Disclaimer: The song is by the Jonas Brothers and it's called "Sorry"

Summary: This time is the last time I will ever beg you to stay.


the streets are lined with the echoes of what used to haunt this place.

Broken hearts and last goodbyes
restless nights and lullabies


sometimes she walks down that road. sometimes she lets herself remember.
she always remembers. she just does her best to forget.

I don't wanna see you and me goin' our separate ways


should she ever have believed it would work, really?
just another hotshot superstar.
just another fading image of a girl.

I realise I let you down
told you that I'd be around


and now it hurts more then ever. time is almost back to where it began.
it has a funny way of catching up with you at the times you wish it would stop.

I can't make it alive on my own


she saw him on the TV yesterday. he hadn't changed a inch.
except maybe those bags under his eyes.
and he didn't smile anymore.

I'm building up the strength just to say
I'm sorry


a year.
she isn't going back.

I know your gonna walk away and leave me with the price to pay


how had she let herself fall in love with someone that quickly?
that wasn't her.
it was times like this she knew why she didn't take risks.
she remembered why she never broke out of the shadows.
and now she was just broken.

filled with sorrow, filled with pain, for leaving your heart in the rain


this time last year, she had never been happier.
but the strong always fall the hardest.

I'm sorry for breaking all the promises that I wasn't around to keep

and then one day
his ringtone plays.

hands shaking
she rejects the call.

she wants more then anything
to answer.

but she can't put her heart
out on the line for him anymore.

she would never
listen to her heart
ignore her head

then her cell beeps
and she reads
I'm sorry for breaking all the promises
I wasn't around to keep.

she flashes back to that cold December day
that fight
they could have avoided

but she couldn't let it lie
she was left behind while he
was living his dream.

she needed him.
he needed her.

but maybe Caitlyn Geller and Nate Grey
just weren't supposed to be.

because after all
they were just sidekicks
to the real love story.


AN: I know Nate isn't really a Grey but he doesn't seem to have a last night so I just rolled with it. Again with the angst, I know. Its the only way I have to vent right now. Sorry.