Something Down There

"There's something down there," she murmurs, sitting on top of her bed, her knees pulled up to her chest. Behind cascades of wavy dark hair, her eyes dart around nervously. Her hands tangle in her hair.

Sam rushes into the room and sits next to her. He places a hand on her arm and studies her with concerned brown eyes. "River? Is everything okay?"

She shakes her head and bites her lower lip. "There's something down there," she repeats.

"Down where, River? Show me." He searches her face for answers.

She smiles timidly back. "Under the bed. Monsters."

Narrowing his eyes, Sam lies flat on his stomach on the bed and slowly, slowly levers himself over the edge to peer under.

When he pulls back, he's smiling. He flops unceremoniously on the bed, sighing in relief. "It's just some of Wash's dinosaurs," he breathes out.

She dorps her hands to her lap and grins at him. "Got you!"

Sam groans.