Title: Silent

Rating: Teen

Disclaimer: dont own it

Summery:A baby that should of been hers but wasn't. A husband who should have married her, but didn't. A girl who stole her life. and yet no one knows, though, about the baby that was hers. But its time for Sam and the Pack to find out exactly who Samantha is.


"Shh, Sammy, the woods are supposed to be quiet!" Leah smiled slightly, stroking the three year old's hair. Her daughter looked up at her and grinned a toothy smile, created to bring joy to anybodies life.

The time she spent with Samantha was the only time she could smile. The child had such a positive emotion in here that affected anyone around her.

"Mummy!" Sammy laughed, pulling gently on Leah's black hair. Leah just smiled warmly, then sighed, they had only five minutes more.

After the birth of Sammy, Leah had asked an old friend to look after her. It just wasn't safe for her daighter in Forks, not with all the vampires and werewolves runnig around.

Afterwards she got to see her child every day for about two hours unless they were able to stay for longer. Sometimes they had sleepovers and they were the highlights of Leah's life. She had to stay silent, in her thoughts and her voice, she never mentioned her daughter but she knew that eventualy everyone would find out.

She just hadn't expected it to be so soon.

It started off when Sam and Emily annonced the sad news that Emily was barren. Leah couldn't help the smug smile that creeped over her face as she thought or the irony.

Unfortunatly, Emily saw it.

For once Emily seemed angry.

"What? Do you think its funny i can never have children?" Emily snapped.

"No," Leah said before she could stop herself "What i think is ironic is that Sam left me for you adn yet i'm the one who had his kid..."

She froze as soon as she said it, watching with horror as everyone else froze with her. As soon as she was able to she bolted from the room, vaugly aware of the following footsteps.

In seconds she had shed her clothes, shifted and snatched them up, running to her daughters home.

After changing in the bushes, Leah hurried over to the door, knocking rapidly. Knowing all the while that Sam was in the woods behind her, watching as Sammy opened the door and threw herself at Leah, laughing and giggling. Leah embraced her kid, reveling in the amazing scent that drifted from the girls skin.

Now at least Sam could see exactly what he had given up.