bianca called into the basement and got the attention of Jake and Christi who were somewhat star struck.

Me, Jasson, and Shane sneaked down the stairs and saw Sam trying to wiggle her way out.

"Sam!" I yelled.

She looked up. "You guys? What are you doing here?"

"Saving you," Jasson answered, climbing up some stairs with scissors. He looked down into the water, seeing a shark below. "Didn't see that."

"Who cares! Can you get Sam out?" Shane yelled from the bottom.

"Not without Sam or me falling to our death as shark bait," Jasson said, still starring at the tank.

Sam rolled her eyes. "Nate, you see that net shooting gun?!"

I looked and found it on a table. "Yeah!"

"Place the scizzors in the front. Press the button and fire it at the rope holding me!"

"But the shark!" Shane yelled, starring at the tank too.

"I've delt with much worse!"

"What could be worse than a shark?" Jasson asked.

Sam groaned. "Just shoot the scissors and make sure not to hit me!"

I grabbed the scissors from Jasson and loaded it into the water gun. I definitely was not gonna trust Jasson with shooting scissors. I fired it at the rope holding Sam with a clear shot as she fell into the water.

"Sam!" Jasson and Shane yelled, watcing from below.

By instinct I jumped into the water. I was just to scared that shark would get to her while she's tied up. I swam deeper and I found her. By surprise, I saw her about to loose air. Just there, I watched in surprise as she turned her legs into mermaid tail and her breathed in, relief all over her face.

My jaw would have dropped if I weren't underwater. And I would have used common sense to swim up for more air but instead I dove deeper to try and untie Sam from the ropes. I swam to the bottom and found the scissors. I cut the ropes up and let her swim. By now, I was out of breath. At least Sam was OK.


Nate swam down and cut the ropes around me with the scissors on the bottom of the tank. I was surprised he'd help me, wth how I've treated him and about my secret being part fish. Maybe I should forgive him? Finally, I was free and I swam up from the ground, a smile of me face. But it faded as I saw Nate's eyes close and his body stop moving, growing limp.

I gasped and I grasped onto him, wrapping my arms around his chest. I used my tail and swam up as fast as I could. Weird how I could feel so free down here, unlike how I did back on land.

I arrived at the top, where Joe was. Jasson and Shane were here too. I gave them Nate and they set him down. Shane was surprised to see my tail, but he pulled me up nontheless. Once I was out of the water, my legs came back and I tried to catch by breath, getting used to breathing air again.

"Woah I didn't see that coming," Shane said quickly.

"I'll... explain... later," I panted.

"Hey Nick, Nick wake up," Jasson said, trying to get him to wake up.

I dragged myself over to him. "Nate...?"

No answer. I shook him a little, tears forming in my eyes. "Nate!!"

Still no answer. Jasson and Shane looked at eachother and then down.

I was crying by now. "Nate wake up! Wake up!" I started crying on his chest as the guys tried to comfort me.

"... I ain't dead yet you know," I heard Nate whisper.

My eyes widened and I backed up a little, seeing his eyes barely open. I smiled and threw my arms around his neck. "Man, don't scare me like that. I thought I lost you."

I felt his strong arms wrap around me, too. "Don't worry. I'm not leaving you again."

"Aw, group hug!
Jasson laughed as he joine din the hug too, dragging Shane into it too.

I laughed. "I suppose things are back to normal?"

"At least our version of normal," Nate said laughing.

"Not exactly," said a familiar voice.

We all looked and saw Christi and Jake, holding Bianca with her hands behind her back.

"Bianca," Nate whispered.

"Sorry guys," Bianca said, struggling to get out from their grasp.

"Aw, how touching, the mermaid and her prince," Christi teased. "And I thougt you were supposed to be shark chow by now. I would have had Nate Grey all to myself."

I glared. "In your dreams, Christi."

Jake rolled his eyes. "Oh well, I just planned on killing the mermaid girl after some explanations, but I guess I'll have to get rid of all of you."

"Wait, what explanations?" I asked.

Jake smirked. "Your parents, one of them had to have had that mermaid gene. My parents were still investigating on the case. They're mermaid hunters, too. So, you can guess how we got rid of them."

Anger flared in my eyes. "You... it's because of you and your family, you killed my parents."

Christi scoffed. "About time you figured it out. And I thought you were supposed to be a genius."

Jake smirked. "I would have killed Annie too, but she doesn't have the mermaid gene."

Jasson glared. "Is that the only reason you dated her? Just to get your filty hands on some info?"

"Prtety much," Jake answered simply.

We had to hold down Jasson from strangling Jake. Although, wouldn't have been so bad, strangling the bad guys. But they had Bianca right now. We couldn't risk anything.

"So, how are you gonna kill us?" I asked.

"Well, we'll kill you first," Christi said with that prissy voice of hers. "And in front of Connect 3, too. Nothing better than torture before death."

I mimicked her mouth movements. "Whatever, you spoiled princess."

Jake laughed. "I wouldn't be in the mood for name calling, Samantha. If you haven't noticed," he brought out a gun. "We have the upper hand here."

Nate stood protectively in front of me. "You'll have to get past me first."

Jake smirked, pointing the gun. "If you insist."

"I wouldn't think so," said a voice. We looked at the stairs and saw Aiden, Annie, and Julian, holding my guns from my garage.

"Sam those yours?" Shane asked.

I nodded. "The paint ball guns... those are gonna hurt."

"FIRE!" Aiden yelled, shooting off paint balls. They starting hitting Christi and she kept shouting each time they hit her. By the time Aiden was done, she was on the ground.

Nate, Shane. and Jasson starred in complete shock while I grinned. "Now I know those will go on the Torture Shelf."

The guys starred at me. "You have a torture shelf?"

Jake glared and threw Bianca to the side. "I've had enough of this nonsense-"

Annie jumped on his back, pulling on his hair. "I don't thiknk so, boyfirend!"



He dropped the gun and Julian picked it up, grinning at us. "How's that for back-up?"

I gave him a thumbs up. "Great work guys!"

"Can I fire away at Jake with my paint ball gun?" Aiden asked.

All of us shrugged and let Aiden do what he wanted. Boy do I feel bad for Jake, being attacked by a 19-year old woman and a 7-year old kid with a paint ball gun... Isn't life just grand?


"She's a mermaid I tell you! A mermaid!"

The police took Jake and Christi away, probably to a mental facility. Who'd believe I was a mermaid anyway? And by now, Jake's and Julain's parents were arrested for murder of my parents and, well, shooting of my legs.

"Well, ain't this a happy ending for Nate and Sam," Jasson said.

Annie hooked her arm around his. "Not just them."

Jasson blushed and looked down at Annie, who was smiling.

"I think I'm gonna be sick," Shane laughed.

"Still, it's not over yet," Julian said, looking at Nate.

"What?" Nate asked.

"You still gotta tell Sam you like her," Julian said.

Nate sighed, seeing Bianca and me talking. "Maybe I should."

"When?" Shane asked.

"Right now."


"I broke up with Nate," Bianca told me.

I arched an eyebrow. "Why?"

"Well, I know he has feelings for you."

I blushed."He does?"

She smiled. "Yeah. He said when you gave him your first kiss, he said there were sparks or something. Then when he kissed me, he said there was nothing, no matter how passionate the kiss was. I'm sorry for the misunderstanding."

I nodded. "It's alright. Everything else I go through is messed up anyway."

She smiled. "Friends?"


And with that we hugged. Finnaly, friend that's a girl. And a famous celebrety one at that.

"Hey guys," Nate greeted, walking over to us.

"Um, I think I'm gonna go see how the others are doing," Bianca said, winking at me before walking away.

"So, what's up?" I asked, sitting up straight.

He picked me up on his back. "Come on, we need to talk."

We walked over to a private spot on the docks. We sat down at the end of the pier, letting our feet swing above the water. It was really amazing here. Nice sunset, no distractions, just me and my best friend. Just like the good old times in chidlhood.

"So what is it you need to tell me?" I asked.

"Well, I know that the past few weeks have been a little... hectic, but I really am sorry for what i did. I mean about me kissing Bianca in front of you-"

"Don't worry, she explained it to me."

"She did?"

I nodded. "And I'm sorry if ignoring you for such a stupid reason. I've wasted your whole vacation."

"Well, you didn't totally waste it. We still have about a day left."

I rolled my eyes. "Not a lot of time when you think about it."


I smiled and punched his arm.

"Uh, listen Sam, I know that we're, uh, best friends and all but um," he blushed as he said this. "Uh, but I sorta, kinda, like you, more than a friend. I guess I always have but just haven't realised it."

I looked down at my feet. "I see... Are you trying to ask me out?"

"Um... I guess I am."

I smiled. I've never seen Nate so nervous in his life. "You mean with kissing, hand holding, calling eachother and annoying our older siblings with phone bills."

Nate laughed. "Yeah, if you want to put it that way."

I kissed him on the cheek.

He smiled, looking me in the eye, finally. "So does this mean we're boyfriend-girlfriend?"

"No more best boy friend or best girl friend?"

"I don't think so."

"Then I'd be glad to accept, Nathan Grey."

"Then I'm proud to announce my current girlfriend, Samantha Ashton."

And finally, we had our kiss. And he was right, there was definitely a spark. And it was a passionate kiss too. Maybe the outside world was just what I needed after all.

Well, things are going good. I got another wheelchair. And get this, Jasson and Annie are finally going out. About time right?
As for Julian, he's moving in with me and Annie since his whole family's, well, in the nut house. Ain't that great? And my secret about being a mermaid won't have to be kept from those guys anymore.

"You have to leave?" I asked as I saw the bus pull up in the drive way.

"Won't be too long," Nate assured me. "And I promise, we won't loose contact again."

I smiled. "Good. I wouldn't want to see you again after another whole 8 years."

Nate nodded. "Right. Jason you watch her alright?"

Jason saluted. "I'll scare of any guy that comes near her."

I pouted. "You guys are so lucky I can't walk right now."

They both laughed.

"But, I suppose Shane was right," I said.

"Right about what?" Nate asked.

"Bhicoltf and Ghicoltif," I said with a stiffled laugh. "In the end it seems like a real thing."

Nate shrugged. "Let's keep that between us."


"Come on Nate! We gotta go!" Aiden called from the bus, Jasson and Shane already there. Nate gave me one more hug.

"I'll see you soon, Nate."

"Same to you," he said, pulling back. "Oh, and check your work desk in the garage. I left you a gift there."

"And the next time you come here, we're going camping!"

He laughed, remembering that conversation in the park. "Definitly."

I nodded and waved as he got onto the bus. Me, Julian, and Annie waved them off and they drove away, to their next destination in their adventurous life, living the dream.

I did as nate said, I went to the garage. You wouldn't believe what I saw there.

"Oh Nate," I laughed, seeing the picture of me and him as little kids, with a new frame. It was fancy, and glass covered the front. At the top, it said: Best Friends Forever. And to think, me, a wheelchair-bound girl, part mermaid, made it as the current girlfriend of Nate Grey from Connect 3. Oh well, I've been through worse, but I've never been through anything more awesome.