, Alice came in and sat on the floor by us. She talked with us for a few minutes, telling us she'd watched for her future and thought everything would work just fine. I smiled and thanked her as she left the room, planting a peck on Bella's cheek.

"Where is Alice going?" Bella asked me a few minutes later.

"She's taking Jasper out of the house for the three day's time. Feeling your pain would be nearly unbearable for him, so we're having him avoid it all together." She thought for a moment and nodded. Right after, Carlisle came in.

"Hello Bella, Edward." He looked to me quickly.

How is she? he thought.

I nodded, telling him it was all right. To Bella, it merely looked like my response to Carlisle's greeting.

"Well then, it's time to start. I suggest you lie on the bed, so that you're most comfortable." He spoke to Bella, and gestured to the bed. She nodded and walked, pulling me along with a giggle. I stood by the bed and she laid down on the bed above the sheets. Carlisle walked to the far side of the bed and pulled out a needle. Bella's heart rate picked up and I laughed, rubbing a soothing circle into the palm of her hand. She smiled at me and looked away as Carlisle injected her with the sedative. Her smell changed slightly as the sedative moved through her body, mixing with her blood.

Her eyes drooped and she smiled tiredly to me as I kneeled at her side. I kissed her passionately on her lips for a few moments and then kissed a line from her mouth, to her jaw, to her neck. I paused for a moment and looked up to Carlisle who had moved behind me. He placed a comforting hand on my shoulder and nodded as I leaned back down and brushed my lips along her neck. I paused in mid brush and quickly pulled my lips back, sinking my teeth into her soft flesh.

A/N: This is just a beginner. The real action comes in a few chapters. You'll see... Uhm, that's all I got to say... More to come some time soon!