Punish Me

"Don't do that," Vicki says, batting Henry away with one hand. "It's distracting." She continues to rake her eyes over the paperwork on the desk in front of her, squinting at the too small text.

Henry grins and reaches for her again, dragging his fingers through her silky hair once before she swats at him for the second time. He waits and then repeats his actions. Another time. Another time.

"Henry, I mean it!" Her face flushes red in annoyance.


Henry does it again.

"Hey! Stop it! I'm warning you…"

He removes his hand and stares at her with his beautiful puppy dog eyes. He looks so innocent and yet…


Pushing the paperwork to the side, Vicki lunges out of her seat and towards him. He ducks but because he deliberately tones down on his finesse, she catches him by the arm and is able to push him down into a chair.

He sneers softly. "Are you going to punish me now?"

The glint in her eyes makes him falter and he watches as she moves closer and closer to him.

"You bet I am," she tells him.