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Chapter 14: Epilogue


Almost a year has passed since the game's end and although Emmett won the game, I think we all gained something from the experience: each other's friendship.

True to his word, Emmett participated in the pageant the Friday after the game ended, and true to her word, Rose bid on him—and won. They've been going steady ever since and although they're both stubborn and sometimes beyond difficult, they balance each other out perfectly.

That same night, Edward took me out on our first date where we didn't have to worry about one of us trying to kill the other… which was a nice change of pace. We didn't exchange the L-word until six months into our relationship, but when we did it was everything I ever hoped for. We were walking in a nearby park at night, which is infamous for keeping white string lights in its trees year-long, when he stopped me, looked deep into my eyes and whispered "I love you, Isabella Swan." I, of course, replied with my own "I love you" and ever since then we haven't stopped saying it to one other. Edward still claims, of course, that had he not have been killed by Emmett, he would have killed me, and I just roll my eyes and pretend like I believe him.

Alice and Jasper continue to be the world's most adorable couple and put the rest of us to shame daily. Jasper was there when Alice drank her first, second and third Red Bull's in one night before a big test. He helped her study throughout the night and calmed her down when she went on caffeine overload bouncing up and down and running through the library at three AM—if that's not love, I don't know what is.

It's sort of ironic, looking back at it, that we were able to form such deep friendships with each other from a game whose main premise is to kill one another, but we wouldn't trade the experience for the world.

Yesterday, Assassins started again. Walking out of our first class as sophomores, we were greeted by freshman running around campus with spoons in their hands and looks of determination on their faces… and we couldn't help but smile and cheer them on.

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